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'We Will Defend Paris': World Reacts to Trump's Climate Order


'We Will Defend Paris': World Reacts to Trump's Climate Order

Nika Knight, staff writer

The world reacted with dismay and anger as President Donald Trump issued an executive order Tuesday that dismantled critical U.S. climate policies, betraying the country's international climate commitments.

While world leaders, scientists, and policy makers expressed outrage and skepticism about the president's move, they also vowed to step up and increase climate change mitigation in the absence of U.S. leadership.


Ho ray for the rest of the world. They have decided to not follow the lead of the US. George Bush must be dancing a jig. The new President has made a policy decision worse than the Iraq war to knock him out of first place and turn down the heat. This is absolutely the worst and most disastrous policy decision ever made.


CLIMATE CHANGE IS A CHINESE HOAX? Then how come most of the rest of the world does not agree with that bogus statement? AND MOST OF ALL.... THE CHINESE!


Chris Hedges to weeks ago up in Canada. Addressing 'rule by thieves' . Listen for what resonates with your heart to energize commitment to the well being humankind in the process of full re-integration with the creation.


It's hard to imagine that a narcissist would not mind the entire world seeing that he is this stupid - what an incompetent narcissist!

The Koch Bros. must be laughing demonically at what they can get their dummy to do.

Meanwhile (as Bernie said of the corporate Dems) the Republican suicide squad is ready to go down with the ship - in their first-class seats!

Too bad about the rest of us...


Unfortunately, merely condemning the US is not enough. As the worlds largest per-capital CO2 emitter, the Europeans and Chinese need to get directly involved in de-carbonizing the US infrastructure. There is no reason that Europeans or Chinese cannot pour funding into Amtrak and many cities' transit agencies and low-carbon energy development in the same way the British built India's railways and the like.


Oh boy! Make America Foreign-owned Again!


Do you know if cities and states can take funds (investments) from foreign nations? I'm thinking not, but don't know the answer.

Alternatively, I don't know why other countries cannot economically isolate and ostracize the US for its dangerous and stupid steps backward on climate change under Trump.


Though it's an additional punch in the gut to actually see it happen, the rest of the world knew what to expect when Trump was elected, during COP 22. At that time the global community vowed to isolate the US. Would love to see that happen.


Foreign government investment? Probably not -- I'm not sure.

Foreign private investment? Most definitely. A few decades ago, Japan was in the same position as China is now -- holding lots of US dollars. At the time, they started buying up real estate in the US like mad and force real estate prices up for large properties (think skyscrapers).

Let's hope they do; there's nothing like grabbing (to use a Trumpian vernacular) a Republican by the wallet to get their attention.


Trump is sensitive to criticism so maybe he will change. Or maybe he is being controlled by Russia. Or maybe he just believes in this hoax conspiracy theory. Or maybe Bannon is really in charge. Whatever, the case is, the US certainly blew it in the last election. And pretty much the entire world agrees. Except maybe the Russians think the US electorate made a smart choice.. .


I'm talking about cities and states accepting "investments" to add to their coffers, not by selling off assets or other ways that involve private holdings. Not sure they can do that as a source of revenue.

If this is possible, why don't they do that to make up for lost sources of funds, since Trump and his surrogates are threatening cities and states with withholding federal funds for various actions that oppose Trump executive orders (e.g., being sanctuary cities).


Historical developments, as outlined in Eugene Linden's brilliant 1979 Affluence and Discontent, have been pushing our species toward extinction for centuries, with extinction, for us, likely in a matter of decades--perhaps as early as 2026, per the Arctic News Blog. Thus, the only significance of Drumpf's actions is to speed up the process. If he wants to do our species a favor, though, he will start a war soon--against anyone, makes no difference--so that our end will come both sooner and quicker!


" I don't know why other countries cannot economically isolate and ostracize the US..."

Countries are taking a long hard look at the "leadership" the US has been providing for the past decades and at the same time sizing up China. They are are engaged in a slow motion disconnect from the sclerotic US steam locomotive and are increasingly hitching their countries to the shiny new high speed model represented by China for multiple reasons. China doesn't destroy entire countries, murdering its citizens and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has been shown to be a stable economic model which protects economies in its orbit from the unending financial crises created by Wall Street.


I stopped watching the video after about 8 minutes--because Hedges seems to be clueless regarding the threat to our continued existence, as a species, from global warming; the probability that our species will go extinct by 2026 (Carana) or 2040 (Davies).
What I wish is that Native Americans had been able to convent the Europeans to their ways, for our situation today, as humans, would be very different! Did Gaia have other plans for our species?!


Yes, if that's what it takes! I'd trust most foreign leaders more than our own, at this point.


All the transit equipment - particularly anything on rails - already comes from outside the US such a AnsaldoBreda S.p.A.(Now Japanese owned Hitachi Rail Italy) or Bombardier (Quebec). The LRT cars in my city come from a Spanish company. Also, much of the wind development in Pennsylvania is owned by Iberdrola SA - a Spansh Company. The hydropower turbines that were fitted to the the lock and dams on the Allegheny River near wher I live are built by Voith Hydro - a German company.

The US ALREADY does not build or design any new infrastructure technology aside from CO2-spewing airliners.

The base of the US economy is oil, bombs, investment scams and very little else.

At very least, for a start, European and Japanese car manufactures need to stop designing, building, and selling in the US all those US-market-only behemoth SUV car models, and start selling in the US the kind of small, efficient, 50 mpg+ cars that are everywhere in Europe and Japan.


Sorry, but barring a very improbable cosmic disaster, humans are still going to be around, in good numbers, 9 years, or 23 years, from now. Such shrill nonsense does not help our credibility. Or, as a presumably very old man (like most commenters here), are you wishing your own mortality onto all the worlds youth?


America already IS mostly foreign owned - or didn't you notice the article about Westinghouse, a subsidiary of Toshiba(!) filing for bankruptcy?  Most - if not all - of the populist beer companies are now foreign owned,* and IIRC so is Nabisco Foods and many other popular brands that are not subsidiaries of Koch Industries. Come to think of it, Koch Industries is essentially a foreign company – or at least one that's alien to our democracy and Constitution.  And don't forget about FIAT/Chrysler, and TRANS-CANADA'S Keystone-XL pipeline . . .

* Not that it matters to me - "Fizzy Yellow Beer Is For Wussies."


But . . .  but . . .  "You get what you pay for." – and too many Americuns pay for SUV's, not 50+ mpg compacts.