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"We Stand Ready to Protect You, Even if Washington Won't"


"We Stand Ready to Protect You, Even if Washington Won't"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"You belong."

"Nothing is wrong with you."

"We have your back."

After the Trump administration on Wednesday revoked Title IX protections for transgender students, allies and legal organizations are vowing to protect the rights of students and transgender youth who are now increasingly vulnerable to bullying and discrimination.


What is gender identity? That's the question of the day.


The Trump administration is manufacturing pure hatred in America. This cancer must be removed before it spreads.

Yes, we the compassionate people of America can have the backs of those most vulnerable to this hatred driven by the President and his minions, however, this nation must cut from itself what will surely kill us and our freedoms that so many fought for and died so long ago.

Let us schedule the surgery, and let the cutting begin.


Listen: The transgender and abortion issues are emotional issues which have not much to do with corruption, Wall Street, job loss and did I mention the economy? These wedge issues are distractions which do not get people jobs , stop outsourcing, and have higher wages for people period.




"Transgender" isn't an issue, it's just a civil rights battle. A lot of trans women are straight up murdered and nobody historically has given a fuck. When they have been prosecuted, traitors have literally gotten away with murder by claiming that they were so distraught over learning that their sexual partner had a penis that it caused them to murder them. Yes, this is real and real traitor-murderers are free walking our streets because other traitors who deserve to be hanged agreed that a woman having a penis is literally sufficient reason to execute her.

Now, I won't argue this affects a large portion of the population. It is much more important to make sure that everyone has adequate healthcare and a socialist economy. But being trans is simple. It just means that a person's brain did not develop the typical way and some wires got crossed. It is no more important or interesting or meaningful than having bad eyesight or something. It is actually quite different from abortion. It is not a wedge. We just need to explain it to conservative traitors and if we cannot execute them, change their minds.


Well thank you for your post.