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We The People vs. Whoa Lookit These Racists and Losers and Cons

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/18/we-people-vs-whoa-lookit-these-racists-and-losers-and-cons

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The nomination of Joe Biden is literally a guarantee of going back to the Clinton/Obama years.
Years marked by half measures, meaningless kabuki, and zero actual change (unless you’re rich).

Instead of MFA, we got RomneyCare, a welfare plan for the healthcare industrial complex.
Instead of a philosophy of compassion, we got “the era of big government is over.”
Instead of being the safety net guarantor, we got “an end to welfare as we know it.”
Instead of an infrastructure rebuild, we got bubble-driven economics with Wall St gamblers at the wheel.
Instead of criminal justice reform, we got a prison industrial complex targeting black “super predators.”
Instead of peace, we got endless war and a ramp up in drone assassinations and collateral damage.
Instead of shared prosperity, the wealth gap kept growing, while wages stagnated.
Instead of addressing climate chaos, we got the absurdly watered down Paris Accords.
Instead of respecting BLM, we let military-style killer cops force us into (another) racial reckoning.
Instead of closing the TBTF banks, they got even bigger while grabbing up 9 million foreclosures.

I understand our LOTE voters. They worry about the above but also about things getting even worse. But it isn’t the r-party who passes the most Republican inspired legislation like RomneyCare, tough-on-crime bills, and welfare reform. It’s the d-party, aided and abetted by progressives who fall blissfully back to sleep once a “safe” Democrat is in the White House.

Of course, this time they’ll hold the Democrats’ feet to the fire. The same Democrats now run by the Lincoln Project and the likes of John Kasich who was given permission to say the quiet part out loud to the DNC audience: “Don’t worry about the d-party becoming progressive because the d-party big circus tent has a soundproof cage for progressives – and we only let those DFHs out when we need to blame someone for our losses.”


There is a reason treason is punishable by execution, whereas a prisoner of war is protected under the Geneva Convention.

The reason treason is so egregious, is because of the BETRAYAL; when the threats from outside penetrate to the interior, the potential for a mortal wound is the greatest.

Treason operates through deception.

The unDemocratic party is “treasonous” to their “base” through their manipulation of the democratic process, their subservience to Wall Street, their promulgation of war and the spread of empire, and most of all, their deceit.

Pander to moderate republicans with charlatans like Bill Clinton (AYFKM?), and prop up your self-defeating vote blue-no-matter who logic by lying to yourself that you’re accomplishing anything other than enabling another wing of the same duopoly. Go ahead. Suffer the consequences.

This drivel is worse than reinforcing bad behavior, it is reinforcing ABUSIVE behavior.

PLEASE STOP, you are embarrassing yourself.


We’ve arrived at the point where the d-party is free to stop pretending they give a flying fuck about progressive priorities, and instead flaunt their disdain for progressives openly.

And you’re right, the armchair progressives whose panties are so bunched by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can’t recall the do-nothing Obama years that got them Trump – memories so short that they’re willing to ignore the fact that they’re repeating the 2016 playbook with Uncle Joe playing the part of a more likeable Hillary – are indeed embarrassing themselves.

Further embarassment: They’re literally admitting to being extorted into voting for Biden, and literally proposing that we both Reject and Elect him. W. T. F? Is there no level of contortion to justify staying on the LOTE hamster wheel that they won’t sink to? Damn.


Apologies for a third comment here but can someone explain to me how

“fearmongering is pretty much all he’s got”

is somehow different than the parade of d-party AND r-party mucky mucks justifying a vote for Biden by saying Trump’s an existential threat? Isn’t that hyperbolic fearmongering, too?

Also, Abby Zimet, you do realize that fearmongering about “super predators” (thanks for the quotable, Hillary) and the need to “lock the SOBs up” (thanks, Uncle Joe) is a bi-partisan game, right? Now who passed that draconian and racist crime bill again? You remember that crime bill, the one they had to apologize for?


They’ve been groomed for failure for so long, they’ve just submitted to it.

“C’mon man, I thought you liked me… You are nothing.”

“Hold your nose and swallow.”

It’s like religion. The priest is raping your son. “But we still have to go to church, right?”


