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We Will Continue to Resist the Assault on Environmental Protest


We Will Continue to Resist the Assault on Environmental Protest

Maggie Ellinger-Locke

More than 50 state bills that would criminalize protest, deter political participation, and curtail freedom of association have been introduced across the country in the past two years. These bills are a direct reaction from politicians and corporations to the tactics of some of the most effective protesters in recent history, including Black Lives Matter and the water protectors challenging construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock.


I think the present laws are sufficient. Many protesters are involved in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience and are aware of the possible consequences of their protests. There are laws to cover physically damaging infrastructure. The most effective actions for protecting the environment are usually through lobbing politicians, participating in approval proceedings, and lawsuits. Many attempts to protect the environment fail but many succeed. Fighting climate change is more about taking positive steps then stopping things from happening. The most important things include increasing the amount of renewable energy for electricity, increase the number of all electric and hybrid vehicles, and making vast numbers of building more energy efficient. However, environmental protests are needed and efforts should be made to defeat these new state laws which go too far to limit protests. .


It is not too early or too late for people power. Whose organizing us. Not enough of my friends know what truly is going on in this country. They go about their consumer driven lives like nothing is threatening their way of life.

Facebook is full of it.


“Nothing IS threatening their way of life”.

The forces behind the subject fascist legislation are the same forces that have been orchestrating “their consumer driven lives” for decades.

“Environment” for many Murkins is nothing more than a marketing focus.

When you consider that the average age in the US is thirtysomething while democracy has been in a downward spiral for nearly four decades, a majority of Murkins know democracy only in a conceptual sense, and then only if they have expended some effort thinking about it.


right! most people think if they vote every two or four years, “that’s democracy!” since the word democracy comes from two words meaning: “people rule!”, i’d say we the people are the deciders of policy. democracy does not mean you get to choose who rules over you. democracy requires a society that shares together and works together for food, clothing, shelter and companionship. sure, there’ll always be squabbles among us humans, but those are for us to work out. we live in a very competitive hierarchical society that breeds greed, jealousy and mistrust. if we want democracy, we the people have to work and play in small interactive communities, respect one another’s unalienable rights and ignore the man behind the curtain.

p.s. anyway, those are my thoughts. what does democracy mean to you?


How right you are. I spent my career educating university students from the junior through doctoral levels in environmental hydrology. In the classroom we had to brave p.d.e.'s (pretty difficult equations). In the field we had to brave snakes, alligators, wild boar, lightning and poachers. In reality, after our science was polished and peer reviewed, we had to face the political reality that science can be easily ignored through outright denial or simple obfuscation. A lot of our dedicated efforts sit on the shelf (OK, on hard drives) unused due to “economic” considerations. The very term externality can make my blood pressure jump by several quanta. There is little of my career that I wouldn’t repeat, but the frustration that I feel for “society’s” values is almost beyond words. For what it’s worth, I have chosen in my retirement to enjoy that part of nature accessible to me.


There has been a problem for a long time where people are referred to as consumers instead of citizens. I don’t know when it began but it is critical in democracies that people think of themselves as citizens. Citizens in a democracy have a responsibility to know enough to vote intelligently. That should be a minimum for all Americans. If all one know about is shopping deals and celebrities that’s irresponsible.


The consumer rights movement started in the 1960s achieving critical mass during the early 70s, by which time “consumer” pretty well replaced “citizen”.

The movement was one of the main triggers of the Powell memo that mapped out the attack on what was then the center-left culture (now considered extreme left), an attack that continues unabated today.

Democracy requires following the money trails at the very least.


“More than 50 state bills that would criminalize protest, deter political participation, and curtail freedom of association have been introduced across the country in the past two years.”

Or lose the jobs and money that the M/I/I Complex brings their states from arms sales and manufacturing. The hot gun control debate threatens their industry. If it spreads, even their profitable wars are in danger.

Direct Democracy


They are shutting down dissent and big corporations and politicians work hand in hand to screw all of us.
Without clean , water , air and food the whole planet is not sustainable
Here is a great movie to watch w I think 3 breaks on colorado public T.V.