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We Will Gas You Until You Die


We Will Gas You Until You Die

In a startling and sinister escalation, Israeli troops stormed the West Bank's Aida refugee camp this week with tear gas blasting and a truck loudspeaker blaring a deadly, evidently unprecedented message to residents: "We are the Occupation army," it proclaimed. "Throw stones and we will hit you with gas until you all die - the youth, the children, the old people...We will not leave any of you alive." Said long-beleaguered Palestinians, "Such threats merely add words to the deed... We believe them - they want to kill people here."


It is not the first time that the small-n nazis running Israel have arranged to have Palestinian civilians murdered in their refugee camps (or villages for that matter).


WOW... THE WORLD HAS ALREADY DEVOLVED.....look around... we have brought our world to he EDGE....


The loop of historical insanity finally closes in explicit fashion----"We will gas you until you die, and leave none of you alive." Israel is finished---an amoral corpse of itself. And the savage genocidal imagination of The Old Testament has come to pass before our eyes.


It is pretty obvious what is going on. The Israeli are seeking to escalate violence so that they can claim provocation when they conduct ethnic cleansing in those targeted zones. The Israeli government will be seeking to conduct ethnic cleansing zone by zone.
Cordon off a zone, arrest everyone and kill those who resist, release the survivors some time latter away from the cleansed zone and don't let them back. Then confiscate the properties on grounds of terrorist activities.
The cycle to be repeated zone by zone, they will keep pushing until the rest of the world complains loud enough and then they will halt activities for a time, not releasing the confiscated properties because a trial needs to occur (delayed, extended years even decades long).
As soon as complaints die down, they will commence ethnic cleansing operations again.


It is their "process." One has to wonder whether Zyklon-B was really on their minds or their fantasies. The Israelis like this "process." What else, when you think about it, can they imagine themselves doing? What would they do with themselves if they did not have Palestinians to torment, torture, imprison, and kill.The Israelis can't attack real German Nazis for the crime of the holocaust (forgetting about all the other millions killed in that war for so many reasons as if only Jews were killed). Growing up I noticed and admired how Jews stood up for human rights for so many people. Except Palestinians. How Jews worked to set right and to restore properties removed, but not for Palestinians for whom they became the conquistadors. Too few Jews stand up for any human rights anymore.


Bibi and the IDF have become EVERYTHING they said that they hate. When will we immobilize the hypocrites and actually do the right thing, which is not judge (hate) everything we perceive as different?


I've been saying that for years. It is not "antisemitic" it is the truth, backed up by years of observation.
* Some sociologist wrote about Israel suffering from the "Stockholm Syndrome." The Third Reich had imprisoned, enslaved, starved and finally gassed them as untermenschen.
* Now, Israel has untermenschen of their own in the Palestinians whom they have imprisoned, starved, enslaved and are now gassing.
* The really sad part of it is that much of Israel apparently feels just as proud and justified in their actions as did the Nazis seventy odd years ago.
* I'm just an old man who remembers the past. Fortunately I am old enough to not have to live through this horrifying rerun.


Immanuel Velikovsky recalled one of his conversation with Sigmund Freud
talking about recovering from very severe trauma.
Freud maintained that there are really only 3 ways of dealing with trauma...

Face It and Heal it
Internalize It - Become Neurotic, developing a toxic personal disorder
Externalize It - Become the Perpetrator and repeat the Trauma on Others

I have yet to find this as inaccurate, and it explains much that we see in Israel
where it's actions exhibit a perversion both internalized and externalized.


How does "cleansing" convey the feal of death, disrespect, sickness of genecide? What is guana crazy?


Crap! Someone took a video and it's going viral! What should we do?



No need to worry about it any further! As it says in the article,

Border Police officials called the policeman’s actions “a grave
incident,” and vowed that the case would be handled “to the fullest
extent of the law.”

So you can be sure justice will be done and mercy will prevail.


They could turn the Holy Land into a multi-religion amusement park and get rich.

How far do they think they can take this idiocy before some terrorist drops a dirty bomb there and excludes everyone from it?


Why is this not on the front pages of all the major newspapers?


what happens in this world is whatever USA! wants. if USA says "NO" it stops. Because USA is run by gutless cowards, they refuse ti stop the unforgivable crimes of Israel, and worse give them the guns and bombs and bullets.


Orcs in Israeli military uniforms. Malevolent, bent upon domination, indifferent to the suffering they cause. And the world looks away...


Oh for Gods sake have a look. The "female" soldier is the same guy who's spraying the camera. There are no insignia on the uniform, the helmet is not Israeli army issue, the Israeli army does not use pepper spray and you can't kill anyone with tear gas even if you wanted to. This is nothing more than Palestinian propaganda designed to suck in the idiots of the world who can't think for themselves.


The jewish plan is to not have a peace agreements so they can steal more land.

If there were a peace agreement , recognize borders would have to be honored.

THOSE SNEAKY ( you know who)


Those who have claimed a parallel between Israel and Nazi Germany have always been shouted down and vilified as anti-Semites engaging in hyperbole, but I'd say at this point anyone who denies these obvious parallels are engaging in intellectual dishonesty. The Jews are the new Nazis, period. It is history repeating itself, with a Star of David having replaced the Swastika. Shame on Israel and all who support this racist genocidal apartheid regime.


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