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We Want Fudge! Rejecting Corporate Stooge Heitkamp, Progressives Back Ohio Congresswoman for USDA Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/we-want-fudge-rejecting-corporate-stooge-heitkamp-progressives-back-ohio


Hey, Joe. In case you hadn’t noticed we are facing a bunch of major crises. This is not a business-as-usual time. Going with the same old status quo folks, bringing them back through the revolving door ain’t going to work. We need to change. We need people in your administration that are able to change.


Joe Biden has no clue about agriculture, and very limited understanding of the crises the letter-writers seek to address. Biden will follow his orders and appoint a corporate hack to this (and every) key position in his administration.

We need to organize to apply real pressure - not signed letters but disruption of business-as-usual - against these corporate hacks, their agendas, and the people who draft these agendas - the same people who claim to “own” most of the world.


Jimmy Dore is great at tearing people apart with criticism, but rarely if ever has ideas about how to move things in a positive direction. There are certainly valid and useful criticisms out there, but I wonder if he is truly on the left or is just a disrupter.


I live in Fudge’s district and have refused to vote for the corporate tool the entire time I have been here. She may be slightly less onerous than Biden’s choice, but she’s no Nader-like consumer champion.


Honestly, I don’t pay a lot of attention to Jimmy Dore, but am a little familiar with his show and seen a number of videos he’s put out. Almost every time he spends his time criticizing…to the point where it does not move the ball forward. It’s too divisive.

Glad that he is in favor of a third party, wants rank choice voting, and likes direct action. Those are worthy ideas. I pay attention to people and groups who wrap those kinds of solutions into a solid strategy.


“Sen. Heidi Heitkamp to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture despite her ties to agribusiness and fossil fuels,”

People get it through your head, Heitkamp is being consider Because she has those ties, not despite the fact that she has those ties. Vote Blue No Matter Who and you get No Matter Who.


I just don’t find his criticism that interesting. There are others critics who make similar points and there critiques lead to something.

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I agree. Anyone can be a movie critic. It takes real talent to make a good movie.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi won another 2 years as speaker of the House. She had more people vote against her the last time around.

That is holding their feet to the fire!

One of the top candidates for secretary of defense is one Michele Flournoy. We had an article just a day ago suggesting a woman for such positions. Read the history of this gal. She recently suggested a harder line against China and suggested the US Military should prepare to sink the entire Chinese fleet within 72 hours.

She wants a massive upgrade of US Military assets in the South China sea so that China does not start pushing its weight around.

It more of the same folks.The Corporate wing of the party has no reason to give the progressives anything given they know they got their vote anyways.


Obama 2.No. Unless 30 progressives house members can band together to vote as a bloc and draw a line in the sand they will not cross even if it means shutting down the government, then they will be useless. Nanncy wants to pass a War Budget, then let her know they want something in return or it’s a big fat NO. It worked for the Tea Party and would work for a We Party if they would only stick together and fight the tough fights. A small cohesive squad willing to throw themselves on the barricades could wreak havoc. They are already getting blamed for the 2020 election losses and the upcoming Democratic losses in 2022, why not bloody some neolib noses on the way there.


He’s right.

I think people need to justify their vote against Trump. They need to have hope now. There were two awful candidates, one worse than the other. And people voted from a combination of hope and fear. I’m still hoping, have my nice stationary ready, but also ready to hit the street.

And people are so afraid of a third party. I gotta talk to my dad in his grave about this. The dems are now the Republicans, and the Repubs are off the charts. It’s not how it was fifty years ago. My big fear is that the Repubs are going to start supporting the working class and unions, after the dems have gone to fully supporting the corporations in such an obvious way, and pretty much grabbing the carpet out from under us. I truly hope I’m wrong about this.


I don’t like that analogy. Dore has flaws to me - like I don’t give a damn whether Moore dyes his hair or wears a hat. That part wasn’t funny and it distracts from the key point that Moore waxing on with man of faith nonsense about this guy gives us no evidence that he can be moved and he should be doing what the Sunrise movement is doing.

There are many things about our country that must be lampooned by as many people as possible whether those people are capable of doing the job themselves or not. I’m not qualified to make the best Middle East policy but I sure as hell know Jimmy Carter and George Bush are grade A morons when it comes to choosing policy there. Pure isolation would have been much much better though I’m not saying that constructive engagement (which requires some smarts) wouldn’t have been better still.

If there nothing good in a given Political party, in this case the Republicans and the Democrats it very hard to suggest things that are constructive.

Take the worst despots in history. What constructive things could be said about them and if they are said are you not just justifying that despot?

Now the problem is so much power is wielded by the 1 percent through their Republican and Democratic lackeys in Government there very few things or initiatives that can be constructive until the duopoly is gone. There no moving the ball forward in NOT criticizing.



“…more than 50 progressive advocacy groups on Wednesday urged Biden to instead choose Democratic Congresswoman Marcia Fudge of Ohio.” !!!

We’re SAVED!!! Progressive “advocates” have URGED!!! The tide is turning!!! This is a whole new ball game!!! HOOORAAAAAAY!

Nancy as speaker again is a defeat for american future.
Ms. Farmer is unqualified, too old - but much younger than me!
If she was an Ohio State univ. agricultuarl school, I might be
persuaded. But, Cleveland State Law School is three steps

Joe is accumulating really bad advisors - Rahm, McChrystal,
who are both for their own power, like nancy, and not to
promote the american society forward. Disappointed.
We need to lower expectations of our recovery from
cordova and hard times economy for at least two years.

Due to ultra low temperature storage, the German . Pfizer
vaccine should probably go to big city hospitals first, military
active duty second. The dire predictions of another 250,000+
dead by Memorial Day are going to occur. The rednecks
and college students simply think they are invincible
and do not wear masks.

First, to Marcia Fudge’s credit, she has served on the House Committee on Ag, and is our best option at this point, simply looking forward in the near-term. I get that!

Tho… The system is working as designed. We keeping moving further toward the center, thinking that is progressive. Marcia fudge grilled Bernie supporters in 2016 and, as expected, backed Hillary. While I know Fudge is better than a right-winger, it’s frustrating constantly to be in damage control mode.

Also, I’d like to see appointees to the USDA even more familiar with agriculture, and the problems with factory farms. (With my ag degree & experience, I’m probably more qualified than most politicians.) We are putting a politician as a department head, rather than a neutral expert in the areas that USDA handles. But of course, the USDA has implemented so many harmful policies, regardless of which “party” (sic) is in “power” (sic).

I know, we’ll get someone more corporate and conservative than Judge. So I shouldn’t complain. But we need vast structural improvements in the USDA. And, I gotta get out of denial-- that just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry for the rant.


FYI, ~https://www.organicconsumers.org/bytes/covid19-getting-closer-to-the-truth?utm_medium=email&utm_source=engagingnetworks&utm_campaign=OB+684&utm_content=OB+684

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I think he is all mouth and not much substance. And isn’t he classified as a “comedian” ? there is nothing funny in his repetitive, derogatory rants which sometimes seem to be induced by something other than rationality.