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We Threw a Wrench in the White House's TPP Fast Track Plan



Free Trade My Ass: Flush the TPP!

"At its root, the TPP is about modern colonialism. It is the way that Western governments and their transnational corporations, including Wall Street banks, can dominate the economies of developing nations. And it’s not too late to stop it."

The corporate-whore in chief pushes this coup and we must push back!

"If there’s one good thing coming out of the TPP negotiations, it’s that it is exposing, in plain daylight, one simple truth about our political system…
Both parties are wings on the same predator, in servitude of a global elite, hungry for nothing less than full dominance over every aspect of your life"
"the purpose of (the TPP) is to establish a transnational economic authority that will create more “too big to fail” companies that will suck all the money, life, and hope from those whose tanks are already running on fumes."



I appreciate any and all organizations who oppose TPP and which are organizing against its being passed. I do regret the limited focus of this article but it is EFF and we still live in the world of single issue organizations, thinking and voting.


Just the latest in a long series of betrayals and sellouts from Barry the Liar. In my supposed "liberal" state of Washington both of my senators, Murray and Caldwell and my representative Kilmer, are in favor of the loathsome, secretly negotiated TPP AND Fast Track. I have informed them that if they follow through with this outrage that I will never vote for any of them again. I called Murray's office to ask why she supported the TPP and was told by an aide that it would "bring more jobs to Washington". I informed her that was the same BS that we were told about NAFTA and look how that turned out. Beyond that, it is is reckless to allow something to become law that is a direct assault on our very sovereignty as a nation, jobs or no.
What is important to remember is the conclusion of two political science professors from Princeton and Northwestern - that the dealings of Congress have almost nothing to do with what the American people want. No wonder that Jimmy Carter said recently that we do not have a functioning democracy anymore. I would also recommend that people here check out the talk by Lawrence Wilkerson, former assistant to General Colin Powell, about the decline of the American empire. It is available from links from a Google search and it is quite powerful coming from someone who is a lifelong Republican and who has worked in the highest levels of power in our government. Apparently, "of the people, by the people and for the people" is a an illusion now.


Nothing more than the TTP probably illustrates Obama's allegiance to corporate America. Though the TTP will be devastating to the 99%, Obama continues to support it in the same way he is an apologist for every multinational corporation out there. "I won't begrudge someone just because they made a lot of money" is just one of many quotes that Obama has made to try to justify his support of the 1%. The worst part is that neither Party will oppose this deal (with the lone exception of Bernie Sanders) and is a primary reason that our corporate media is working overtime to derail the Sanders campaign. Trump, HRC and of course every single Republican have accepted millions of dollars of campaign funds to undermine the public interest at all costs. We will lose what little sovereignty we have once the TTP is passed. It may go down as our darkest moment in history.


After TPP we might as well change our name to the "Corporate States of America".


I got the same LIE from my elected terrorists here in Nebrasky -- they can't even come up with a series of lies so that no one is getting the same song and dance! I told my 'reprehensibles' that if they voted for it I wouldn't vote for them and I'd notify as many people as possible not to vote for them either.


Citizens Trade Campaign is a good site for full-spectrum analysis.


You bring up a good point about talking with others about not voting for politicians who vote in favor of this. Sure political people pay attention but how many folks even know about TPP at all much less have a well informed opinion about it?

People tune out (especially around the holidays) and politicians know it. Certain issues get lots of people up in arms enough to pressure politicians but otherwise the first layer of insulation is the media. The media decides far much more of what goes on in our nation and government than people give it credit for. The media is in fact an unelected arm of government.

It would be nice if political people like CDers could communicate with people like you do. The media works for oligarchy and the corporate coup but we have only each other.

I bet a number of people you speak to about issues like this are surprised and have no idea of what you are talking about. That shows how valuable sites like CD are btw.

The corporate democracy finds an uniformed public easier to manipulate and that is that!


My stance against the TPP is based on its effects to global warming. The more we ship raw materials around the world, truck goods within and across state borders, drive across metropolitan areas to shop at big box stores that stock these globally produced packaged goods, the sooner the day of reckoning comes with
chaotic disruption of fuel supplies.

