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'We Simply Cannot Afford Half-Measures': Outside DNC, Progressives Demand Biden Go Big for Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/we-simply-cannot-afford-half-measures-outside-dnc-progressives-demand-biden-go-big


“Demand”?! My Gawd! Are people so much in denial that they can’t remember all the horrible things that asshole and “his boss” did! You may as well DEMAND a lion walk away from his newly-claimed meal so the smaller animals can eat! Why are so many STILL so “HOPE-FULL”? Didn’t they learn about Hopey-Changey twelve years ago?!


All fossil politicians are in one way or another addicted to fossil fuel through lobbying money. Uncle Joe has surely swallowed his fair share over his career. The energy industry no doubt has access to him with ties that are decades old.


Ha Ha Suckers.
You fell for my “Lesser of Two Evils” line. You may have gotten rid of Trump but now you have me and there is nothing you can do about it.
You think I will listen to you?
I have my Corporate Sponsors to please so you “little people” can go pound sand.
You wanted “Medicare for All”
I want “Medicare AND Social Security for None” because that is what my money men want.
See you again in four years.
I know that you won’t be any smarter by then (if you are even still alive) so I have nothing to worry about.
Your “dear friend”,
Joe Biden

PS: Please contribute now to the DNC so that we can fight Trump’s election challenges.
We need that money for election expenses in 2024.
And don’t forget Georgia.
If I can get the Senate, I can dismantle even more of the programs that people depend on but cost our good Corporations their hard earned money.


NO! My ex Governor, the pistol packin mama said it best: " HOW IS THAT HOPEY CHANGEY THING WORKIN OUT FER YA".

But this week, the Sunrise Movement accused Biden of a “betrayal” when he named Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), the fifth-largest recipient of fossil fuel money in the House Democratic Caucus, as his liaison between corporations and climate change activists.

Only the most politically, naive could call this betrayal any street smart American knew this was coming.


Hi Shantiananda:
After reading about Cedric Richmond------are we sure that his real corporate name is not RICHman? We do not need any more OIL creatures anymore, anytime! After BP, how could any sane person ever trust an oil company?----After all wasn’t that Exxon Valdez debacle enough??? The OILERS never fixed that debacle ever! : 0

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We progressives knew Biden was a corporate tool, but Trump had to go.

So, “Don’t mourn! Organize!” (Joe Hill).


The inauguration should be the largest, mass protest in AmeriKKKan history. Invite every pissed off working class and poor person in the country to Washington. They should make so much noise that no one can hear Biden lie during his oath of office. This should be followed by an Occupy DC tent city that congress critters and Biden have to see every day.


People like Joe and Kamala can “afford half-measures.” Like almost all of their colleagues from both parties, they are more insulated from the effects of climate change than the rest of us, largely due to their wealth and power - and the protection that comes with them. This in part accounts for the general blitheness with which politicians from both parties deal with the environment, and all other aspects of the Green New Deal.


“We can’t afford half measures”

Yet your entire energy plan still contains literally zero data projection or actual planning for energy… Your climate mandate cabinet doesn’t even feature ANY SELECTION OF ANY KIND for the US Department of Energy.

“Biden to spending $2 trillion to help fight the climate crisis and environmental racism and released a plan that called for the elimination of carbon pollution from electricity sources by 2035.”

Still waiting any progressive that wants to actually provide EVIDENCE or any resemblance of data analysis that a 15 year timeframe is feasible. Currently scientific feasibility and production analysis does not even remotely agree with this timeframe.

“ When Alexandria and I introduced the Green New Deal in February of 2019, it was called ‘pie in the sky,’ it was called politically infeasible, it was called unrealistic," said the senator. "And then we had an election in 2020 and the Sunrise Movement rose up and injected itself into race after race across our country…”

So because a youth organization believes in your half a$$ed political resolution that makes your goals feasible??? What kind of logic is that? I refer these people to an earlier paragraph, WHAT DATA supports this nonsense.

It’s been a year and you’ve provided zero clarification or data.

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“This isn’t a matter of moving to the left, it’s a matter of doing what’s right.” – Actually it’s a matter of planetary survival.

I think this is good activism/political theater, which little by little – and with more people out in the streets can push the envelope.

For the defeatists out there: Do you have any better ideas on how to move this country – and the planet forward???


This is the opposite of hopeful. This is blunt recognition that Biden has no intention of doing anything remotely close to what is needed. It is confronting him before he is even in office. It is a promise of more, and more confrontational, tactics to come. And it is a big chunk of the expanded Squad stepping out in front of Party headquarters to publicly announce they will not go along with the neoliberal sell-out that is expected.

Nothing remotely close to this was ever directed at Mr. Hopey Changey. This is positive new direction. Let’s see if the movements have the vision and the guts to step it up when Biden pokes them in the eye.


Yes, this. Thanks for taking a realistic approach, and not just whining with the chorus here.

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And this. Happy to see more than one voice here taking a realistic approach!

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Not expecting it or anything to change. Somewhere along the line today I read someone suggesting that all progressives need to resign and get out of that corrupt “D” party to send a message. THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO CHANGE THE CORRUPTION FROM WITHIN!
I agree…


So how are you working to get a productive movement going? Whining in the comment threads? Very helpful, thanks for all you do, i’m sure if you whine enough you’ll catalyze positive action.

WTF are you, psychic? Easy to point fucking fingers at someone you know nothing about. Make you feel like a bigger person. Well, have at it because I KNOW what I TRY to do; whether it takes or not remains to be seen. O.K. Now you can go and put down someone else with your blind accusations.

Nope, it’s based on your actions here, which promote hopelessness and whining. Show me something different.


So pointing out bullshit, to you, is whining? What do you call allowing lies and horrible things happening? Is THAT what you call whining. I guess exposing the government’s horribleness is anti–american to you? Great. So let’s all sit back and let the bullshit flow all over us and say nothing. Gee…isn’t that EXACTLY what the “Good Germans” did? How’d that turn out?

And back in the 1700s I suppose the colonists should have just smiled, bowed and curtsied and let themselves be trod upon?

What do people like YOU do to help change things? My guess is NADA! Just type and point out when other try to expose the criminals hiding in plain site. That you? Sure seems that way…