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'We Teach, We Vote!': 10,000 Teachers Rise Up Against Republican Legislature in Deep Red South Carolina

'We Teach, We Vote!': 10,000 Teachers Rise Up Against Republican Legislature in Deep Red South Carolina

Julia Conley, staff writer

Demanding an end to austerity measures that have kept classrooms overcrowded and educators underpaid, about 10,000 teachers, students, and supporters staged one of the largest protests in recent years at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia on Wednesday.


May Day In America … I love it. Apparently, the State Education Honcho disagrees.


“I cannot support teachers walking out on their obligations to South Carolina” said the state superintendent

That would be as opposed to the State Legislature walking out on their obligations to South Carolina Students, Parents, Schools and the thousands of hardworking bus drivers, cafeteria workers, counselors, aides, and custodial staff.

Teachers are one of the Pillars of Society. Teachers, Firefighters and Police, Doctors, Lawyers, these people do all of the societies heavy lifting, but Teachers salaries start at the Official Poverty Line as established by the US Govt.

Gotta Stand and Deliver…


The entire idea behind austerity is to defund the school system so it can be privatized. Such is the mentality of the sociopaths running the show.


so happy on this May Day, that the teachers are once again rebelling against this appalling government both federal and state, and keeping our eyes glued to what is really important! GO TEACHERS.


Does anyone know Castro’s and Harris’s stand on school privatization and school vouchers?

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Wow there’s nothing quite as sweet as the sound of teachers protesting in the morning, and reminding the legislature that ,“This is what Democracy looks like!” : )


My daughter, a SC middle school teacher for 22 years, finally gave up. After receiving no raise for two years, she received a 0.4% “cost of living” increase that was combined with a decrease in time off. She loved her kids but was tired of being treating like a second class citizen plus she had two kids of her own to get through college. She now works for a consumer products multi-national making double her old salary and hating every minute of it.


I come from a family of Teachers so I get it and was to follow the family Profession

Silicon Valley got the best of me.

After 15 yrs of High Tech Engineering, Washington Dept of Education was willing to give me a cross technology enhanced program and start me at a salary of 28,000.

I couldn’t pick up that load

You got it, John. They just want the money.

I suspect they share the position of Arne Duncan and Barack Obama. Not good.

A great lesson must be taught to the government men intent on denying the citizens their rights to equitable representation.

These teachers are the ones to do just that.

I love all the red colours showing up in the teachers and nurses…

As a well-worn but still relevant bumpersticker observes, “If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance!”

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Now they just need to out maneuver their union leadership…