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We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People


We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People

Bill Moyers

Sixty-six years ago this summer, on my 16th birthday, I went to work for the daily newspaper in the small East Texas town of Marshall where I grew up. It was a good place to be a cub reporter -- small enough to navigate but big enough to keep me busy and learning something every day. I soon had a stroke of luck. Some of the paper’s old hands were on vacation or out sick and I was assigned to help cover what came to be known across the country as “the housewives' rebellion.”


Did Bill say a single word about how all of the inequities he listed can be laid directly at the feet of our Capitalist economic system?


It is the people vs corporate control of our government. Currently, corporate control is winning hands down and both major parties are in bed with them.


Plutocracy and democracy Bill? More like capitalism and democracy are incompatible.
Capitalism inevitably leads to plutocracy.


You seem confident that “we can reboot democracy and get on with the work of liberating the country we carry in our hearts.” Like most others in this country, you are oblivious to the global warming that is occurring, and now accelerating—and likely to wipe out our species soon. There will then be no talk about “rebooting”!


I cannot thank you enough. Your voice is one of the few mitigating forces in society today. Without it, any hope or optimism for the future of democracy would be hard to sustain.


Unchecked capitalism surely does. I long ago formed a view of capitalism that regards it as similar to fire. It is a powerful force which can warm our home and cook our food. In short, it can be very useful, maybe even essential, but ONLY if it is kept tightly controlled. Fire has no conscience, it only wants to be fed, and it always demands more. Before one brings fire into their home, one builds a fire-proof containment vessel. When designing this fire-box we do not let ‘fire’ decide how thick to build the steel walls or how tightly the gaskets fit. ‘Fire’ does not even get a vote. We have given in to the demands of ‘fire’. We have sacrificed all the furniture. We have allowed fire to escape the box and become the master. The house is burning down, the roof is gone, the walls are burnt almost to the substructure, and our very foundation is at risk. Viewed in this manner, everyone, whether or not they are totally anti-‘fire’, can understand the urgency of getting the damn thing back in the box.


The issues are global. Going to another country would only allow you to more effectively hide that reality from yourself. Even that won't last for long.


You are probably right. We have certainly brought ourselves to the brink of destruction, and there may be no turning back. The political realities of the day certainly point to that.

But remember, the Berlin Wall did come down. Maybe, just maybe...


Capitalism can not be saved.
It's time to move forward and introduce the next economic system in the batters box.

And we all know what that economic system is.


Our system doesn't require a rebooting. FDR already did that.
What our system requires is to be replaced completely.
It's up to us to create a new system which works fairly for all of us.
That's what the Founding Fathers tried to do so it's far from impossible.


Fire, the perfect metaphor for capitalism. Having spent the past 3 decades heating with woodstove fueled with very local fuel, in a deteriorating farmhouse (well past a century old) I find living simply demands constant awareness of the growing complexity of our human world. Communication like CD provides certainly assists the world view; the challenge remains to rebuild local awareness of necessity of cooperative focus on truth and true justice. Bless all my fellow octogenarians, like Moyers, still learning and not competing, but sharing insights and courage and energy to support real human progress in the present era of whining, complaining, blaming. It is "the movement" that is out there. The 100 different tribes uniting in courageous non-violent action against pipeline poisoning portrays unity of the human spirit. We are ONE. Give up on hatred, those oligarchical minds are to be pitied.


But before you "put it back in the box," you need to douse the entire structure, and put the fire completely out.


I felt the article was just beautifully written. However I also feel that too many have not yet evolved enough to know the difference between wealth and happiness/success. As I made chocolate chip waffles for my kids this morning and kissed their foreheads I am reminded that those moments are worth, at minimum, 16 billion dollars each forehead. In fact no person could buy one of those moments from me, not enough paper in the world. I would rather live in a cabin in the woods with constant repairs then the largest mansion on the hill.