Kaylie, I wanted to reach out and hug you. You have expressed exactly what I have been saying since 1994. Remember when the Gingrich gang took office?


All of this reminds me of a great Far Side cartoon, where a new-comer to hell is being prodded by Satan as they stand before two doors. One is labeled Damned if you Do and the other Damned if you Don’t. Satan is saying, “Come on, come on, choose already.”
We have no Progressives like we had in the beginning of the 1900’s, that tore into the Big Trusts and the remnants of the Robber Barons. Teddy had major faults, including an immense ego, but he got the job done. I guess getting his Great White Fleet to reward his ego was a good trade off.
The fire has gone out in the belly of the populace. We will have to wait for it all to crumble, then decide what road we want to take-The Red Road or the Black Road. The former is difficult, but it emphasizes honor, generosity, humility, wisdom, respect, compassion, and bravery. The Black Road, the one we’ve reached the end of, is wide and easy, full of goodies for a very few and misery for the rest. It emphasizes cheating, selfishness, arrogance, ignorance, mockery, believing those who in pain deserve it, and cowardice.


The greatest success story of the d-party since at least as far back as Bill Clinton:
Expectations going lower…And lower…And lower…


Really good until Joe started yelling. C’mon man!

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apparently the bar for success is having a Democratic president that doesn’t fart into a hot mic.

the kool aid must taste absolutely fantastic, because some otherwise intelligent people are drinking a whole mess of it.


I don’t see where farting into a hot mic would disqualify a candidate with 50 years of center right service like Joe Biden. It’s grape, man. Grape koolaid with lots of vodka.


Kaylie, thank you for a magnificent post. Articulate, incisive, pretty damn comprehensive…I am sending it on.


Obama actually answered this question------It needs to come from the bottom-----but at this moment what bothers me is that so many people on the left went after Warren----I think Warren would have been the best candidate-----she would be destroying Trump right now if she had been the nominee-----there is no way the MIC would allow Bernie to become President-----I think Warren could have done it-----but it was the left that said no to $200. month increase in SS and a real wealth tax to deal with income inequality.

I can identify with these Lincoln Project people-----think of the Magna Carta----the American revolution is about taking POWER from the king and they gave it to the representatives of the people. The people in this country do have the POWER to make change if they so choose.
Just understand
A Healthcare Center in every neighborhood is a conservative idea
Raising the min wage to meet real needs is a conservative idea
Getting big money out of politics is a conservative idea----I think it was the LA times talking about how some billionaires have abandoned Trump----why do we accept these out and out bribes???

The real reason this pandemic is out of control—two corrupt broken political parties—and a corrupt healthcare system that works for the wealthy but not the rest of us.


If that smarmy POS who claimed that he was just trying to defuse the situation is speaking at the rnc convention, then he needs to give all the money back that he got. He lied.

yeah, the bottom tried to change with OWS. He ruthlessly crushed said bottom.

But whatevs, Barack.


I’m in almost 100% agreement with your positions, with this minor quibble: You have stated that Joe Biden has no policies, and that’s wrong. He actually has spending proposals and tax-the-rich proposals that I can support, although they’re wrapped in political doublspeak, fluff, and a history of backpedaling like his buddy, Obama, did. If you care to, take a look. His tax rate approaching 40% on income over $400k is good, for example, and among a package of tax increases that are designed to raise an extra $350 billion/yr. That’s peanuts, of course, but it’s…um…something not nothing:


We all know austerity is on the way no matter who’s elected.

Obama proposed a Grand Bargain – he didn’t hide the austerity or the deficit hawkery.
Trump has already been cutting the safety net – and he has proposed more to justify bigger tax cuts.

That’s why it’s called a duopoly.
75% agreement on the big ticket issues ignored by the mainstream media.
Disputes over abortion and identity politics at the margins, trumpeted by the press to boost ratings.

I’ll be voting third party, as I have since 2008.
I live in Debbie Dingell’s solidly blue district and no Repub has run on my city ballot since 2006.
But Michigan is a swing state now, because of Hillary, so maybe I’ll be the guy who defeated Biden here by one vote.

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Colin Powell and Susan Rice dropped kinder, gentler bombs on weddings.

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