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'We Will Fight': Over 40 Arrested as Jewish Activists and Allies Confront Amazon for Profiting Off ICE Terror

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/we-will-fight-over-40-arrested-jewish-activists-and-allies-confront-amazon-profiting

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Viva la revolucion!!!

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The funny (pathetic) part is that there are still people out there in tv land that believe the government is evil and has established a police/surveillance state.
No. The government was the mechanism that was used by the oligarchy to establish the police surveillance state. One day soon these large corporations and the opulently wealthy oligarchs that own them will literally purchase a western nation. Oh, they already own other third world nations. The Emirates states, including Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Columbia, and yes Russia, have been run by incredibly rich individuals and or groups of families (like Brazil) for generations.
The USA is going to be the first western democracy to go Feudal. In truth, we already are. The only difference between the Middle Ages and now is that we modern peasants drive cars.


Jeffery and Donald sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

Oh, wait, wrong Jeffery.

Boycott Amazon. Jeff Bezos knows that’s the only thing that works. I quit using the behemoth two years ago and am not flopping on the floor in misery. Sometimes I pay a little more for shipping but so what.

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“Safety for Jews will not come from circling the wagons, building bigger walls and more invasive drones. Safety will come by building coalitions with other communities, by developing inclusive societies grounded in equality, democracy, and the fight against the extreme militarism and growing intolerance that is gripping much of the world.”

Alice Rothchild. - Seattle Times

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Tell that to the Israeli government first>


I doubt they would listen …
I believe in grassroots action - sorry you are so negative - peace on earth …

Nothing new to see here, just move along. This is another case of, corporate power buying influence and many others things, and people.
The love of money truly is the root of the evils being visited upon us.

well said