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'We Want Justice': Mass Demonstrations and Marches Erupt Nationwide to Protest Police Shooting of Jacob Blake

If we have a bunch of doughnut guzzling fat ass cops I could see why they would shoot instead of chase.
Can’t police have other tools at hand. A manual or gun fired capture net would disable any knife brandishing suspect.
How about first shot fired be a fine shot munition to the lower extremities?
We ARE talking about the aftermath of murder by cop. Voluntary or involuntary manslaughter.

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Surly modern technology can find a harmless method.

Perhaps the solution to the folks being shot by the police is not to defunding; but to disarm the police.

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comments really slowed down once the truth came out that Jacob Blake was only a victim of his own bad choices… listen to his own Mother, jeez. You all have lost the plot.

You can’t view the police shooting ANY black person in a vacuum…they are modern day slave patrols - violent anti-blackness is engrained throughout their entire system and culture. Expand your mind, young viking.

you really believe that garbage?!? meet some cops, they’re real people doing a job most of us could not do for a day, get real.

Cause it’s not about the individuals, it’s about the system… again, EXPAND please!