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'We Will Do No Such Thing': Nadler Rejects White House Demand to Call Off Obstruction of Justice Inquiry


'We Will Do No Such Thing': Nadler Rejects White House Demand to Call Off Obstruction of Justice Inquiry

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rep. Jerry Nadler said Wednesday that the House Judiciary Committee's investigations into President Donald Trump's possible obstruction of justice and other abuses of power will continue after the White House "made the extraordinary demand" that Democrats stop their inquiries.


Wishing you thoughts and scares 45, oh and 24/7 live coverage to boost your ratings:


I’m still awaiting the FULL REPORT on the hijacking of the 2016 primary by the DNC. Right…


You’d think Trump would’ve figured out by now the Democrats will investigate him or anything else that tickles their fancy until his time is up. The one thing you know they won’t do is deal with urgent policy issues. That don’t bring home the bacon!

What a great use of a legislative majority, eh?


hope you brought a sleeping bag. :slight_smile:

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They don’t have a legislative majority. Anything the current US congress could pass would pass would be totally useless symbolic gestures.


Just one reason why the two-party (one-party?) system SUCKS!

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To bad dueling was outlawed otherwise Trump would have been challenged and shot dead decades before becoming president.


one urgent policy that needs to go away is the policy of the justice department not allowing a sitting president to be charged with crimes. trump could be in jail by now.


“… to replow the same ground the special counsel has already covered.”

You can’t say that because thanks to Phat Boy’s and Barr’s unwillingness to let the committee see the report or to let Mr. Mueller testify, no one knows what exactly Mr. Mueller uncovered. If you would let the committee know what Mr. Mueller reported, they wouldn’t have to go over the same ground. Instead they could build on his investigation and break new ground.


We obviously need stronger penalties for obstruction of congress. At least someone to apply the law in a timely manner. Not a week, a month, or a year from now.


Except that republicans have no compunctions with using any means at hand to harass democrats. Blowjobgate anyone?
Republicans want the investigations to be stopped because they KNOW their team has been brazenly committing crimes and their sense of self-entitled exceptionalism can’t handle being held accountable. Otherwise, why would they care?


Democrats control exactly one House of Congress, giving them control of one portion of 1/3 of our federal government. That has very little to do with a multiparty system. A Green (or Greens) would have to caucus with somebody to create a majority, after all, assuming they wanted to sit on committees and do stuff other than yell at Democrats. Of course, they could caucus with Republicans, something that wouldn’t surprise me.


Nadler is a partisan hack, still pushing the vacuus Russiagate conspiracy theory. As Aaron Mate has said you can’t commit “obstruction” for a crime you did not commit.

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Bullshit! such total bullshit!


Ahhh, another party-addicted, damnocrat apologist.


Just because a person says that Russiagate was conceived by the DNC and other interested persons, does not mean that someone is pro-Trump, or pro-Republican (or pro-Democrat), it just means that we have the time and motivation to have seen the real facts and have come to learn that both parties are corrupt to the point of no return. ‘Russia-Gate’ was a ruse to distract from the facts learned by the leak of the DNC documents to Wikileaks. I say ‘leak’ because that’s what it was, a LEAK by a DNC employee who was extremely unhappy with the corruption in the party and the handling of Bernie Sanders. That the employee who took the documents that were passed on to Wikileaks then mysteriously was ‘murdered’ with no real investigation, no items taken from his possession and with the payment of a ‘handler’ that assisted with the man’s family’s ‘press’ after his murder is not just suspicious, but stinks outright. That a person would risk his own livelihood and even his life to ensure that Americans were aware of what the DNC was doing with American’s donations to subvert a nomination and then have his memory scrubbed and even purport to tell us that it was the ‘Ruskies’, is a HUGE freaking slap in the face.

It is a mistake to believe that the only people who know the truth are ‘right-wing’. There is a growing consensus among many people in this country and elsewhere that a major motivation of the Russia hoax was a major cover-up.


What did I say in my comment that was wrong? If you want to hold leadership in the House, you have to caucus as a majority. Same with the Senate. Otherwise, you caucus as a minority, like Sanders and King are doing now.


180 contacts between Trump, his family, and the campaign. You must assume that these are all birthday wishings.


My goodness, the yet to explode orange puffball is acting very fearful and guilty. I still remember his trying to solicit donations from legislators in other countries in 2016, as reported by the New York Times, and was never held responsible for violating the voting laws.