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We the People Law Introduced as U.S. Democracy Reaches 'Crisis Point'


We the People Law Introduced as U.S. Democracy Reaches 'Crisis Point'

In response to rampant attacks on voting rights and an administration riddled with conflicts of interest, Democrats introduce proposals to restore Americans' faith in political system


Wanna restore Americans faith in the political process?

Blow up the Duopoly!

Let’s start all over with none of the usual suspects.


Please tell me this isn’t serious. Please.

Was someone still in high school during the primary?


One can see the pitiful attitude so many Americans are left with after what Obama did to us, letting us down on every issue he touched, and now with what the fake leader and his bunch of thugs in Congress are trying to do to us to further their own ESTATES. Is it any wonder people are so cynical?

This Bill has some serious teeth and we need to get behind it, push it hard, and never let ourselves lose sight of what happens with it. There’s no chance in hell of something being done if people just give up, walk away, and do nothing.


The bill appears to address some of the problem issues we have. It’s a shame it won’t have a snowball’s chance in he!! of getting support from a majority of either party.


True, snowball’s chance.

This issue is indeed the Big Picture: Capitalism vs Democracy.

Until We, the People understand that it’s been Capitalism vs. Democracy since the 80s, and that we’re losing, badly,
until we decide that we cannot afford the inroads capitalism has made upon the power of our vote,
until our government is about humanity, rights, justice, and a government that truly acts in the best interests of We, the People,
the current government will not be accessible or responsive to us.


Just asking: How can the Democrats hope to be successful in introducing proposals to restore American’s faith in it’s political system when they are the problem! As usual, the fake opposition party continues to con the masses!


I’ll tell you what will restore Americans faith in the political process:

Get FKN rid of Citizens United!!! Just for starters…
Then get rid of that out dated ancient electoral college bullshit that allowed A sleazy billionaire into the highest office in our land without any qualifications for the office!!!
You people can do better than this…