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We Want You In Charge: Iceland's Pirates Now Largest Political Party


We Want You In Charge: Iceland's Pirates Now Largest Political Party

For a break from the Drumpfian gutter into which our national discourse has fallen, consider Iceland, where a survey finds the Pirate Party - touting civil rights, collective action, transparency - is now the biggest party, with a 38% support that would dominate Parliament in an election today. One leader cites a hacker's belief in what is possible: “As soon as I know about limitations, I start to respect them. It’s better to pretend you don’t know the limitations, so you can break them.”


If you’re interested in Pirates, Iceland and Birgitta, please
Academy Award nominated filmmaker making documentary on this title,
“The Mouse that Roared”.


Author sez: “… a recent Bloomberg story calls them ‘Iceland’s next scare.’”

No kidding. Considering the ‘center-right’ government made the banksters walk the plank, these buccaneers might well keelhaul Bloomers and his ilk.
Sovereignty; oh, the horror!


Michael Moore’s film “Where to Invade Next” features Iceland as one of the countries the U.S. could learn a lot from.


Sounds like the US Green Party to me. Say, the “what” party? And therein lies the difference. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. What Iceland accomplished has to do with a generally homogeneous cultural base, a much smaller and much better educated and informed population, and a completely different political structure.


We do have a US Pirate Party.