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We Stopped Keystone, Canada Can Stop Energy Eastspectra


We Stopped Keystone, Canada Can Stop Energy Eastspectra

Ben Gotschall

Since I last visited Canada to share my experiences dealing with TransCanada as a rancher along the proposed Keystone XL path, and as a member of Bold Nebraska, a lot has changed. President Obama has since put the final nail in the coffin of Keystone XL, listening to the voices of ranchers, Indigenous communities and climate activists united in their opposition to the tar sands, or oil sands, pipeline.


Dear Mr. Gotschall, just as Fitzgerald explained that “the rich are different from you and I,” in “The Great Gatsby;” I’d venture that career politicians are different–in their speech and morality–than you and I.

I’d love to raise a champagne glass and toast Obama’s principled opposition to the tar sands pipeline; but the truth is, it appears to be political gamesmanship. After all, proving that it’s not only the White Man who speaks with “forked tongue,” one side of Obama’s mouth speaks lyrically about protecting the earth against climate change and would APPEAR to live true to that ideal in his seeming opposition to the Trans-Canada pipeline. BUT…

And it’s a HUGE but, he’s meanwhile shilling for TPP and TIPP; and this new generation of “trade” treaties essentially anesthetizes nations’ laws that interfere with the one true sanctioned ethos: that of naked profits alone, whatever the cost to people, ecosystems, animals, plants, the mineral kingdom, and anything else that the 1% can lay claim to… so as to exploit, use, abuse, discard, and then “rinse and repeat” that cycle everywhere they touch down.


How many environmental disasters do we need to undergo before we realize these long-distance pipelines are a bad idea … Last year a mandatory inspection on TransCanada’s Keystone 1 pipeline in the U.S. revealed an area that was 95 per cent corroded, leaving it literally paper thin. The pipeline was not yet two years old! This is consistent with the concerns Evan Vokes, a former TransCanada pipeline engineer come whistleblower, has expressed about TransCanada's sloppy pipeline safety track record.


The compnay in question , complicit media and regulatory agencies of Government would be sure to under report the consequences of any spill due to such failures.

They consistently lowball the amounts spilled and from there when it becomes obvious slowly raise the amounts. The final amounts spilled than become accepted as fact when it mst likely even THOSE amounts understated. It a great con and obvious collusion.