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'We Will Not Forget His Cruelty,' Declare Rights Advocates After DHS Chief Kevin McAleenan Resigns

So, McAleenan leaving DHS because, “he wants to spend more time with his family.”
Well ~ isn’t that ironic as hell, considering the cruel & heartless policy he oversaw, of separating families at our Southern border. I’m sure that those parents & children would like nothing more than to be able to spend time with THEIR families! Sadly, they don’t get to do that, now do they?!


The reason so many Trumpachump appointees are “acting” ones is that way, they don’t need to face Senate background checks & confirmation.
Plus, apparently removing “acting” one is easier, doesn’t look so bad - or so Trump thinks anyway.

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Or they claim to speak for “family values”!!

So, you think we are being scammed by trump and his minions? Yup, 100%. HE doesn’t even believe his bull. He just says whatever is convenient at the time whether he believes it or not, but has the knack for justifying it all, whether or not it even makes any sense.

So much of Trump’s ass-hattery has already swirled and been sucked down the memory hole.

McAleenan is already in the swirl and will soon take his place in the dark Trumpian septic tank of forgotten crap.

Perhaps when they go home to their real country they can spend quality time where they belong?