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We Will Have to Face the Consequences of Donald Trump Getting His Hands on the Economy

We Will Have to Face the Consequences of Donald Trump Getting His Hands on the Economy

Nomi Prins

Here we are in the middle of the second year of Donald Trump’s presidency and if there’s one thing we know by now, it’s that the leader of the free world can create an instant reality-TV show on geopolitical steroids at will. True, he’s not polished in his demeanor, but he has an unerring way of instilling the most uncertainty in any situation in the least amount of time.

Another consequence of Twitler’s policies is that, as citizens find themselves with less and less disposable income, aggregate demand will continue to fall. Of course, taking on debt to cover the cost of necessities is the beginning of a personal financial death spiral.

Not to mention that Trump’s anti-TPP rhetoric during the 2016 campaign has been proven totally bogus. Widespread environmental and economic deregulation promulgated by Trump and the GOP during 2017 eliminated the need for corporate tribunals that were the most objectionable part of TPP and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as “trade deals”.

Just as Trump and the GOP are cherry picking the ACA, Dodd-Frank and other legislation in order to keep the 1%/corporate friendly provisions while eliminating the provisions that benefit the 99%, they have already given corporations the regulatory capture the tribunals would have provided, while eliminating any possibility of any provisions that might have benefited US workers.


kind of like surfing a whirlpool.

kind of like being a post secondary student.

kind of like, much too frequent an occurrence in today’s economic arrangements.

The US is kind of like a ship heading towards a hurricane. All the information is saying the ship needs to change course but the egotistical captain says stay the course. He wants the glory of pulling the ship through the hurricane. Of course, we know the end result of this kind of thing.

And remember - the Titanic was an unsinkable ship.

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Most empires are destroyed from within, not by an invasion.

The current Trump/GOP gubmit has taken destruction of the Murkin Empire from within to new heights.

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And more government subsidies for corporate farmers. When will these so called republican capitalists begin removing all the price supports for dairy—NEVER! Socialism for the rich -Capitalism for the poor. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

Its interesting how all these right wing nuts were saying the world is coming to an end(Rick Santelli and the wall street journal) when Obama was president, but the minute Trump took office the economy was booming.

If we are ever going to begin to get a handle on global warming all economies are going to have to either scale down or translate to “green” energy. If Trump’s policies result in a decrease in world economic activity then good. It will reduce energy consumption and growth which will in turn slow greenhouse gas production. The gold lining is that we can pretend it is a bad thing and blame it on Trump.
As a side note I am a farmer so I am expecting to feel the brunt of the policies I am promoting almost immediately.

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Go fvck yourself, Trump Dump

Unless we are for the continuation of the American Empire which only benefits the elite, maybe reaching “new heights” of internal destruction might be a good thing for the 99% in the long run. But the pain of getting to the other side is going to be extremely painful for everyone.