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We Talk About One U.S.-Backed Coup. Hondurans Talk About Three.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/17/we-talk-about-one-us-backed-coup-hondurans-talk-about-three


Ummmm…not just Honduras. The US has meddled in world affairs since the get-go.

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Quite right to note the Obama regime’s culpability. In fact, I’m surprised the article failed to mention SecState Hilary Clinton’s statement in her hard-cover memoir (deleted in the paperback edition) that she made sure that Zelaya’s ouster was not referred to as a coup – which would have triggered laws that would prevent the U.S. sending military aid. (Of course the current and most past U.S. regimes wouldn’t care too much about legality – but it is revealing.)

A footnote: Not just the U.S. supported the coup. Canada’s Conservatvie Harper government did too, backing successful U.S. efforts to prevent the OAS from doing anything effective to oppose it.
A training exercise, perhaps, for Canada’s more prominent role in the last few years
(under a supposed Liberal government) in trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

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Canada not only suppressed democracy in Haiti (training repressive police and bolstering the injustice system in the last 15 years), but had played a key role in overthrowing it in 2004. Two important planning meetings for the coup were held in Montreal and Ottawa-Gatineau, and Canadian troops were at Haiti’s airport making sure the elected president didn’t stir up any trouble as he was being ejected from his country.

Foreign policy shit is quite thick in Canada. The egotistic government is campaigning for one of the rotating seats on the UN Security Council, but General Assembly members would be wise to vote for Norway and Ireland unless they want another U.S. stooge to represent them.