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"We Want Our Money Back!" The Rallying Cry of the 99% After GOP Tax Scam Bill Passes Senate


"We Want Our Money Back!" The Rallying Cry of the 99% After GOP Tax Scam Bill Passes Senate

The political landscape has never been more primed for a landslide against the ruling class.

Protesters demonstrate near the full Senate budget committee markup of the tax reform legislation on Capital Hill November 28, 2017 in Washington, DC. Republicans in the Senate hope to pass their legislation this week and work with the House of Representatives to get a bill to President Donald Trump before Christmas. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)


Blockquote “There is no longer any doubt that we no longer live in a Republic. We no longer have any form of representative Democracy. We live in a pure plutocracy.”

The US is a militaristic, fascist, oligarchic, hyper-capitalistic, war-mongering police state.

Blockquote "Perhaps it will be enough to move the 99% to grab what little remains of the system set up by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and the other founders.

Move the American masses? The last time they were moved, they voted for the current Sexual Harasser in Chief. Before that, the public was moved to vote for the Droner in Chief, twice. Before that, the public was moved to vote for the Idiot in Chief (and author of the wars of terrorism on Iraq and Afghanistan), twice. We should be wary of moving the American masses for they have a history of making very, very, very poor and life-destroying decisions.

Blockquote “Bernie Sanders is great, but let’s be honest. He’s elderly, and he’s a moderate. That’s right. Crazy Bernie with his kooky socialist ideas is in the middle of any sane political spectrum. He only seems like a radical because of how far to the right the spectrum has shifted in this country. We need real progressives who aren’t afraid to take on the establishment and fight inequality, police brutality, white supremacy, school privatization and a host of ills that – frankly – Democrats have historically championed almost as much as Republicans.”

If we can’t even get someone like Sanders elected I think we can forget about trying to get progressives elected in this nation given its long history of right-wing fascism hidden by phony ideals like democracy, freedom, etc.


Here is a possible fix:


"Americans don’t take kindly to taxation without representation."Then prove it! Time to take the fight beyond mere protest:

Total, rolling, non cooperation. Now! Starting in each city: no work, no school, no rent, withdraw your money from corporate banks, don’t pay bills–send them to the greed monkeys in Government, don’t use transportation only your bikes and feet, occupy the halls of the greedy powerful, occupy the streets,the courts the jails.


“We will support anyone who supports us.”

And the inverse? Are we going to support people who don’t support us?


It’s a great idea, but I have no idea how you’d enforce it. Corporations use company-paid cars, apartments and meal stipends to get their executives into lower tax brackets, and then deduct the expense. Only non-wealthy people have to pay for their things.


Like Bernie, I am in my seventies, 71 to be exact and I am not elderly or quiet or a couch potato and like Bernie I am active, healthy, and strong. Since when does Bernie not stand not to the establishment?

All else you mentioned is needed to get our country, we the people need to get our pitch forks and storm our senators ad representatives offices and Washington DC, NYC Media Robber Barons and Corporate Boardrooms if need be.

Bernie is one of the best men/women we’ve got and yes we need younger generation coming into the fold, ones that won’t be bought by the 1% which is always a risk.


A wage ceiling is one way to get us there:


I vote for more radical moves like putting the rich in jail if they don’t stop hiding their money in offshore accounts and start paying higher taxes.


It’s time to abandon the Republican and Democratic parties big time. I think the Green Party is our only hope, but I would like to see them cooperate with other more socialist entities.


Noam Chomsky has been calling the US a plutocracy for quite a while. It’s just become much more blatant in recent years and now it’s seen in all its vainglorious vulgarity for masses to revolt against, and find a way to save things from total collapse. I myself am now fearful that my SS disability will be on the GOP chopping block to find ways to keep from going under for good. I’m not even asking for my money back; I’m just asking for the money that I payed in to support me till I croak in the near future. But no, they’re stealing it too, from me and countless others that paid their taxes for use as they age out of the workforce because they have a new term for our promised returns. Entitlements! WTF?? Similar to going to a bank with requests for your savings and they,(the bankers) say you’re not entitled to your funds because the banker spent them on wars or some shit like that. This will be the first to go because; entitlements! Well f**k you you stupid thieving good-for-nothing morons, I hope you rot in your own filth and too will have nothing after the coming collapse of the good ol’ USA.


revolt or perish. when this simple calculus takes hold, we might finally have a fighting chance. but as long as people persist in selling the idea that you can defeat oligarchy by their own rules and systems, then defeat is all you’ll taste.

No one likes this reality, but we continue to dodge it like it’s the plague. And that kind of cowardice gets our masters’ attention. They know we’ll take zero risks to take them down.


“I am no fan of the corporate Democrats who have taken over what used to be a progressive party. But we can’t blame them for this one. . . . This is what happens when the people lose control of their government.”

Yes, and the corporate Democrats since BEFORE 1986 have stood idly by and let it happen when they weren’t actively collaborating, as with the Clintons’ endorsement of racist sentencing and otherwise afflicting the afflicted, and most especially the repeal of Glass-Steagal. Contrary to the propaganda of Wall Street and my colleagues in the economics profession, the Banking Acts of 1933-34 WERE the most significant bulwark against financial crashes for the 65 years between its passage and its repeal, the longest period in modern history without such a crash.

“No taxation without representation”: Yes, who would have thought it would still be timely after 244 years? It has a good ring to it. What can we do to force it upon them before there is nothing left to tax?


Singer: ‘Bernie Sanders is great, but let’s be honest. He’s elderly, and he’s a moderate.’

I can almost excuse Singer’s above outburst because I too feel the anger he feels towards the Republiscam. But we need to calm down and recognize that (1) Bernie is nothing if not dynamic, and age should not be point of discrimination, (2) Bernie subscribes to FDR’s unfulfilled wish to confer a list of basic rights to all Americans, and (3) Bernie is the only Democrat with an organized base and resources.

Moderate or radical, read up on FDR’s proposed New Bill of Rights, and tell me which is Bernie.


TURN UP THE VOLUME are my thoughts while I read this and the original


I think George carlin died a bitter old man because nobody was taking him seriously.


This time we won’t dump tea in Boston Harbor – we’ll start by dumping our elected terrorists in that self-same harbor, and when they are gone we will start dumping the 1%. We will hold their inbred privileged heads under water until they START GIVING BACK WHAT THEY STOLE FROM US!

Pwr 2 the JUSTIFIED peons!


Is your FBI file up to date?


Sorry, it’s OUR money. They stole it from us. If Milton Friedman’s “Marginal Productivity ‘Theory’” they would be taxed at roughly the same average rate as us actual persons, instead of significantly less after their exceptions, commonly known as “loopholes.”


It’s High Time the 99% form their own militias in every single state.

The 1% will not steal from us and get away with it any longer.

They shall be the ones who pay for their misdeeds.