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We Will Not Be Erased


We Will Not Be Erased

The Orwellian announcement that Drumpf's minions barred the CDC from using seven words - including "fetus," "diversity" and "science-based," which, duh, saves lives - isn't going over well in a country that, by ornery tradition, doesn't ban words. Happily, we thus have ongoing insurrection: fury on social media, a CDC Poetry Project to "give voice to the forbidden," and, Tuesday night, the taboo words gleefully projected on the belly of the beast - Trump's DC hotel.


Fuck Trump, that’s banned too I suppose? I am not one to be rude or impolite but there comes a time and place for everything. That time and place is now. I’ve plastered the front page of my site with it as well. I will soon be banned and the web around my site will slowed way down. If I disappear you now know why. I’ll add Mitch, Ryan and Co. soon.


Let’s keep the words and ‘erase’ the retard-in-chief! :hugs::hugs::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand:t3:


Lenny Bruce would have suggested “UN-fuck Trump,” but we take your point.


The place for “insurrection” should be on the streets. Total, rolling, non cooperation. Now.


What is your webpage? What you propose we do to Trump is what Melania should be doing but I can’t wrap my mind around it however for obvious reasons. But, then again, some will do anything for money and I don’t mean Gillibrand.

It is good that you use proper semantics, when a word is right, it is so. Also, it shows you are not being a defeatist. Stay strong and defiant for the coming insurrection.

Love from Vermont.


Well sister, with the whole Muslim world in an uproar over this cretin you may get your wish.


Yes please. The sooner, the better!


Thanks :slight_smile:

and boy oh boy are you spoiled living in Heaven/Vermont, some people have all the luck, like 2 sane Senator’s, geez :slight_smile:


I really like Lenny and I’ll blame him, he started it all :slight_smile:


Thanks. I just sent the link to your webpage to friends and family. Good quote from Jefferson–too bad he was such a hypocritical racist and Indian-hater. I look forward to the revolution.


You are welcome and thanks. What is interesting is reading the letter exchange between Jefferson and Adams. Have you read them? The battle they had still exists today. McCain and I fought over dental care in Medicare back in 2000. I am going to focus on The Second Bill of Rights proposed by FDR in 1944. This should put an edge to the revolution as you call it. A rallying or focus point for the moderate to left in us all.


The article says the words are not banned , just not recommended. Years ago, Florida actually banned the use of words regarding ocean levels rising. What good did it do them? It kept investment in future flood areas booming. So it goes. Most of Florida is just a few feet above sea level, and underneath is porous rock filled with water.
I recommend that when any of those eight are called for, synonyms be creatively and boldly applied.

I’ve been hoping CD would have an article discussing developing and developed, as used by UN speak. American tradition, influenced by Native American values, includes nature, as untouched as possible. Underdeveoped and developing means not enough big cities with at least five miles of wall-to-wall concrete thirty stories big, underground shopping and rail, high speed trains running from city to city, and torn up land being mined everywhere else…I understand that when you have masses of people, this is the way they must live, and that some resources are necessary somewhat, but I think it is silly to rank countries based on how much of this they have. The current usage of these terms seems to promote a destruction of our planet.


Hoist them on their own pitard.