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'We Simply Cannot Afford Half-Measures': Outside DNC, Progressives Demand Biden Go Big for Green New Deal

webwalk, I get the same way as I read one Biden shot after another over the bow.
There should be a way to assume common ground with whining and /or airing our grievances.
You know my pet peeve is the complaining about the commenter instead of the comment.

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Unfortunately, to this day, the Exxon oil spill is still affecting Prince William Sound in Valdez, Alaska. I have been to Valdez, Alaska many times and you are right. Some of the Native, Elders actually cried when they saw the horrible devastation!

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OK, that sounds nice.

What are we going to do when Mr. Biden does not provide even half-measures?

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Hi Shantiananda;

If corporations are PEOPLE—why aren’t they in jail?

Because Amerika is not a Democracy…IT IS A CORPORTOCRACY!

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Hi Shantiananda:

And such an ugly word to even pronounce! : (

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Right we couldnt afford half measures. We couldnt have the same old same old this time…

BUT WE DID, allow that to happen so WE LOST.

What could be clearer than that. Drink the cup of reality, young people. Not the Kool Aid of denial. Consider the following.

COVID-19 has already lowered energy consumption a lot. Plus we need to solve some far more pressing problems. Like the mass homelessness to come. The outflow of good jobs to huge globasl temping firms that will push out millions of our workers. Especially,

They are now exporting LNG, which PIIE claims it is ir-reversible because of WTO rules. This is going to mean that it becomes an international entitlement - out of our control.l Think tanks say it already is. People are going to be faced with eviction notices due to redevelopment even if they somehow manage to pay the rent they have today. Jobs will also quite poissibly be exported in large numbers even if they remainm located here. In a global deal thats been planned for 26 - 34 years.

But lets talk about the energy export first. The gas may not even be thre, and what is there is literally the dregs at the bottom of the barrels. Its too expensive to extract paying US or Canadian wages. So they demand to be able to import workers, and that has been their plan for a long time. In dozens of field, permanently.

The global grab also means export it to the highest bidder until its gone. , which will make energy a lot more expensive. That means postwar housing, the housing many urban Americans live in now, the only housing many have ever known. In walkable communities. Many dont even drive.
will come under great pressure to be torn down, pushing millions of of cities. Because their affordable rent is tied to that one apartment in, and they wont find another.

Watch your back, people, you’re falling into a trap!

It would sure cost millions of people living in older energy efficient housing a lot - they cant afford it, to rent or buy new housing in the cities they have lived in their whole lives, and they wont get that moneyhanded to themk like in the past.

Think like an oligarch for a second. They are tired of rent control and stacked the Supreme Court in part (along with many other things) to eliminaten it. Also all the voting blocs, the Democratic electorate will be scattered to the four winds, many wont be able to re-rent any homes, any where. Where are their co-signers, their first and last months rent, where is the under the table “finders fee”. The demand for sex with the landlord or manager plus a fat check. or cash, to get the apartment. Welcome to the 21st century.

You’re pushing people into another of the many traps our corrupt politicians are laying for them. How gullible people are.

Do people know how redevelopment works. They used to call it slum clearance. It resembles Hiroshima or Nagasaki in its effects, sometimes. It might take decades for the eventual market rate housing to be rebuild. How affordable its it? Its great if you are a two income family making more than $250k a year. Close to work, cafes, and walkable.

What about the working people. They will have a hard time without their salaries being tripled or quadrupled, frankly.

Post Kelo (vs City of New Lodon) Blight happens if housing is deemable obsolete. Most of the housing in our cities will be deemable obsolete if the price of heating fuel rises as predicted.

You want to be blamed for putting so many (tens of millions) of people, mostly or maybe even all Democrats, out on the street? For killing so many jobs. Don’t buy into the cover up when COVID-19 has already reduced our energy consumption a lot, and it is just beginning. In a few years very few people will be commuting like they were a few years ago. Compare traffic stats today to those in the past.

Resist the corporate global grab. Leave it in the ground.

YOung people, they cant give you jobs with GND, because its already subject to procurement rules that award jobs to the lowest bidding qualified firms. From around the world. Funneling jobs to Americans is against our rigid trade ideology. Notice how it has not been done in a while, there’s a reason for that, trade deals. You’ll see. They are taking advantage of your naivete. If you want jobs, you may have to work in other fields than the ones we committed, because the body shop firms want people guest workers, who are on a tight leash.

Not us, with our rights.

I’d be curious who you (or @Trog) like for this position. Is Moniz as bad as people say?

I’m sure there must have been a story on CD when this came out but I forget if you commented on the study mentioned at ~https://phys.org/news/2020-06-energy-higher.html. It’s not 100% and I’m not sure if it only discusses electricity which with the variability on how much of transportation gets electrified can be confusing- I’d want a goal to be all emissions. But it sounds more aggressive than some studies.

Forget about yelling at CD staff writers. These people aren’t scientists (nor am I). I’d say just keep us informed of the best studies out there.

It’s hard to believe that no one has looked at what it would take to achieve even very difficult goals. If the constraints literally are people get fed and kept from freezing to death and not much else, it seems there would be a solution point above the constraint. It’s just that most studies don’t factor in lifestyle changes because they aren’t politically feasible. What people will tolerate may change as the reality of a grim future sinks in more deeply in more people’s minds.

My whole life this has driven me nuts. i often write in these threads about “Only what you need, and be honest about what is an actual need,” and even here most people can’t seem to think that through, even in light of the impending collapse of economy, society, and ecology.

We could generate well above the baseline constraint, vastly reduce our assault on the Earth, and share wide freedom. But ideology and illusion are deeply woven into our awareness and thought, and many of us fiercely identify with this culture of separation, fabulous wealth concentration, and grinding despair. Of course the looters identify with these systems, but the rest of us?