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'We Will Be Fearless': Teachers Vow to Defend Students From Trump and Devos


'We Will Be Fearless': Teachers Vow to Defend Students From Trump and Devos

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a speech during the National Education Association's (NEA) annual meeting in Boston over the weekend, Lily Eskelsen García—the organization's president—delivered a searing rebuke to President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who she accused of pushing a "profoundly disturbing" agenda that could have devastating effects on children.


Trump and Devoid of Decency DeVos, will not do what is best for our children, only what is best for their pocketbooks.


So true. The good news is the NEA’s leadership hasn’t fallen for the Trump BS like other unions. Trump is really good a one thing…The con.


Come on, admit it. It’s not about the kids.

She says:
“We will not find common ground with an administration that is cruel and callous to our children and their families.”

But then:
“They will try to take away your freedom to organize. They will try to take away your freedom to negotiate with a collective voice. They will try to silence us because when we win, the entire community wins.”

Then there’s the “transgender students”, all 1/10 of 1% of them.
I wish there had been that argument when I was in school. I’d have worn a skirt so I could shower with the girls.

Then there’s the"…concern about DeVos’s commitment to science, specifically climate change."
Since, like evolution, the other side of the climate change argument isn’t allowed, a better description would be indoctrination.

“…DeVos is aiming to significantly roll back efforts to enforce Obama-era civil rights provisions aimed at preventing systemic discrimination in public schools.”
If there is “systemic discrimination in public schools”, how about letting the PARENTS send their children to schools where the PARENTS determine there is no “systemic discrimination”.

Punctuating the article is this inspiring call to arms:
This is not a drill. We will be fearless. We will hold strong," García said. “We will focus on growing even stronger—defending our students, our families, and our communities.”
Again, “Growing even stronger”. Doesn’t that mean protecting their hold on the power and control of America’s children?

If it was for the children, shouldn’t the Teachers Union’s be working to get the lower income students (read poor African American kids) into to the schools of their PARENTS choice? I would think that getting them out of failing schools would be the Unions goal and not protecting their positions of power.


So nice and refreshing to hear the right-wing spin on things. Please, do go on. You may have all the rope you need.

BTW, my state, Minnesota, has had open enrollment for may years. Parents may take their children to any school they wish. It hasn’t made much difference. Some people griped back then that all the best athletes would end up at certain schools, gymnasts, hockey players, etc. Hasn’t happened. Poor intercity families seldom have the means to drive their kids to the affluent suburban schools.

Hint: Poverty is the root cause of social problems. But please, go on believing whatever you like, and yes, do wear that skirt if you wish. Freedom IS Free.


RIGHT ON! A Robust Public Education system is absolutely required for a loving democracy to thrive. That means teachers salaries = to a fist-year family medical doctor or master mechanic (on electric cars, trucks, trains and water craft - screw gas and diesel). That means students are treated as family, We the People Family, with kick-ass Humanities and Sciences taught in schools that have campuses with gardens, theater and arts venues, all within walking distance from home. Swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields. Co-operation is praised over competition as the highest-achieving moral human quality. Equality and beauty over hate.


Is that the best you’ve got?
I’m sure the heads of those poor inner city families have no cars. No ID’s either, because of all that GOP voter suppression.

Try getting beyond this caste system mentality most Prog’s have and realize that PARENTS who want the best for their children will find a way to get them into a successful school.


Nope. That was only a little red meat for you. Speaking of which, it’s the 4th of July and time to get the Party started. If you’ll stick around for a while you will soon meet the real heavyweights on this site. Trolls are SO welcome here.



Garcia has good words against Trump and company, but I am a member of the NEA and the leadership under Garcia committed the union 100% behind Clinton from the very start of the Democratic nomination process which - given Sanders lively and FAR more progressive campaign - was inexcusable.


Actually, that’s not trolling, that was taking point by point why the teacher’s unions aren’t for the kids. They exist to perpetuate their own power. I stand by what I said about letting the PARENTS make the decisions. I will never understand why Progressives have more confidence in the government than in themselves.
Awaiting the “heavyweights”.


You have no idea what society means. You think it stops at the family level. How selfish of you–the “I’ve got mine” mentality, and that is what you teach your children? Would you ever think of sending your kids to a school with the less fortunate and teach them that they can strive for the best for themselves while also mentoring others? Go ahead, explain your reasoning…no one ever got to be successful without the help of others, not even you. Defunding public education and Native American education when so many depend on it is not the answer and you know it.


Of course not. Arne Duncan, Rahm Emanuel come to mind.


I don’t think wanting the best for my children is either selfish nor an “I’ve got mine” mentality. I didn’t send my kids to teach other children, I sent them to be educated themselves. As for the less fortunate, they are the very ones I want in the better schools.
I’m not talking about “defunding” public schools, I’m talking about giving PARENTS the CHOICE to choose where their children go to school.
Native American schools? Where did you get that one?


I’m talking about taking taxpayer money for private and religious schools.

Defunding Native Americans? Trump’s budget.



Good message from Lily…brace for SC challenge – in one manifestation or another…it’s next. :school:


Do Americans ever stop to wonder why their public school system is producing poorer results than most every other public school system in the first world? And despite superior funding in many cases? In trying to answer the questions “what is wrong with our system” or “how can we improve education”, would it not be obvious to compare and contrast your public system to Britain’s, France’s, Canada’s, Sweden’s, Germany’s, Japan’s, and so on? Unfortunately, roughly half of your population thinks privatizing education en masse will naturally and necessarily improve education. Another question for my friends to the south: In what place in this world and at what time in history has private education for everyone ever been attempted, let alone successfully? It must be that time and place where some society figured out how to give vouchers to poor children so they could get into the same “best” schools as rich kids and at the same rate.


Spoken like one who wishes to hide the agenda of those put profit over people with what he presumes is flowery rhetoric, words that only mask the assault on public sector from those who only want to further leeching off society and the social good.


The point of my post is to point out that Teacher’s Unions exist to perpetuate their power and not for the education of children. I want the PARENTS (uppercase for emphasis) to have the say in where their children are educated.


Well, your right Deva, busted.
My flowery rhetoric is code for the those of us who want to leech off the public sector to drain profits to enrich the top 1/10 of 1%.
Or maybe it’s simply pointing out that the objective of the Unions is power and control and not educating children.


If the neocons try to put their corporate profits ahead of the kids’ best interests, of course. They’ve done it in the past and they will do it in the future.