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'We Should Be Leading With Bold Ideas': Khanna, AOC, Omar, and Jayapal Pledge to Vote No on Advancing HEROES Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/we-should-be-leading-bold-ideas-khanna-aoc-omar-and-jayapal-pledge-vote-no-advancing


Well good for them. But doesn’t amount to much.


Wow Pelosi is going to be pissed. Finally! Maybe she’ll have a staffer call them “F**king Retards”.


What the hell is wrong with these Justice Democrats? Why can’t they just accept that a few bread-crumbs and a smattering of lip-service is the best the working classes will get from PayGo Pelosi and Wall Street Schumer?


It will be interesting to see how Madame Speaker Pelosi manages to shaft these folks. It will be even more interesting to watch their reaction (asuming there will be a noticeable one).


The DNC and DCCC had a rule that any Campaign Professionals or Advertising Firms who worked for candidates running primaries against incumbents would be ‘black-listed’. They changed that rule so that a Corporate Democrat could run against AOC. Nancy ‘PayGo’ Pelosi already had her hate working for all of the Justice Democrats who do not toe the line for her PAC funders from Wall Street and Corporate America.


GOOD. They should vote no. I have said this before, but the progressive caucus has to be strategic, use power, withhold the vote, tank legislation,They need to go on the offensive. Expose Pelosi as a corporate shill who wants to bail out the lobbyists and debt collectors and how she extended the Patriot Act and voted on allowing the FBI/William Barr to spy on peoples’ web-browser and search history.

AOC’s constituents or Ilhan Omar’s or Rashina Tlaib’s or Ro Khanna’s didnt vote them into office so they can cower behind Nancy Antoinette and NOT stand up to her and NOT fight for them. We have enough cowards and sell outs in Congress as is and merely saying you are a progressive candidate or green candidate but unwilling to put up a fight is NOT enough. Then you might as well just keep voting for the corporate Dems. or not vote at all and stay home.

The Progressive caucus needs to exercise power which means being willing to hold up legislation and not allow the corporate wing to extort them to vote for some giant bail out for banks and multinationals as a condition of being able to get a pittance for the american people as they did in the first stimulus bill.

These people HAVE to change their tactics or this will be a road to hell.

Writing polite letters asking for concessions that are never met and being manipulated and hoodwinked by Pelosi that “next time for sure” their demands will be met is a dead end. Pelosi holds them in so much contempt that in the most recent stimulus bill that was more symbolic than anything since it was never gonna pass anyway and Pelosi knew that this bill was DOA, that she was not even willing to give the progressives SYMBOLICALLY a win or acknowledgment of their policy priorities. She completely excluded anything they really wanted (like the paycheck protection program) in a bill that was more of a messaging document anyway, in order to humiliate them and let them know they have no power, that they dont matter and never will.

In other words, they need to be willing to use the same kind of hard-line, guerrilla tactics the Freedom Caucus employed back then in order to get their way. These soft-ball tactics and politely asking and writing letters while Pelosi and Co and just kick them in teeth daily isnt working!! That is not how you play the game of retaining and gaining power. The elites aren’t gonna just give it to you, you have to pry it from their cold, dead hands!!

The corporate wing of the Democratic party that makes up 90% of the party are bad faith actors who have surrounded themselves with former Republicans/Never-Trumpers who have turned into Never-Sanders and taken over the Democratic party and are building the ideological framework of the party which means actively working to undermine and destroy progressives while embracing Reagan and GWB type of conservatism.

Stand up for the people, use your political capital to be a true resistance party or the corporate Dems will swallow you whole and quash you once and for all if you keep employing these neutered, half-assed, wishy washy, soft-ball tactics.


"This unprecedented crisis needs us to show leadership today, not tomorrow."

…and NOT on the 3rd 4th or 5th Bill AFTER you’ve taken care of the 1% !!!

Oops, too late.

Too little too late

Hey, “but where else can they go?”… Right!?


They lost their leverage after the corporate bailout / stimulus packages were passed.

That was the time to demand bold ideas. However those packages passed with 99% or almost unanimous votes. Shows how both parties are not able to evaluate the needs of the many and would rather pass legislation written and backed by the richest few.

If most of the benefits of the new HEROES Act go toward those individuals in need, Pelosi can just wait out the “progressives”. The waiting game helps those who want the economy opened back up which is a bigger coalition than just the Republicans.


I just put in my 2 cent’s worth with my rep, Debbie “I’m-in-the-Progressive-and-Problem Solvers Caucuses-at-the-same-effin-time” Dingell.

Just in case some of you thought that being in the Congressional Progressive Caucus means something.

And you know why it doesn’t? Party unity: Progressives and Blue Dogs need to sing kumbaya so Mama Bear can hold onto her Speakership reins and make sure nothing progressive actually happens. Can’t risk losing those conservative swing districts, can we? Yet come November, she will. Which is why they’re called swing districts.


DCCC Lost All The Races Yesterday– But Progressives Did Well
This is what happens when the Democratic Party establishment backs candidates with nothing to offer but someone they imagine is the lesser of two evils. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This time didn’t. The seat the Democrats Had (finally!) Just Picked Up in #CA25 wasn’t even close.



They are still relying on the ‘Schumer Logic’ from 2016:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

  • Chuck Schumer

Gee how’d that work out…


The way the DCCC treated the progressive Kara Eastman in Nebraska when she had the temerity to beat their Blue Dog dreamboat in the 2018 primary tells you everything you need to know about the d-party.


The DCCC’s Long, Ugly History of Sabotaging Progressives

The latest attacks on left challengers are no fluke: For decades the House Democratic fundraising body has put corporate, big-money interests first.



I do hope there are more progressives voting no than conservative Democrats voting no - so if it fails, the argument is clearer about who the “leadership” needs to compromise with.


Remember, In the 2008 crash Wall Street got the mother of all rescues. The response wasn’t limited to a traditional liquidity injection. Banks were given trillions in bailouts and emergency loans, allowed to dump years of bad investment decisions into special garbage facilities set up by the Federal Reserve, and urged to “drink themselves sober” through years of free money from a zero-interest-rate policy.
Matt Taibbi
and the latest corporate bailouts are simply criminal.


The d-party strategy remains the same:

With the money, support Blue Dogs who will make sure all d-party sponsored policy initiatives are watered down into Repub-Lite garbage.

With the hot air, claim that progressives matter – and look, we’ve got a position on some task force backwater for you to prove it!


What’s your take on Kara? I heard her video on Medicare for All on the Humanist Report (~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9JPu57zdQ8 - I didn’t realize her district has a lot of health insurance employees so she has to be careful about her presentation to not alienate all of them) which I liked. I might donate for her effort in the general because I’m afraid the DCCC isn’t going to back her this time either. Though I personally I’m considering strongly giving up on the inside strategy, I still want cooperation between people who have the same goals (M4A, end war, improve environment, improve trade and labor treatment) who split on the inside vs outside strategy. I still like Ro Khanna and if I thought his seat was in jeopardy, I’d probably donate to him also.

Speaking of House races, I really wonder if Cenk Uygur would have done better in the general election to replace Katie Hill.


I’m already getting a flood of emails from groups that I thought were progressive, urging me to ask my congress people to pass this obscenity.

They don’t even care to know why I am unsubscribing.


For her district, Kara is a shockingly good fit.
And even with zero help (if not outright disdain) from the DCCC, she almost won in 2018.

In fact, I’d say that help from the DCCC can be a handicap.
Because true progressives are compelled to run against the d-party in many cases.
So are lots of Blue Dogs – see Amy McGrath in KY as a prime example.