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'We Welcome Their Hatred': Sanders Unveils Anti-Endorsement List of Billionaire CEOs and Wall Street Bankers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/we-welcome-their-hatred-sanders-unveils-anti-endorsement-list-billionaire-ceos-and


The people who profit from war, from financial malfeasance, from environmental destruction, and from other crimes against the general welfare—all have names and addresses. Thanks again, Senator Sanders, for pointing the way.


But, this or that candidate says on TV or in some speech that they are in favor of single payer and other policies, so why support Bernie? Isnt that the talking point? I guess who they get their money from and their records dont matter. Joke of a political system, dominated by two joke parties, filled with easy to mislead and scare voters.


" We welcome their hatred."
Enough said. Thanks Bernie and stay safe because if these politically, powerful people really hate you that also means they hate me and millions of others and like all Fascists will do whatever it takes to stop you.


Love that they included the Clintonite Third Way stink tank.


With representative government, system change is not possible. Our founding oligarchs knew that.

Direct Liquid Democracy


Say what you will about Bernie – and I’ve called him a cowardly sheepdog – but he’s not for sale.

Meanwhile, the chief reason Nancy P is Speaker is the corporate money she gladhands. And oddly enough, she won’t support MFA, a Green New Deal, or a living wage. Imagine that.


Well, I completely agree with the ‘Third Way’ … Bernie Sanders (and by association, Bernie’s supporters) are an existential threat to the Democrat ‘Third Way’ Party. That’s the idea you dipstick.

As for Greenspan, now in my eighties, I know how hard it is to form a cognitive thought.

As for Finkstein, truer words were ever spoken … ‘I know Hillary will be with us in the end’.

As for Home Depot, I shop exclusively at my local family owned do it yourself store. May cost me $50
more a year, but I don’t need to take a bath every time I go to the family owned store …


The fix was in from the start! But so many misinformed people! The oligarchs that founded America, amassed their wealth on the backs of slaves and by stealing the Native, Americans lands. And when they said: “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” they left out the truth that what they really meant was liberty and justice for all of us!


“These people have a vested interest in preserving the status quo so they can keep their grip on power so they can continue to exploit working people across America.” … Keep calling them out Bernie. They don’t like it and We don’t like them! Hopefully this will Boost your campaign as the media says your numbers are dropping like the Hindenburg.


Bernie has been my man for a long,long time. I am all in and 100% for Bernie. He is the man!


HI Shantiananda:
LOL, but it was worse than that because remember, only white GUYS with property could vote! And too, once upon a time the COMMONS really was the commons for ALL the People. Remember even more that it was Abigail Adams who said “Remember the ladies.” That took a while, and we’re still waiting for soccer to catch up! : )


I like this move / strategy. I’ve always felt that candidates and their campaigns ought to help inform the people about who is funding their opponents. Having been involved in others’ and my own campaigns, I always tried to get that information out. For a Presidential candidate to do it is priceless because they have a much bigger podium, press coverage and audience.

In the U.S.A., one of the easiest ways to evaluate candidates really is to follow the $. (Though I advocate looking up their vote records as well!) Too bad that despite the internet having made the information much more readily available (see, e.g. https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress ), too few take the time to look it up. Hence, Sanders’ summary statement is perfect.


I’m assuming this is the short and redacted list.


I, for one, am glad Senator Sanders is linking more and more to FDR. Most people are totally ignorant about “Socialism” but many have at least heard of FDR.


According to another story on today’s Common Dreams, Bernie can add Haim Saban to his list.
I expect Bernie’s list to grow by the week.


The oligarchy made sure Bernie didn’t win last election and you know they are going to try their damn-est he doesn’t win in 2020. I’m hopeful but I’m worried.


The more billionaire enemies Sanders makes, the more badges of honor, as far as I’m concerned. This distinction—I.e., attracting a greater degree of billionaire hostility—can be useful in deciding who to support among progressive candidates with similar agendas.

Insofar as Warren has yet to incur the wrath of the super-rich that Sanders has, I take that as a point in his favor.


I wish a Michael Moore or some high-profile documentarian would do an expose’ on think tanks. Cable news and talk shows routinely have them on as ‘expert’ guests and you wonder how many in the audience are completely unaware of their bias. The vast majority are funded by wealth to promote their interests, so, of course, they are free-market, you’re-on-your-own, government sucks, ideologues. Cato, AEI, Heritage are examples of these business booster clubs. The Brookings institute, Third Way and Center For American Progress are billed as liberal or progressive but, in reality, they’re shills for status quo corporate dems. There is not a single prominent think tank that I’m aware of supporting labor and the working class. Certainly none (or rarely) that are invited on MSNBC, CNN or any major outlet.

Not only is this a devious deceit of the viewing public, who might believe the invited guest is a nonpartisan expert on a given subject, but it lets the network off the hook by positioning itself as neutral inquisitor. And never was it more on display than during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq with a parade of generals and ‘foreign policy experts’ stumping for war.


Yes, and what not many people know is that if the white property owner passed away…HIS WIDOW WAS STILL NOT ALLOWED to vote!