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We Treat Racism Like It’s Going Extinct. It’s Not


We Treat Racism Like It’s Going Extinct. It’s Not

Brittney Cooper

When 28-year-old George Zimmerman killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on a residential Sanford, Florida, street in February 2012, after trailing the hoodie-clad, iced tea-carrying youth through the neighborhood because he looked “suspicious,” it became clear that America’s Millennial generation had not, in fact, disentangled itself from the nation’s sordid, bloody and lamentable history of racial atrocity. For George Zimmerman, born in October 1983, fits almost every standard definition of the Millennial generation.


Racism denialism…or worse, the conflation of racism with mere personal bigotry instead of a part of the structure and hidden unconscious mind of a whole society… is the highest form of racism.


Can you elaborate on this “hands up don’t shoot” so-called “canard”?

And it seem that you are scraping pretty far back (Twana Brawley - a single incident - 40 years ago) and even bringing up incident that have nothing to do with racism…(fake rape allegations)

What is it about real every day job discrimination, police, targeting, police brutality, housing discrimination, bar and restaurant discrimination, white flight and home price crashes when a few black families move that you are denying? I’ve personally, with my own eyes and ears, witnessed all these things in my home city (which is a “northern” city BTW) in the past 10 years.

  1. Have any other white families/households moved into this ‘black neighbourhood’ over the past five years? Or is it just you and your household? (I ask because in a market where house values are falling or stagnant, for you to claim 100K increase since 2010 is remarkable. And frankly, sounds like gentrification.)

  2. Are you active in your community (The ‘black neighbourhood’ in which you live)? I ask because your position seems to be that incidents of racism are far fewer than what is reported in the media. I suspect your neighbours might have a different view.


Pointing out the reality of racism isn’t the same thing as screaming “racism”. Just because you refuse to see that reality doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. When something affects you personally, it tends to be easier to see the reality right in front of your face. When something only affects people you dismiss as crying wolf, it tends to be easier to not see what is inconvenient.


That shows you didn’t inform yourself before forming an opinion. There were many conflicting eye witness accounts. The fact that the incident is more complicated in reality than you are willing to admit says a lot about your worldview.