Hiding from the capitalist economic system however, will not save my family from the perils of it. So it is not enough to gain wisdom and live simply. That is a myth propagated to push those aside and allow the hyenas unchecked freedoms. We must fight the beast because it will not stop until every last tree, every last wildebeest, is turned to dust. Then in the end they are left to only consume themselves. It is a disease, a cancer on humanity. Moving to another country or even Galaxy won't solve anything either. (Yes I have to see Guardians of the Galaxy 5 times per week)
" Come on, Groot. Ronan has the stone. The only chance we got is to get to the other side of the universe as fast as we can and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to live full lives before that whack-job ever gets there."

Unfortunately men have to stop men who have chosen to be the hyenas. All the wars, all the media propaganda, all the technological vices, are just created distraction from this real and growing danger to decency on a Global scale. It will not stop on its own, nor will it suddenly awaken and grow a conscience. Like a giant dirty snowball, it grows as it rolls, collecting those who believe the lie with it. It will only end when the masses of Wildebeests understand that by uniting together they can easily defeat the hyenas. Otherwise the prime directive is to keep the wildebeests as scattered and fearful as possible.
ON a final note. My little boy is almost a pre-teen. Do you know he STILL does not recognize the difference between black and white people. We just never speak of such things in our house. GOD help the person who pollutes this when I grab hold of them. He sees people and kids, and all kids are his friends. Evil men separate/segregate men for their own evil purposes. His perspective gives me hope; I believe that the masses will evolve much sooner then the hyenas because of the needs they have and that is our true hope. Either way it will be a fight. A fight now for morals or a fight later for survival.


Interesting to equate money and power with inequality, though that's not without substance.
I think that one of the reasons that the plutocrats still have such control over us is that the average person wants to be rich and/or respects the rich instinctively. There's also a part of us that says (or we're told) if we just work harder, save more, etc., why, wealth is just around the corner.


"Unfortunately men have to stop men who have chosen to be the hyenas."
That is the crux, right there. How to accomplish that, given that the hyenas and their henchmen are loaded down with money and weaponry.


Have you seen these recent assessments of Brzezinski's recent article in The American Interest titled “Towards a Global Realignment”? Zbig seems to be doing some real reassessment of his grand strategy for global dominance...


Money can be hacked and burned and the military is 90% us. They will have to drone us.
Let me suggest that this Holiday season everyone buy handmade objects, artwork, handmade jewelry, pottery, carvings, Native American art. Beautiful ethnic art. Local musician's music. Handmade textiles. We have got to put our words forward into action protests. Corporations do not speak the English language, they only speak Mammon. My kids break the junk the first week anyway and do the in-laws ever like the stuff you get them? We have a local guy that makes handmade walking sticks. GORGEOUS items. ALSO Native American art is going to be our go-to this year.


I wonder how much of this would be happening if the corporation did not exist.
After all, we humans created them out of thin air (and still do). We created them, we can dismantle them. We simply choose not to. One of the salient advantages of corporations is what's known as the corporate veil. The upstanding community man and woman can go to work, perform the most dastardly acts under cover of said veil. then show up at his or her religious institution, or charity event, and be all smiles. They move amongst us, we know it and there is seemingly nothing we can do about it (so far).


This election cycle we discovered that We the people include a lot more deplorables than we realized. Many of these deplorablles, as Hillary Clinton has now named a large group of Trump supporters who include white supremacists, xenophobics, etc, are making a lot of corporate executives look good by comparison. Even the Koch brothers are against this hoard that Trump has dredged up. One of the people who is running his campaign even claims to speak for this group many of whom refer to themselves as part of the Alt-Right. I guess this includes Klu Klux Klan members, neonazis skinheads and many others who up to now have been shunned by society. But now they are being embraced or sort of by the presidential nominee of the Republican Party no less. When a candidate's most enthusiastic supporters seem to make even the Koch brothers look good by comparison this should raise concerns in a lot of places.