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'We Will Never Give Up': A Note of Thanks to Bernie Sanders


'We Will Never Give Up': A Note of Thanks to Bernie Sanders

Robert Reich

Editor's note: The following open letter first appeared on the author's personal Facebook page on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

Dear Bernie,

I don’t know what you’re going to do from here on, and I’m not going to advise you. You've earned the right to figure out the next steps for your campaign and the movement you have launched.

But let me tell you this: You’ve already succeeded.


And thank you Robert Reich for the courage of your principles in not selling out.


But before Sanders there was Occupy Wall Street. THEY were the spark, not Sanders.


Occupy was indeed the spark, but Bernie was in the wings always working for the same goals for his entire career, and he did us proud - did himself and Jane proud - and continues to do so!


Reich will never say it, but now we must work to make sure that HILLARY NEVER BECOMES POTUS! That's right. The real revolution is taking the party over for The People, and that will NEVER happen if she becomes President. Think about it, how the Clinton/DLC faction came to take over the party. They convinced the party elite that because they lost several Presidential elections by overwhelming margins in the '70's and '80's due to flawed candidates, that classical New Deal/Great Society liberalism was dead and they had to sell-out to their own group of oligarch billionaires if they ever wanted to govern again. So, the only way to take the party away from that cabal is for them to lose power by losing elections. It's the only way. Winning is the currency of the realm here, and as long as they win they keep power. So, Hillary and company (and especially DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) need to lose their elections this year. Out of office, out of power. #NeverHillary.


Nationwide, Democrats hold fewer seats in Congress, fewer State Governorships, and fewer State legislator positions than they have in more than 90 years, with the steepest declines occurring during the Clinton and Obama Administrations, so they are already in the lose elections mode big time.


To fight on today I send Bernie another check, our seventh. I invite those who can to fund this fight, the fight of my lifetime of 70 years.


Before Sanders there was the New Deal---and had it not been for the assaults upon it mounted by, among others, Clinton , Occupy Wall Street would not have been necessary. Some of us are old enough to remember when college was nearly free and affordable, when workers were paid more than a living wage, and when society was making greater strides towards equality.


I'm fond of the translation of the admonition in the Tao te Ching - "The journey of a thousand miles starts from where your feet are". Generally translated as 'the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step', the former also invites consideration of recognizing where one's feet are planted in stance prior to taking that first step.

Some time ago C.H. Waddington coined the term chreod or creod, combining the Greek for 'necessary' and 'path'. In brief, using this to describe the developmental pathway of a cell, he noted for instance that genes would determine things like eye color, but not focal traits. This also led to Waddington considering beyond the gene and the influence of the 'epigenetic landscape'.

The chreod could be considered a canal or channel worn, like a rut, through gene repetitions in evolution. They are countless and infinite. Yet the organisms produced by and producing genes are also influenced by and influence the epigenetic landscape. They can wear down barriers between chreods, jump them, and actually reform and wear new chreods. When does a fruitful furrow become a deadly chreod/rut?

I'd submit that this is perhaps one lens/analogy for viewing our situation. The absolutely essential diversity has been channeled into separate chreods [or call them 'silos'] to marginalize their breadth and integrity.

Like Sander's call to continue to be engaged, we're looking at not only some desired destinations and outcomes, but above all doing some fundamental infrastructural road work, path maintenance and design stewardship in the political 'epigenetic landscape'.

The consequences of centuries of genocide, marginalization, profit taking and ecocide are rolling down the chreode worn by predatory capitalism. It is possible to deny that one is in denial, but those consequences can't be avoided - only prevented ... time to stop digging and climb out of the hole, take a look around and enjoy the greater breadth of input, listen to and debate more sustainable narratives and methodologies.

Adding: There is more than sufficient talent, insight, scholarship, data, and successful pilot projects from which to draw. Some have likened our situation to being on an old worn out battleship with nothing but wooden oars to turn it around before it hits the [ largely submerged] iceberg. I'd change that a little. Say the situation is one where we have to re-engineer, re-purpose and rebuild the old tank because its already run aground. This old battleship is chock full of materials to be re-purposed.


I appreciate the article as I feel the same way and in California I can write in Bernie's name for president should shillary be the nominee. I plan to remove myself from the so-called democratic party permanently and work to help put together a new third party in this nation. that will be a great legacy for my family and yours. let's do it! THANK YOU BERNIE AND KEEP ON GOING! WITH YOU ALL THE WAY.


If you support TPP,fracking,not raising the minimum wage,against single payer healthcare,no to campaign finance reform and you want to gut social security vote for Clinton???????

Clinton's speech last night was all about her-----hardly a mention of income inequality--never mind any mention of the working poor?????


Exactly what are you saying? That we should all go out and vote for Trump? That would be a smart move. I'm precisely where I thought I would be at this point: I voted for Bernie on Tuesday, and now I'm going to vote for Hillary. I would never, under any circumstances, vote for a toxic gas bag like Trump. Incidentally, a poll of of Bernie voters on the BBC this morning indicated that as many as 75% of them will most likely vote for Hillary. That is a smart move.


I believe in a BBC poll like I believe in any poll taken by the MSM, only slightly less than any Goebbels’s utterances.


What else could one expect from "bipartisan cooperation" than the rigging of elections for the Corporate State? Bernie could still change his mind before Philadelphia.

What would a Progressive Democratic, Independent and Green Party coalition look like in the streets?

Instead of being another sheep dog, herding progressives into the Democratic fold at election time, he could propose the creation of a new coalition, a new movement.

I hope he does it. http://blackagendareport.com/


"Bipartisan" is code for the Democrats and GOP jointly promoting the interests of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


I agree.


So set me right and tell me what I can believe in. Actually, I didn't say I "believed" in the BBC poll, I just said what they reported.This whole thing reminds me of the Common Screamers who were refusing to vote for the evil Obama second time around. CD reported that 75% of its viewers voted for Obama anyway. So what we are seeing here-is the opinion of the fringe of the fringe. Business as usual, as in the Land of Point.


I hope that Bernie does get approved for write-in on state's ballots. I do have a question about wrinting in his name. I know that you have to write in his actual name- Bernie will not be adequate. Now I have read that you need to write in his address etc. Please somebody let Bernie supporters know the correct procedure for write-ins. If Bernie is not the nominee or be a write-in on NM ballots, I am not sure what I will do with my vote. Hillary is not the lesser of two evils and all the fraud and dirty tricks that we have seen in the primaries makes me ill and not a little mad.


Hillary is very smart, and extremely experienced. This election, thanks to Bernie, has been sobering. Hillary can learn, and I believe will, from the sentiments supported in this campaign. Give her a chance. I have every confidence she will make a fine President.

The alternative is unthinkable.


Nope, no morals or conscience whatsoever. And yes-I voted for Obama both times.