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We Want To Live


We Want To Live

Evacuations are slowly underway from the human catastrophe of Aleppo, with buses and ambulances starting to carry some of up to 100,000 besieged souls, many children, to rural areas. Searing new video shows kids trapped in an orphanage pleading, "Please get us out" and an elderly man wailing to an indifferent world, "Where are you?" Where America's president-elect is: furiously tweeting about a bad restaurant review. Summon your humanity; there are ways to help.


The emperor has no idea where Aleppo is and could care less about all those rag-a-muffin waifs and their brown-skinned families. And many will have no chance of entering the US under his watch. (Nero appears to be T-dump's historic hero after whom he has designed his upcoming system of rule.)

So very sad....


"Civilians have reportedly been given the lose/lose choice to stay under regime control or leave for parts unknown"

So, not to say this statement is false but it might be meaningful to ask which civilians are going to rebel held Idlib and which to other parts of Aleppo and Syria generally that are under the Syrian government control. The terms of the ceasefire allowed rebel supporters, i.e., civilians, to go with the fighters to Idlib. I wonder why CD is following so closely the MSM script.


Read the piece on Trump's high fashion eatery. NOT.

And sent a few buck to Doctors without Borders last night. Small effort toward healing a horrendous humanitarian breakdown.


Why does it matter? The concern here is the welfare of the poeple caught in this awful war! Why has the "left" become nothing but a bunch of gangster thugs supporting torturers?


Yes - and the Assad's have been some kind of terrible Tyrants - going back to the 1970s.

The callousness of you savage fascist remark regarding the family in the photo is fucking vile. Go away.


I would recommend everyone to google Eva Bartlett (Canadian Arabic speaker) and Vanessa Beeley (daughter of a British diplomat who spent many years in the ME). Both of these ladies have spent time in Syria including Eastern Aleppo as it was being liberated.

Both of these REAL JOURNALISTS refute, in detail, the lies being perpetrated by the corporate media.

Eva Bartlett is on a lecture tour of the US.