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We Shouldn't Take the Bait on 'Catch and Release'


We Shouldn't Take the Bait on 'Catch and Release'

Stacy Sullivan

On April 6, 2018, President Trump issued an official memorandum with the following subject line: Ending “Catch and Release” at the Border of the United States and Directing Other Enhancements to Immigration Enforcement.


It’s never too early in the morning for George:


" Sometimes the asylum-seeker must wear an ankle monitor. Sometimes she must pay a bond. Sometimes the tether is administrative: checking in regularly with immigration officials."

Sometimes 40% of them never show up for their court hearing.

That being said, the title of the memo should have been " Ending lax enforcement at the Border of the United States and Directing Other Enhancements to Immigration Enforcement.".


Thank you Stacy Sullivan for writing to remind us of the importance of regarding all people as worthy and valued humans who have the very same needs.


How about the importance of regarding all animals–fellow Earthlings, not just people–as worthy of value and dignity because we all share the same needs and more?

"And in remembering our solidarity and common ancestry with creatures not of our immediate kind we may come to be kinder to such creatures of our species as are not to our taste. HUMANISTS SOUGHT TO PURCHASE THE WELFARE OF THEIR FELLOW MEN BY DENIGRATING ‘BEASTS’: SUCH ANTAGONISMS ARE COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. " –
Stephen R. L. Clark, The Moral Status of Animals (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1977)


Just to use facts, as opposed to this nonsense, when placed into the Family Case Management Program, 99% of them show up for their ICE check-ins and 100% show up for their hearings. Since the implementation of that program, 2% have not shown up.

To quote from that article:

“According to ICE, overall program compliance for all five regions is an average of 99 percent for ICE check-ins and appointments, as well as 100 percent attendance at court hearings,” the report said. “Since the inception of FCMP, 23 out of 954 participants (2 percent) were reported as absconders.”

So stop with the scurrilous attacks on these people who are fleeing terror and to whom we should be providing shelter and asylum. Why are you so frightened of children and desperate people? What happened to America’s humanity? What happened to yours?


You probably missed the first graph in that article showing in absentia rate going up from 25% in 2012 to to 39% in 2016.

Anyway, people are making a mockery of the US southern border. The emasculated Border Patrol an ICE cave in to all sorts of interest groups and in the mean time we have millions of illegal immigrants doing whatever they want.

I have yet to hear of another country where illegal immigrants march oi the streets “demanding” their “rights”, when the first thing they did when entering the country was violate one the countries laws.

Please, the ICE is pathetic. Maybe it should be replaced with some other agency that can get the job done.


No, I didn’t miss it. It makes the point that we should be using the FCMP, not discontinuing it.

Another gross misstatement. Under the asylum laws, it doesn’t matter if you enter through a port of entry or elsewhere, so long as you present yourself to authorities in a timely manner to request asylum.

Yes, one that promptly grants asylum to these people so they can get on with their lives and start contributing to our society.

Otherwise, both your silence and your speech speaks volumes about what happened to your humanity, or more accurately, the lack thereof.


We both know the “asylum request” is only being used when they get caught. It’s a loophole that’s being exploited right now. Americans are so gullible. There is absolutely no reason not to go to a US border POE and ask for asylum there. It’s not like Mexico is keeping people from leaving the country. Oh wait, they’ll have to wait in line on the Mexican side and they are not as generous with benefits as the US.

Well lemme tell you about another “asylum law”. The safe third country law. what’s wrong with Mexico? Most “asylum seekers” wouldn’t even have a language barrier. Oh, wait, Mexico refuses to sign that agreement with the US.

Canada, actually has one of those with the US. Prevents all the “asylum seekers” to overrun their border.


That’s just bullshit. Parents don’t take their children on these journeys and expose them to the risks they face unless they are fleeing something serious. You just don’t want to recognize the facts, so you (like your dear leader) just make them up to suit your fancy.

You have no knowledge of what these people know or what they’ve been told or what they are facing. You have no basis for this statement.

You have no humanity.


I do have plenty of humanity. I also can see when we’re being played for fools. Which is what is happening now. Some people are too gullible to see it, others are going along with it to get cheap labor.

BTW, i do not have a dear leader. I used to. We executed him on Christmas Day 1989.


Nicolae Ceausescu was your dear leader? Well that says a lot about you and your humanity!


Yeah, all of us are a bunch of inhumane pricks. Only Americans are to be assumed as humane. Thanks for showing your true colors. EOD.


Something about heat and the kitchen comes to mind…how does that saying go…?


Language is a virus to which humans have little immunity


Very well spotted and important to counter on a large scale, if possible, in an ocean of inhumanity. I mean a strong counter-campaign of some kind.