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We Will Draw Our Red Lines in Paris (and Across the World)

We Will Draw Our Red Lines in Paris (and Across the World)

Joe Solomon

Even as you take your first first few steps inside the climate summit in Paris, it’s easy to get a bad feeling about things.

First, you notice that there are nearly 200 concrete pillars lined up in rows in front the center, each wrappedf flags of the world’s nations. You wander among them, realizing many of the pillars are taller than the Island Nations they represent, wondering who will be the first to be wiped out by the scythes of rising seas and maddening cyclones.

We do, each of us, need to clarify for ourselves what our own “red lines” are.

Mass extinction? If that’s one of your “red lines” that you dare not willingly cross, then look long and hard at the human economic drivers of this accelerating mass extinction, and learn to recognize what human economy and human life must look like to avert that “red line.”

Then spend the rest of your life wrestling with the new directions we must go, and the entrenched powers that oppose such redirection.