In his recent Alaskan hike TV program, Obama said, "Maybe get an electric car." There's no maybe about it. Electric and hybrid/electric cars offer households a lifesaving emergency backup power system that can complement regional utility grids; portable power with hybrids and an ideal match to affordably smaller rooftop solar arrays - all-battery electric car battery packs are 6x to 15x greater capacity. The plug-in hybrid's limited drive range leads to driving less whereby local economic structures strengthen and the global economy displaced. So why did Obama say, "Maybe get an electric car" when there's no maybe about it?


Hope your holiday was good Wereflea. I know exactly how to 'assist' my friends and neighbors in paying attention as I was one of those that did not pay attention for way too many years (I think that was a big part of the reason I fell for that 'hope &change' idiocy in 2008); I started reading the news online to find out how 'that one' was doing and haven't been able to give that up even tho' my 'fever' has been cured. :sunglasses: Surprisingly enough, everybody seems to realize how bad NAFTA was for we peons so it's easy to just repeat the 'TPP is NAFTA on steroids' line; and then there's the fact that everyone is on the internet and when anyone starts talking about how the toilet paper pact will cause major problems with many of us 'interneters' then they're hooked. :smile:
I think it also helps that I have a sign in my front yard that says "Power to the Peons! Guillotine Complacency!" Funny how other things have been stolen out of my yard, but no one seems to want a sign that has a guillotine on it! :smirk:
I also took part in the Occupy protests here in Omaha, so I got to meet a lot of people that way, and we sure got a lot of drivers to honk at us when we stood on Dodge with signs! After awhile even the propaganda papers started reporting on Occupy, and here in Omaha the 3 local channels usually managed to do some kind of report about the local protesters.


Good for you! Seriously. Mostly I see a lot of really excitable and often nasty posters who rant, rave and rail against everything and everybody but do it from their armchairs more often than not. I think that's why they get so upset when they are contradicted or corrected? Their words seem more important to them when they see them posted online. They forget that it is like having a discussion with people in real life. People disagree and so forth.

I spent many a year organizing for peace and social justice and the hardest part was trying to discuss something with someone who was unfamiliar with the issue.

Your point about NAFTA isn't surprising really. NAFTA has been around long enough to have filtered into people's understanding of their world. Also NAFTA was pretty much first and was talked about in the media even back then.

TTP is like >>> "TTP wha? Who? Oh you must be into politics. So what is TTP?" I think you are right that if you mention NAFTA then people know what a trade deal can mean.

Power to the Peons!

Happy Holidays to them too!


haha. fellow nebraskan. great place to learn politics from way behind the 8 ball, tho.


A good effort by all. However, the passage of the TPP is already in stone. They are merely waiting for Barry to finish polishing it.


Only Bernie is unequivocal in opposition to TPP and all the rest of that nonsense.


This is a false narrative. Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate, strongly opposes TPP. Please check out the following video to see and hear what Dr. Jill Stein has to say about TPP. Thank you!


Murray and Cantwell are more than "in favor of the TPP", they cast the deciding votes in the Senate that pushed fast track through. Nobody in Congress has been more of an Obama rubber stamp than Murray.

Congresscritters with pro-corporate voting records like Murray's are not threatened by us not voting for them, seeing how there is a K Street lobbying job waiting for them that will pay more in the first year than they will make in their entire next 6 year term.


Just think what my rep, from the southern part of our state, Herrera-Buetler's position must be as she's not even a D. The idea that these corporate shills are representatives of anyone but the corporations is a mistake.


Happy Holidays to 'them'????? :smiling_imp:

I started using that phrase to make other commenters angry enough to fight back; I don't think any of us here in uh-merikkka want to think we are actually peons, so I thought maybe if I used that word my fellow commenters would get fed-up and fight back. Life is looking more peon-y by the day :smirk:

We just got 6+ inches of snow here on Christmas Eve day and now they're making noise like we're going to get another 10 inches on Monday, but hey, it's not global 'warming' b/c we're getting snow instead of rain! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is definitely an interesting state to vote in -- even the 'dems' are DINOs -- I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden b/c there was no way in hell I would vote for Lee Terry in last year's midterms! The dem actually got elected (Brad Ashford) and like I said, he's the latest DINO! But hey, I learned something very important -- my 'spoiler' vote did NOT elect the reptoxicon (Terry)!