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'We Will Have Her Back': Jewish Constituents Rally Behind Rashida Tlaib Amid Trump Attacks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/17/we-will-have-her-back-jewish-constituents-rally-behind-rashida-tlaib-amid-trump


Thankyou to ms. Rashida and her constituents who show integrity and compassion. Let us hope dump will not be back.


I second that as he is a menace to our world community.


Most excellent!


Even though I don’t agree with her pro-BDS position (I think BDS makes peace and compromise and improving Palestinian lives even harder) I’m so glad some of the Jewish community in her district are showing support. That district has been totally disrespected by Israel’s government and even Zionists like me who feel Jews too have rights in their Middle East homeland are outraged by Netanyahu’s stupid and nasty decision and his caving like a lapdog to the disgusting Trump. Go Rashida!


It’s about time that Jewish progressive/left activists became more visible as a group standing up for civil rights and justice, and I applaud them.

For too long the visible wing of American Jews has been the pro-Israel at any cost extremists, as well as the politicians groveling before Israeli interests, entirely forgetting war crimes, the brutality of The Occupation and open-air prison of Gaza, and fomenting war after war in the ME/NA.
The history of the colonization of Palestine to take and expand territory by force is neglected in the face of a compliant and complicit media propaganda machine. That taking by force has only accellerated under the trump regime as well as the displacement and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories by Israel and its “settlers”.
I hope this Jewish activism expands to include a much more visible opposition to the Israeli right and the subversion of American politics and policy by the Israel-first crowd.

Educating the American people on the true history of the “conflict” has been subverted by Israeli propaganda and corrupted media promoting the Israeli/zionist narrative nearly exclusively.
Time to change that dynamic!


BDS! Zionism is Racism!


Thank you!! Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Action !!!
Words into Action!


It is of utmost importance that people of the whole world, and not just Detroit area,
learn and practice:

  1. The Israel government and the jewish religion must be kept as separate entities.
  2. Holding the government of Israel itself to criticism is not anti jewish or anti semitic.
  3. Disliking Israel gov’t actions is not a reason to cause violence against synagogues, jewish hospitals or schools. Idiots who vandalize should be made to pay for the clean up, do it themselves plus a couple weeks of community service inside a jewish rest home.
  4. Dearborm MI palestinians are boring people !! Funny too. Their reality TV show was canceled after only two episodes. That is how regular they are.

I am really astonished to hear there is something harder than impossible.

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Barry, I know that many Jews do not support BDS. However, it must not be forgotten that it was a BDS movement in South Africa that ended apartheid, which black South Africans say is not as bad as the situation for Palestinians. South Africans say that life for Palestinians is much worse under the Zionist occupation.

Large companies, such as IBM, that operated in South Africa, saw their stocks being sold off. Hit 'em in the pocketbooks, as they say. When these corporations started losing money, they saw the handwriting on the wall and put pressure on the white South African power structure to end apartheid.

Thus, the BDS movement for Palestinians will gain steam, and eventually Palestinians will have their freedom, when the Zionist walls come down.


The support shown to Rashida warms my heart. And this comment, showing so well how to disagree without being disagreeable, warms it even a little more.


Trump and, frankly, d-party leadership, are essentially attacking Tlaib for representing the priorities of her damn district. We give Israel billions a year, and they tell us who in our government can and can’t visit? WTF?

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Bless J.V.P.

Far more courage is required to go against the mainstream/corporate party line, and to stand up for justice.

J.V.P. are brave, determined, and deserve all honor for their fortitude. I’m sure that countless of their Jewish brethren would cast stones at these courageous women and men.