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'We Want Justice': Mass Demonstrations and Marches Erupt Nationwide to Protest Police Shooting of Jacob Blake

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/we-want-justice-mass-demonstrations-and-marches-erupt-nationwide-protest-police


By New York law, the only peace officer who has the right to shoot a fleeing person is the correction officer. This is because the fleeing person is a felon and has already had a trial with a jury of his peers. (DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE CAN NOT BE USED ON A FLEEING OR NON COMPLIANT PERSON OTHERWISE!)

Unless a person has had his day in court, he has to be considered innocent.

When is that understanding going to be made clear to every police agency in the “United States?”

Or is this just another stepping stone to a state of fascism?


You guys are playing with fire, man: we are beyond “sick & tired” of this bullshit. I’m just warning…


For all lives to matter then black and indigenous lives must matter also.

“If Black lives don’t matter then no life matters. The least of creatures, down to the cellular level, values its life as much as you value yours. Even as “god” in his or her majesty, values life. It is a distorted view of the world when the thieves of the world are allowed to claim dominance over the world, and the rest of us are left to go begging.

From Neil J. Smith (~www.literarytongues.com)

We will be out there in my corner of VT.


Any police department that employs violence and shooting as the first and only response to situations is a failed force - the enemy of the people. Jacob Blake joins, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Amadou Diallo, Walter Scott, and thousands of other victims of police violence that IS the result of being trained to kill and attack first and only!!

Training to use guns as the first and only response is criminal incompetence - trained to kill - where is the basic martial arts training?
Where the communication training to reduce conflict rather than always inflaming and escalating any situation?

Why the trained demands to instant submission for citizens to cravenly obey screamed orders, with any question or “failure” viewed as “resisting”? Jack-boot thugs and killers in uniform, often ex-military trained to view all as enemy and violence as the only response!?

Why is it SOP to smash people to the ground or pavement when they many/most times that is completely unnecessary police violence?

The lie to “Protect and Serve” has become a business of “law-enforcement” - an adversarial interaction where the cops are instigators and attackers, not arbiters of justice and understanding - always with rare exceptions an occupation army that views the people as “perps” and enemy to be treated with suspicion and contempt, whether man, woman, or child, with deadly violence, often premeditated by hate, the first and too-often the only response by killer cops!

Here three videos that represent how cops react and treat people, then kill or seriously injure them! Trained to create violent interactions!

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzj24uHKWv0 - 12 yr old Tamir Rice 2 second murder

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Vgqe0SBLM - Indian grandfather w/no English in own neighborhood smashed to ground

~https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/video-apd-shooting-warning-contains-graphic-and-violent-images/youtube_2aa1bf68-b3d2-11e3-866e-0017a43b2370.html - James Boyd camping in mountains baited shot and murdered


i remember someone like Robespierre said something to the effect of “what a terrible thing is the wrath of the people” of the Reign of Terror’s excesses… y’all are really playing with fire, im just warning ya… we’ve been more than patient.

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It looks like the plutocrats in the last decade have almost completely fulfilled their mission of redirecting the anger of the little people from Wall Street to Main Street. Beautiful job. I guess that’s why the plutocrats virtually always win in the end.

The powers that be watch this on the news in their comfortable living rooms and comment to their spouse how antifa is destroying America and that Jacob Blake had a police record. Nothing will be done. Police reform is not in their world of profit over people.


This has been a nationwide, deliberate campaign of intimidation terror from white supremacists starting with Ahmad Arbery’s murder. Times are changing fearfully fast, and the meaning of official violence, as a language, is to write the new rules, the facts on the ground about how things are going to be from now on. They’ve wanted a race riot, and they’ve had one for 400 years. They’re betting they can keep winning with an incremental lynching campaign, as usual. Old wine in new bottles.

Winning what, exactly? Why all the turmoil over stuff like this, here in USA? Because we are the land of ethnic tidiness: A place for everyone and everyone in their place.


I have a dream where the Guillotines return to the squares, and angry people march their betrayers to the block. The Bushes, the Clintons, the Trumps, Obama, Biden, Blankfine, Dimon, the banking CEO’s and all the other corporate financial rapists. Then they take the generals who ordered our children to kill and be killed, and spend our national treasure on war materiel rather than care for the population. The media profiteers will be taken last – so they can cover the previous purges. They who sewed the divisions in profitable glossy relief, but thought their lies and manipulation would be free of our wrath. As Hannity, Limbaugh, and their ilk are marched to the blade, they’ll be shown for the cowards they are, but more telling will be the confusion of Anderson Cooper, Maddow, et al – celebrities who sucked on the tit of corporate oppression – as they plead, “but I was on your side.” Schling! The blade drops on all the people’s betrayers. Like in 1789, it is a blood bath and may innocents suffer – probably me too – but then the people grow weary of the violence and gore, they choose to build a just society on a planet they saved.


This is an attempted execution. This is law enforcement deciding guilt and sentence to death. From what I read, Jacob was trying to break up a fight between two women. I don’t know what lead to the cops deciding he needed to be arrested, but nothing in the video warrants shooting him, nothing. If cops were trying to arrest me for nothing and I had kids in the car, I might not obey their commands either. Do Americans think that black Americans should comply with everything cops say, and even in complete compliance, risk being murdered or put into jails infected with Covid? The US is a failed state. The only solution is to shut the fucker down with demonstrations that dwarf what is going on in Belarus, France, and other nations. We are on the precipice of violent insurrection, as no political avenues exist to lead to resolution. Either the demonstrators will turn violent, or some right wing asshole plant will instigate violence to justify police overreaction. Then this story enters the final chapter.


Your fantasy is appealing, but unlikely. Still, our situation puts the purging of millions by Mao in a different light to me. I’m not advocating what he did, as it seems excessive, but if this country can’t be saved by political means…

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The day the French people rose up and stormed the Bastille, out of touch King Louis XVI went hunting. His diary for the day had one word “Rein”. (Nothing) Not long after he had no head. To the people of France, that was something. The people may not win, but they sometimes get retribution.


That’s an observation, not even a prediction. From that umbrella guy to our Boogaloo assassin from Travis AFB, provocateurs have been scuttling about like cockroaches.


It’s very simple. Every time the police shoot an unarmed black person, their police station gets burned to the effing ground. Guaranteed. Every time.

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That is exactly what they think. They run with the “logic” that “if you didn’t do anything wrong, just let them handcuff you, throw you in the back of the car, take you to jail, and once you’re there you can clear it all up and they’ll let you leave!”

Complete ignorant, racist (and pretend they’re not) idiots. I hate to use harsh words because it won’t help them change, but they still think USA is a good and just place, and that the police exist to serve them (LOL) and not big money.


It is way past time! Bring back the Black Panthers to police the police and hold them accountable ENOUGH OF THIS, HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT AFRICAN AMERICANS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE MURDERED BY THE POLICE IN AMERICA! JACOB BLAKE WILL NOT BE THE LAST!

i share your dream - hope you don’t mind if i copy your eloquent comment to my social media.

Perhaps we need a character like “The Punisher” or “The Enforcer.” Vigilante civilians that mete out revenge.


Perhaps the PTB realize the tensions have reached their limit and will insure a Biden victory to quell the feelings of injustice.
To prevent an overwhelming revolt. They are good at eating their cake when it is safe to do so. They are also good at waiting in the wings while the country rebuilds it’s stolen economy always raped by republican regimes.
Waiting on the American people to rise is turning out to be folly.

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