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'We Will Not Be Intimidated': Organizers Announce Women's March Against NRA


'We Will Not Be Intimidated': Organizers Announce Women's March Against NRA

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Organizers of the Women's March on Washington—which took place the day after Donald Trump's inauguration and inspired solidarity marches in hundreds of cities across the globe—are planning a protest against the National Rifle Association for July 14, in response to a video published to the NRA's Facebook page last month.


#Far Out!

#An “Independence From Violence” Day!


Oh, I wish I could get there!


I think the organizers’ hearts are in the right place but was this really all that big of an issue for most people? How many even saw the video and how many of those that did actually took it seriously? We are talking about the NRA here not some government institution. The NRA may be getting more free publicity from their stupid video being anointed as ‘important’ when actually it never was. So what that they blathered on like they did. The whole video is just disposable trash anyway and people got suckered into a slick presentation confusing that with importance. It was just some NRA gun nuts babbling their fantasies. At least it was until some people lost their cool (panicked?) and took it far too seriously.

To accord the NRA such importance may backfire if the response to a call for another Women’s March doesn’t receive the same widespread turnout that made the original historic. A low turn out damages that perception of women’s power and replaces it with a much weaker and far less impressive low turnout substitute.

With all the troubles in this world and in the US under Trump, an NRA video hardly seems of any true significance. If there is a low response for the march, that will be jumped on by the corporate press et al and would signify the end of the Women’s March as a powerful memory. Maybe even end the chances of there ever being another women’s march to rival the first. This NRA video was not worth asking people to march in huge numbers. What were the organizers thinking anyway?


Maybe they’re more empowered than “thinking” about your brand of strategy and tactics. Why don’t you save your analysis for past tense instead of basing it on “ifs”?


Why don’t you go there and join the march yourself? Instead you want to censor someone else. Whether you realize it or not, you illustrate my point by not going yourself.


Thank the Goddess for courageous women! The National Rifle association is on notice. You will go no further with fear-mongering our people into believing that flooding our land with weapons, will make us safe. Enough. We the People decide what is to be, not the N.R.A. or anyone, especially the manufacturers of death for profit. Thank you, brave women!


How do you know I’m not going, if it’s actually any of your business?

As a matter of fact, I would like nothing better than to go, but I have a mobility disability from tick-borne illness. It was a great turnaround when I managed to walk a mile and a half a few weeks ago. I don’t think it’s a lot of help if my sisters have to worry about me most of the day. And just maybe I can do as much with the talents I have that aren’t affected by my disability, like calling anonymous critics on their equally armchair coaching. Have you ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecy?


TGet off your high horse and stop being such a hypocrite. You love trying to censor people and act like you are the arbiter of politically correct! You are rude and full of yourself. You take it upon yourself to go where you aren’t welcome and you know it. By what right do you try to censor others? You are a hypocrite and very often rude which is why I never respond to you all those times you addressed a comment to me.

By the way you wrote that you wish you could get there. So the assumption was that you weren’t going. Spare me your drama and everyone else too. Lots of people are disabled but don’t go around saying that they wish they could get there without adding an explanation. This a forum for the exchange of ideas but you want to make it a chummy chat room full of friends. Go join a chat room group for that okay? What I wrote is not chumminess but analysis. That’s right. If you don’t agree with it that’s fine then debate it but don’t try to censor anyone to try and keep them from saying something you dont like.

I doubt that you can understand but it needed to be said.

By the way I hope my analysis is wrong and they get a huge turn out. I just think this video was not that important an issue. A women’s march protesting Trump’s belligerence leaning towards war with North Korea is such an issue. Trump’s destroying our privacy and calling for voter ID data etc is such an issue. The Republican Wealthcare for the rich healthcare bill is such an issue. Pulling out the Paris accord was such an issue.

An NRA video is almost silly by comparison imo.


“In response to hostile videos by gun lobby group,”

" in response to a video published"



We are women whose husbands and children are being killed without cause. We refuse to allow that! You will not take they away from us for your so-called freedom. You will not!


We each have our issues. You show up for yours and I’ll show up for mine. Together, we can stop the madness. Each advocating for his or her issues ONLY, but refusing to support the rest… well, ever heard of divide and conquer?

No one is saying your issues don’t matter. They DO. But so do ours.


What are you talking about? If you think that the NRA is responsible for husbands and children being killed without cause then participate in this march but don’t accuse me of supporting the NRA or what they said in the video because I don’t. I also don’t think that the NRA deserves to be treated as if they were some powerful movement either.

You mistook critical analysis of the reasons for the march as if I were in opposition to the issues which is wrong. Apparently others do as well.


What issues would that be? Just because some group puts out a video which I personally found repulsive and something to be ashamed of as an American that such people think we can be so easily manipulated. However, calling for a women’s march as a response to any video is to give the video a power that it never had. Who really cares what these right wing creeps have to say anyway? I think people should also remember that it is only a video and nothing more. You seem to think that just their saying something makes it so. I do not. I think the very fact that the NRA sponsored this nonsense and that the group claims these are important issues is bogus.

Why do you give them such power which they do not actually have? So what if they claimed this or that! So? The video will end up being played over and over now and discussed as if were important mainly because some people treated it as if it deserved to be marched against. Maybe a counter video should have been the correct response or a series of one page newspaper ads denouncing the video’s anti-democracy content or that it is egging on people to violence!

By the way where is the march headed? Is it Washington? The NRA is not part of government. The march and protests should confine itself to NRA offices because it is the NRA who put out the video. I just think organizing a march to protest a video is making the mistake of treating the NRA video as being far more important than it deserves. The NRA is not part of government nor do they control police or the military or anything else. They were in fact trying to incite trouble and probably are happy that their video succeeded In kicking an anthill. Otherwise the video should have been allowed to die from its own lack of significance.


The NRA is all too tangled up with our government. Please quit lecturing us silly women about our bogus issues. As the headline puts it, "We will not be intimidated.’


I am responding to a comment addressed to me by a person whether m or f . You are such a hypocrite and you stoop really low trying to manipulate rather than competently debate. As always you try to censor people and prevent them from having discussions unless they agree with you. What bogus issues? You try to put words in my mouth too? So tell me, if I had not responded to this person would you then try to claim that I was dismissive of women and didn’t show respect for what they had to say? You are truly a hypocrite and not nearly as progressive as you claim to be.


LOL who knows? Kinda reminds me of my brother back in 2009, when he said "Medical Marijuana, man you’re always talking about it. But who cares about Medical Marijuana anyway? "

Say again? . . .

(Colorado enacted Medical in 2010, with Amendment 20. In 2014 they were the first state in the world to end marijuana prohibition, with Amendment 64. Sales, tax income, economic benefit, general welfare and happiness, all far exceeded any expectations. Changed Colorado and the world for good, even though “not that many people cared”)


I think that all this attention is exactly what the NRA was looking for. Far more people will have checked out the video and more will follow after the march. I just think that that is absurd. It is not that people should ignore the trash talk video completely because criticism of it is important but to organize a march because of it seems misplaced, imo. The NRA is not part of our government and shouldn’t be accorded the importance or the attention as if they were!


I think the point of the march is to remind the NRA (and the DOJ) of that.


I can’t believe how you took words out of context and then responded to them as if they were all that was said in the sentence. Please stop addressing comments to me or referring to things (or portions of sentences) I write to other people.