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'We Want Witnesses': Protest at US Capitol Demands Fair Impeachment Trial and End to GOP Cover-Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/29/we-want-witnesses-protest-us-capitol-demands-fair-impeachment-trial-and-end-gop

This morning on MSNBC, the opinion channel provided a gaggle interview of good ole Lev Parnas. He was brought to the capital by Schumer to sit in the gallery today. He was not allowed into the chamber because he has an ankle bracelet. As they walked down the basement hall, the Lev lawyer said that; ’ yes, he is here to gain consideration.’

Final defense, “I am not a crook”


Like so many others have said: And it needs to be shouted: " HOW CAN YOU HAVE AN IMPEACHMENT TRIAL WITHOUT WITNESSES"? If rotten, Mitch and his rotten, fellow, Republicans manage to stop the witnesses, I would call that a Constitutional, crisis that we the American, citizens cannot allow!


Incidentally, there’s a huge story percolating on the down-low, about one of those stealth surveillance aircraft crashing down in Afghanistan:

Russia Claims the CIA Agent Who Ordered Iranian Gen. Soleimani’s Assassination is Also Dead


Reportedly Michael D’Andrea (Bigelow’s Wolf in Zero Dark Thirty) was brought down. USA essentially denies everything. Q: Is this guy dead, or alive? A: The sound of crickets chirping.


Thank you for the link. Every time some teen ISIS or taliban claims a plane down, I do laugh. This one is by Iran.

The latest reports indicate that McConnell is now confident he has the votes to block witnesses.

From the “This Isn’t News” dept: Repub fear of Trump is stronger than the appearance of basic fairness.


white house reported to consider Bolton’s manuscript contains confidential material and cannot be published. Wondering how NYC FBI office would handle this one. Or McCabe, et al.

Shumer will leak the whole thing by midnight today.

AP website cannot keep up pace with you !!
Expect story to appear within three hours there. With various opinions offered.

From the article:

“The American people need to see all the documentary evidence and hear from all potential witnesses.”

Well, yes, of course–but that would be a whole lot easier if the House under Madame Speaker Pelosi had voted for impeachment under all the articles they might have, instead of just the two weakest.


Anything short of every subpoenaed witness and every subpoenaed document the House wanted during their investigation, but were blocked/obstructed by Trump, will produce a trial that has been unceremoniously corrupted by Trump and the Republican party.


You’re probably right, ol’ hoss, but we gotta keep trying, and encourage the whistle-blowers to keep up the good work. “The truth is out there!”


To be clear, the House didn’t subpoena as many potential witnesses as you might think.

Mostly because they wanted to wrap up their impeachment investigation and vote before Xmas.
And since they’d have to go to court to enforce subpoenas against so many, they didn’t bother.
Also, because the witnesses who defied Trump and did testify were pretty substantial.


So no witnesses. Closed down on Friday. What a farce. On to Iowa.


The biggest impediment to the witnesses is the fact that the dems are protecting BIDEN.

They will not allow Biden to be called as a witness. They will in fact allow the impeachment to fail miserably to protect Biden.

This trial is supposedly about corruption and/or the appearance of corruption. All witnesses should be allowed, and let the chips fall where they may.


Except that you ARE a crook, Tweetle-Dumb, with a several decades long record of stiffing contractors and hoodwinking investors. It’s also pretty likely that you’ve been involved (along with your stooge Rudy Giuli-Looney?) in a money-laundering scheme with Deutsche-Bank.   And don’t forget your guilty plea (or was it “only” a $25,000,000 “settlement”?) regarding your Trump University racket . . .

p.s.  “Emoluments Clause”, anyone?


I used to have some respect for Mitch until I heard him say, as I recall, “our only goal is to make him a one-term President” about Obama. It showed me he has no respect for our Constitution, his oath of office, or the American people. It is he, Mitch, that should be impeached next.


Shantiananda: I wrote you a note under the “Nafta 2.0” article today. Please read it and allow me to say that you may have been right in some previous posts. I apologize.

Poor People Rock! All 143,000,000 of us poor and of low wealth! Both mean: that a loss of a paycheck for a few months or an unexpected emergency cost of a car repair or a for-profit, corporate insurance deductible etc. ~ would likely trigger homelessness! The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call For Moral Revival, & 2 of its co-chairs: Revs. Drs. Liz Theoharis & William Barber II are leading a large protest with numerous arrests, on the Capitol steps currently. A Mass Meeting at a local church will take place in Washington at 5:30 pm ET. There will be live streaming of the event, as part of a multistate, multi-month long M.O.R.E. Tour (Mobilize. Organize. Register. Educate)


Face it. USans are sitting ducks in a global neoliberal fascist nightmare. It’s way beyond a “constitutional crisis.” Your constitution is totally meaningless. All three branches of the US federal government, and the corporate media, have been captured by the neoliberal fascists. You have no recourse to the law anymore. You are helpless subjects of the tyranny of global monopoly capital.

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The D Party leadership chose not to pursue impeachment action based on Trumpo’s gross violations of the Emoluments Clause. Hmmm. A sane person might ask, “Good heavens, why not?” But that’s just how the kabuki script was written. Turns out the D Party’s impeachment theater is just another limited hangout for the trumpizoid. Golly gosh Miss Molly, it sure does seem like the D Party leadership is a TRUMP ASSET. Now why would the D Party leadership be acting like a trump asset? Hmmmm. Could it be because the D Party leadership is working for the same global neoliberal fascist ratbastards who are profiteering off the Trumpo regime? Makes a heckuva lot more sense than the BS they try to peddle in their corporate propaganda rags.

Let’s face it: The neoliberal fascist menace that has seized control of Washington DC needs to be splintered into a thousand pieces and cast to the winds. Bernie and the People’s Movement behind him are the only forces in the US who are capable of accomplishing this. The US people have been tricked and swindled for long enough. Big Government, Big Corporations, and Big Corporate Media have conspired to destroy the American Dream of a dignified life for the average citizen. Bernie is the only political leader with the experience, knowledge, and courage to end the swindle and restore democracy.