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We Will 'Never Be Broken': Facing Imminent Eviction, Water Protectors Stand Their Ground


We Will 'Never Be Broken': Facing Imminent Eviction, Water Protectors Stand Their Ground

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Faced with an imminent evacuation deadline, Indigenous opponents of the Dakota Access pipeline are vowing to stand their ground despite threats of arrest and possible violence.


I would be very concerned about how this will play out. I think the best way to resist Trump is through peaceful legal protesting and traditional types of political activity.


Trump supporters opposed to DAPL:


This sad situation is completely devoid of justice. It adds credence to the absolute lack of morality of the U.S.. government.


3pm EST tomorrow is the time Oceti Oyate/ Oceti Sakowin and Rosebud camp and perhaps part of Sacred Stone Camp, people will be evicted.
The other camps are Cheyenne River, on private, leased land, and Black Hoop Camp.

Phone the Army Corps of Engineers 202-761-8700 to ask for an extension.
Phone the Gov. 701-328-2200 to ask for an extension, and for restraint in the eviction.

Energy Transfer Partners has bribed the Gov of Iowa, people say, and the utility board as well.
Thanks for the video. The oil is for export so the use of eminent domain is illegal.


Because that's worked so well for the First Nations for the last two hundred years?

And with conservative, corporate control of many branches of government both state-wide and nation-wide, how do you think that will ultimately play out?

Water is Life, and corporate entities are hell-bent on destroying Life.


They are not hell bent on destroying life, they are hell bent on having monopoly control over water.


I read on Facebook, just now that the "police" if you can call them that, Gestapo is more like it; have moved in and are arresting people NOW.


Shame! Shame! Shame on those who would kill people for a pipeline!


They are hell-bent on both!


Yeah, but.... that will not stop those who are determined, to continue on and push the fossil fuel economy... this pipeline, is really a line in the sand.... so will Keystone XL be the same... if the company is allowed to finish this... we will never be able to stop them... I mean... THAT IS THE POINT... TO STOP THEM.... NOT JUST PLEAD WITH THEM.... OH PLEASE.. DON'T DO THIS.... I know this is a horrible situation.... the thing is ... the hope could be.... that those who are suppose to "remove" the Water Protectors.... actually just give in themselves... and do not do so.... the "given" is that they are to use force... but... maybe, just maybe... THEY WILL SUBMIT... and not do so.... why should the Water Protectors be the ones to submit.... WE ALL KNOW WHO IS RIGHT HERE.


Been there, done that.


In the big picture pipelines are needed for transporting oil so we cannot eliminate the risks of leaks involved. And oil trains probably present even bigger risks. I think Obama did the right thing in having the Army Corps of Engineers do a full environmental study and search for an alternate route. Trump's goal it to crush protesters along with destroying the free press, the court system, certain areas of scientific research, and academia as it now stands. Non-violent civil disobedience protesters seem like a perfect target for Trump because it puts him on the side of the law and the protesters on the other side, breaking the law. Who knows how far he will go using the excuse of enforcing the law. It is likely there will be false stories about the protesters using violence. The risk for Trump is that if he uses too much violence against protesters it might backfire and he could lose a lot of political support. Some of his supporters can probably stomach only so much inhumane treatment if citizens and non-citizens. It's a dangerous situation.


I see this as mainly a water pollution issue and a Native Peoples rights issue. The fossil fuel industry will not be stopped by blocking pipelines. Only a transition to renewable energy can stop the fossil fuel industry. However, blocking pipelines focuses attention on the fossil fuel industry so it is valuable and it is tremendous for organizing activists.


Your suggestion is utterly detached from the reality, not alternative facts, of the United States' land-grabbing, railroading of Native people's rights' history. The political parties exist, at this moment, solely to channel opposition to the corporate takeover into meaningless and worthless 'political activity.' As Bob Dylan, said a long time ago, "Meanwhile, life outside goes on all around you."

Just be glad they took the 'don't like' button away because I feel certain you would be in a close race to break the record for most inane response ever.


What I hope happens, is someone blows up the pipeline at every point that it surfaces, BEFORE it is full of oil. I mean come on, the future of all life on earth is at stake. I wish I was brave enough to do it.:grin:


This is not government waging war on its citizens, this is an Organized Crime Family (Trump), using public office to bring in fellow criminals to pillage this countrys' and its' peoples treasures.

Peaceful protests may not be enough to right these wrongs.


But what was it you called it only a few short weeks ago when it was Obama who was in charge. Let's not forget that the brutal attacks on these peaceful water protectors took place on Obama's watch and that he knew his instructions to the Army Corp of Engineers had a short expiry date, thereby allowing him to look better but leading to the same pro-corporate, anti-life outcome.


Surely, the fear and hate generated by our Criminal-in-Chief is going to cause an increase in this type of domestic terrorism.


You tell me Joy. I have stood with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. I protested in front of the White House years ago until Obama killed off Keystone XL.

Where have you been?