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'We Should Be Worried': Study Confirms Fear That Intense Ocean Acidification May Portend Ecological Collapse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/21/we-should-be-worried-study-confirms-fear-intense-ocean-acidification-may-portend


The oceans world wide are TOO HOT! from absorbing CO2. The Pacific Heat Blob is back and the arctic is struggling to make new ice. The headline says “We should be worried”…I contend we should be scared shit-less. It isn’t a matter of “may portend” collapse it is a matter of when and time is short. Earlier this year I predicted a Blue Ocean Event, thank gawd it didn’t happen, this year. I look for it next year. Those of you that have read my “Sea Ice” page know the evidence before us. Yes, I am a “Doomer”, for gawds sake, prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong.


We have be warned and warned and warned. We must act and cause massive disruptions across our collective home as clearly few in positions of power give a damn.


What’s doing us in right now is a broken political system - captured -


Wall Street, Corporate America and their minions, Paid and otherwise will never figure this out in time and will therefore obstruct, obfuscate and deny up to the bitter end. Many of them think that if they can cause the End Times that they can force Jesus to come back from vacation early.

Not sure what to do about that.


Keep it in the ground. NOW! No refining, no export, no transport by any me kind. Period. Then claw back every subsidy, public benefit $$, and all profits fossil fuel industries have taken. Then use those $$$ for fossil fuel free infrastructure and to decommission and deal with all of the energy nuke waste in existence. Then try and jail every gawd damn fossil fuel executive and government official that knew that climate chaos and extinction of all living things was going to occur because for their greed. I’m REALLY Fuqking pissed off at all of these a$$holes…


That’s true, but we also have an inert citizenry that just goes about their daily habits without so much as a peep. We need to be in the streets putting monkey wrenches in the gears of this system and just make it STOP functioning. Extinction Rebellion is one example of how this works.


When ending subsidies is attempted, the populace objects. Governor Inslee of Washington has put to several public votes schemes for reducing fossil fuel use. He thinks he has gotten buy in from all groups and when it goes to the ballot the Sierra Club and other groups who holler the most about global warming find something to object to whether real or contrived and his proposals are defeated.
The super rich think they will survive .


When a mural of Greta Thunberg is being defaced, you know we got big trouble on the globe. Ignorance, fear and inertia. A deadly combo at this stage of the game.


I’m reading “Particles in the Air”, a new book on PM 2.5 and such, tobacco, etc… (excellent book by the way).

But for this discussion, one line stood out by Kenneth Olden , the author (a scientist):

"So while "sound science is critical for informed public policy, it is not sufficient as risk assessment is inherently a subjective process supported by science."

That’s why Peter Ward (Under a Green Sky) and I see eye to eye - he is an adventurer like me, having once been a professional salvage diver. We are good at risk assessment.

Most people are not.

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But at least the right wing is going down in defeat right now in Canada.


If the P-Tr mass extinction is any guide, ocean acidification will have worse consequences than the warming. And no we can’t adapt to it. The oceans will become dead and anoxic and even atmospheric O2 will crash.

But where I live all my neighbors are buying a big fin-your face faschist asshole pickup truck right now…

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I notice that Calgary is going solid blue in the election. So Calgary does not have a liberal majority even in its inner neighborhood ridings?

Things aren’t going swell in Britain at the moment either…

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I consider Sheer’s right wing going down to be a very swell thing.

Of course the Sierra Club, Food& Water Watch, and the whole gang green groups object. Their very existance depends on the government or politicians actually passing laws to correct the problem of fossil fuels or climate chaos. If the system actually starts to function to correct these corporate horrors, the Gang Green groups will have nothing to “fight” to stay in existence.

It’s all about the Benjamins baby!


Who is Sheer?

The leasder of the Canadian Conservative Party.

Canada had a very critical election today averting lurch to the hard-global warming denying right. I’d love to see a poll of how many USans even know that - about the same number who can find, say, Ottawa on a map? (or for that matter Toronto?)

Tell me a little bit more about people who are good at risk assessment. Can I assume that these are people who engage in risky activities that have to do risk assessments quickly because their very life depends on that skill set? Or is it something that is learned, depending on the environment they’re in?

Denial of global warming is an act of war with the same grisly results. The ruling class are employing a “final solution” to dispose of excess people of color, the poor, political dissidents, intellectuals, bohemians, consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder. They are sinking the lifeboats on the Titanic and building a helipad for the captain and his small circle of a privileged few.

“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win it, you’re still a rat.” Lily Tomlin