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'We Should Be Leading With Bold Ideas': Khanna, AOC, Omar, and Jayapal Pledge to Vote No on Advancing HEROES Act

Our government does not work for the people. It works for itself and those with money. If it worked for the rest of us we would not have multiple wars that have no end and are not a threat to us. We would have health care for all as do other civilized countries. We continue to be hoodwinked time and again by the two party game being paid for by us. We think we are participating in a democracy because we can vote. But our Democratic representatives mostly vote with the Republicans when it comes to passing the military budget and okaying wars. We pay no attention to the most important issues. Winning seats is worthless when they all ignore the elephant in the room, our toleration of unnecessary wars.


You hit the nail on the head!

We have to have wars in order to keep the war machine in business. The war machine keeps millions employed because it offers products to countries around the world. We get on our high horse about countries exporting drugs that may be deadly to individuals but we export products that are deadly to whole populations. Politicians can’t get elected if they try to close down the weapons manufacturers in their home states. There is no money to exchange the war machine for a green economy because too many voters like things the way they are. Voters get the candidates that they like, ones that support the status quo. We had a chance to make a major change with Bernie Sanders but all the stops were pulled out against him from the ‘Ladies of The View’ to Black leadership exhorting constituents to support Biden as the safe candidate. We will only become the ‘greatest country’ we think we are when we vote against the status quo and see our wars for what they are: immoral, unnecessary, bankrupting, progress preventing, and shameful. It should be the major issue discussed in every federal election.


It’s in the selfish interests of both parties to deny the 99% everything. People in need will be desperate, go back to work, make money for the oligarchs, die. The economy will be wrecked by November so if the Republicans allow an election (who knows at this point?) and the Democrats can overcome all the cheating methods (gerrymandering, voter suppression, impossibly long lines in minority districts…) the Republicans will “lose”. That is, they’ll be temporarily out of majority power and only making their usual gazillions instead of the super duper money and rollbacks of protections they’ve been getting. And they may even win, still, or at least expect to.

In any case the Lesser-Evil ratchet is still at work. Conservative Democrats will prevent any significant retraction of the destructive laws passed (and de-passed) and will prevent any advance in rights, equality, climate action, etc. so far too many will be dissatisfied with them in power and the only other choice in the Spiral-Down 2 Step will be back in power. One more time oughta do it; after that it will be too late to save civilization and the nihilists will get what they want.

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Don’t say I only gripe (though I mostly do just gripe). Here’s something encouraging:


Glad to see Jayapal playing some successful politics. My master optimistic plan is seeing AOC defeating Schumer in 2022 and Warren becoming Senate Majority leader and also having Jayapal defeat whoever the conservatives put up for Speaker in 2022 when Pelosi steps down.


Wow! That IS optimistic!