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'We Will Be That Lantern on the Shore': Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley Rally With TPS Holders Outside Trump White House


'We Will Be That Lantern on the Shore': Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley Rally With TPS Holders Outside Trump White House

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders from Nepal and Honduras—joined by Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio (N.Y.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.)—rallied outside the White House on Tuesday morning to protest the Trump administration's moves to revoke protected status from people residing in the United States due to dangerous conditions in their home countries.


Trump is declaring a war against brown people, pure and simple.

Democracy is not only for whites.

The only never-ending war we must declare is one to eradicate all racists from our failed two-party system of government.


Shaming of America has been well deserved for 5 decades. Trump just carries on for republicans and bipartisan support. He’s just has been in our face of what he and his republican party have been working, it is not covert any longer.


As of now, AOC is the Only person who backs up what she says! Love seeing her face in the News instead of the Orange Menace. You go Cortez!


Hey I still own 3 Plantations. Trying to sell them on Ebay. What’s that Dumocropsy word u talkin’ Bout? Lol!


I think there should be an eviction notice delivered to the persons living in the Nations House. Our White House. It is the home of everyone. Preach inclusion!


I’m fairly sure that our current two-party system is a right-wing party and an extreme right-wing party working in somewhat unity of, by and for the richest of the rich.

Which brings me to the question of political parties. Our founders warned and worked against political parties. But today, the DNC and RNC fully control elections top to bottom - repeating that we are a “two-party” system; but, there is no Constitutional basis for that.

A large majority of voters are NOT R or D… and their voice is completely shut out of government. How did we go from a one-person, one vote non-party system of elections to a very small group of people (DNC and RNC) controlling EVERYTHING?


Until real Democracy is restored, the White House should be converted to a Museum, dedicated to the gradual decline of representative government by the Duopoly.

With what we’re paying the president, they should find their own living quarters.


Lots and lots of apathy. That’s how.


Let’s just give the land back to the Natives and the building back to the slaves that built it, whatya say?


But, as there is no constitutional basis for the RNC/DNC, why do courts ALWAYS empower that small group of people (DNC/RNC)? There must be some thing or some reason that keeps them in control. (Please don’t say money, it’s there; but, courts can’t acknowledge it).

Instead of a third-party, maybe we should advocate for NO party; remove party control over elections. It would be easier than getting the RNC/DNC to acknowledge third-parties. Plus, every party (even third-parties) can be co-opted by money.


We want to sponsor but my wife is a naturalized citizen from Central America and we know ICE will come after us if we apply.


Maybe because that small group of people decides who gets to be a judge?


I say, "All must share equally in the riches of our nation."



Therein, is the corruption.


NEPAL is now under the rule of a political party which is backed by China. The government of Nepal is not helping these TPS holders in the US because of Chinese influence.
China is already spreading its powerful web in Asia and the US is just not doing enough.
I think the US should help people from the countries which China is trying to grab.


But where oh where would he keep his ladies in waiting?


Hi Jaya_Shrestha-----except what impresses people is often what a nation does IN THE DOING. For example, while America was bombing Afghanistan to smithereens, China was operating a copper mine in that nation. So---- in this instance, China seems a positive for jobs----while America seems to be interested in blowing everything up. I think that the US blowing up so many countries is quite enough. : (


The US needed more techy people due to its own education deficiencies, and opened doors to educated and wealthy immigrants from all countries more equally around 1970. Before then, few people except from Europe and Mexico came in legally. The result was a tremendous boost for high tech and the university industry.
Such an influx of Asian and African young people coupled with continuing immigration from the our war-meddling efforts down south and elsewhere was bound to change the ethnic nature of the US. Young people have families. Europe has been similarly affected, but perhaps more so by the bigger wars south and east of them.

Slow ethnic blends can be relatively smooth. Assimilation happens. Rapid change is troublesome, as new minicultures are set up and the home country is eventually altered.
Pride, culture, traditions, language, dress, these things have to be approached very, very carefully in a polyglot mix. It has been published that the US will become minority white by 1950. I expect that it will be sooner.
I speak as a very, very white wife of a man born in India, three “half-and-half” children, and as a long-time teacher of English as a Second Language to universities and high schools in cities all over China and Thailand.
I recall what Tiger Woods, a man of mixed American Indian, white, African, and Korean ancestry answered when people asked him his identity. “Who am I? I’m Tiger.”


Every progressive is blowing on a different horn. All the sounds are coming out. The people heard Omar. They listened. It had an effect. I expect that it will be repeated soon by others. Just as health care and green ideas took a while to spread. Keep it in the news.