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'We Will Not Let Violence Stop Us': Jewish Activist Group Says Guard Was Driving Truck That Plowed Into Protest Against ICE

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/we-will-not-let-violence-stop-us-jewish-activist-group-says-guard-was-driving-truck

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As outrageous as this is, in my experience such behavior is standard practice for Law Enforcement. I’ve seen the practice of plowing cars through demonstrators so often, I imagine that it must be part of the standard training for ‘crowd control’. I expect that the person hit will charged with a misdemeanor and forced to pay for the damages to the car.

We have to Melt this Block of ICE out of existence.

We do not need a Gestapo in America.


Am also waiting for a new headline that should emerge today or tomorrow: “Jewish Activist Group Blockades Israeli Embassy in Support of Tlaib and Omar.” Such a headline would be spectacular on a variety of fronts.


I’d love to see this kind of heroic action against the apartheid, terrorist Zionist regime in Israel for its cruel and inhuman treatment of occupied Palestinians.

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I really like this Never Again Action group - they are media savvy and have shown steadfast bravery in applying their non-violent direct action approach. Kudos to them.

Note: I don’t see the need to belittle their actions by saying they should be protesting against the evil policies of the Israeli Government instead.


Got it. Protesting against Israeli policy, illicit nuclear weapon possession, illegal settlements and, almost forgot, control of the US congress on key ME foreign policy decisions would be a distraction. A real distraction.

Frustration by all participants is going to happen when leadership has gone off the rails.
Many ICE agents are likely quite young and haven’t developed a sense of patience needed to deal with the strife demonstrated among folks at the border.
As our 1% build their underground sanctuaries they could care less.

Nope - the opposite. Such protests are an important thing for progressives, including progressive Jews, to be doing. And there are plenty of Jews involved in that struggle - for example, check out Jewish Voice for Peace as one group whose voice is loud and clear on the topic.

If a Catholic group takes action to strike a blow for a climate change initiative - I see no reason to belittle them for not taking action against the Catholic Church’s stand on abortion or its years of turning a blind eye to pedophilia in its clergy. There are Catholic people involved in that struggle as well

If a Muslim group takes action to strike a blow against homelessness - I see no reason to belittle them for not taking action against the Saudi genocidal war on the people of Yemen. There are Muslims involved in that struggle as well.

If a Protestant group takes action to strike a blow for Medicare for all - I see no reason to belittle them because they are not taking action against dozens of imperialist wars and the ongoing colonial domination of other countries committed by the U.S. and other predominately Protestant governments around the globe. There are Protestants involved in that struggle as well.

When people do good stuff - I say we should applaud and show solidarity with their efforts. They are not responsible for the outrages committed by others that happen to have their same religious or ethnic backgrounds.


I too admire them very much. However, I did not read any comments that suggested they be protesting Israeli policies instead.

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It makes a lot of sense for this group to be focused on the fascism unfolding here at home which is their home too. It would be good to also see solidarity with not only Palestinians but, because they are American Jews, to make common cause with the indigenous people on whose land they live and with black people who certainly continue to experience the fascist boot. Not many groups out there that connect these issues. Right now I can only think of one based in NYC, the Answer Coalition.

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