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We Still Have A Lot of Work To Do On Healthcare


We Still Have A Lot of Work To Do On Healthcare

Jean Ross

With liberals across the land breathing a huge sigh of relief after the abrupt collapse of the Senate scheme to repeal and somewhat replace the Affordable Care Act, all is good again with healthcare in America. Right?

Well, there have been a few troubling signs if you can dig past all the news about Donald Trump’s latest tweets.


Yes, I agree we need to “improve” on Medicare if we are to have Medicare for all. At the moment Medicare Part A only covers 80% of hospitalization, with no cap. That means a long hospital stay for something serious like a heart attack with complications, with a total cost of $500,000, would mean the patient would have to come up with a co-pay of $100,000, enough to ruin most people. Also there is no dental coverage, and there are many other premiums, co-pays and deductibles that make getting good health coverage from Medicare quite expensive and beyond the means of many people. By contrast, the Medicaid expansion has full coverage, including dental, with no premiums, deductibles or co-pays. Medicaid coverage is also a lot cheaper for the government than Medicare, and cheaper even than the government’s subsidy for a silver plan bought by a low paid worker on the Obamacare exchange. That subsidy is $833 a month, while Medicaid costs an average of $583 a month for vastly better coverage! Perhaps what we should be pushing for would be more like “Medicaid for All?”

I realize the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All house bill, HR 676, specifies huge improvements to Medicare to overcome its current limitations. The danger, as I see it, is that once debate in the House and Senate really starts on this bill, that these necessary improvements may be rolled back, amendment by amendment, and we may end up with something like the current inadequate Medicare, except we’ll all be stuck with it!


“( since ACA was enacted 7 years ago ) John Martin, former CEO of Gilead Sciences, collected $863 Million just by himself.”

Boils down to $333,000 / per DAY for 7 years.

Defend THAT.


Gilead charges $84,000 for a 12 week course of their Hep C Meds.


Can you provide a link? I’m just astounded, and if asked, I’d like to provide the link as well.


It’s in the article.


"We Still Have A Lot of Work To Do On Healthcare"
No kiddn’!


I’m on a fixed income and struggle to pay my medical bills. I also need the hep C drug which, last time I checked, my insurance didn’t cover. Even if my insurance did cover the med my out of pocket expense would still be around 15% or $15,000 which is out of the question. The healthcare system is totally f**ked up, yet they expand the military budget every year since the later 90’s. It really shows how much the professional extortionists in Washington care about ‘the people’.


Actually the last time I checked it war around a hundred grand for a 12 week course, of which I can’t afford.


I don’t see any Republican votes for Medicare for all. Is there any way to get some Republican votes? It was nearly impossible to pass the ACA even after the public option was removed.


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Wish you well


Kudos Jean.