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We Will Not Waiver in Our Fight


We Will Not Waiver in Our Fight

RoseAnn DeMoro

In three momentous days June 17-19, 3,000 activists gathered in a People’s Summit in Chicago to embrace a continuing resolution to building a broad, bigger progressive movement to transform the nation and the planet.

From the speakers podiums to discussion tables and workshops to trainings on everything from building independent politics to the digital political revolution to how to carry out civil disobedience, it was evident there was overwhelming unity of vision and a common commitment to solidarity in creating change.


Human beings naturally are concerned with having housing, a job, food on the table, and some prospect of pursuing what makes them happy.

The above statement helps to explain the rather insular views so many hold, and why it is that most activists focus on domestic concerns.

Fortunately ONE voice did stand out by connecting the appropriate dots:

“We must focus resources on investing at home not on wars of regime change. If we continue to spend trillions on interventionist wars won't be able to make progress at home,” said Congress member Tulsi Gabbard."

It's quite true that the MIC realized--from public sentiment against the Vietnam War--that if they HID the war footage, it would just operate as "white noise" and most wouldn't notice it at all. Their strategy has worked rather well...

But War is the primary driver of economic depression--for the 99% and profits for the 1%. It is also a sin against nature and as The Geneva Conventions proclaimed: War of Aggression is the SUPREME crime. From it stem all other calamitous outcomes.

No nation should be investing in wars of aggression and so much in the way of armaments when the world is full of hungry people and misery, and climate chaos is now fully unleashed.

A major tornado impacted a heavily populated city outside of Beijing, China earlier today.

Every week it's another BIG event.

And yet the soldiers are sent on KILL rather than HEAL/FIX/REBUILD missions! And THIS insanity cannibalizes half of the U.S. treasury's annual supply?


Recall the "peace dividend" that would allegedly be generated by the Soviet Union breakup.

Instead we got financial industry deregulation that increased the financial incentives for serial occupations and wars, we got trade deals that compromised the domestic economy to the point that Daddy Warbucks and cousin NRA became an ever larger part of the US economy, and what remained of the peace dividend went to more corporate welfare. Bye bye peace dividend.


A bit strange that the only party mentioned is the democratic party (in their 4 action goals). Silence about other parties and/or potential coalitions with Greens or Socialists or new parties etc. Silence about dealing with the immediate elephant in the room: HRC, except for indirect encouragements to vote for her.

This combined with not allowing Jill Stein to address the summit - seems more like a "summit of certain clubs and cliques" rather than a "peoples movement."


Thank you RoseAnn and all the great people involved in this struggle. Esta Revolucion! I don't see a plan for dealing with our access to information. None of these will be easy to achieve, but with the current makeup of our media, it will be almost impossible. There are probably 1,000 right-wing B.S. websites for every Common Dreams out there. Progressives are so far behind because we believed that the democrats were honestly trying to help. We now have all the evidence we need to show that the Democratic Party that championed the New Deal and working people does not exist anymore. They despise progressives, and that's okay, but let us have our own party. To attack Saint Bernie for actually wanting to DO what the dems have been claiming to support is one more nail in the coffin of the democratic party. They are free to be Republicans, but stop pretending to be democrats! Thanks again for all your hard work! We need to take the airwaves away from the Plutocrats! Thomas Jefferson said that he would rather have newspapers without a government than a government without newspapers. He also said that a man who reads nothing is better educated than a man who only reads newspapers. Put that last one on steroids and that's where we are today!


“We do have to defeat Trump, but we don't have to do it in the way the Democratic establishment wants us to,

Does the so-called "Democrat establishment" really care how Trump is defeated? What is this way to defeat Trump that the Democratic establishment would not want?


A Green Party win WOULD BE a Bernie win.

From the start Sanders reminded us that HE is not the revolution, WE are the revolution. When he said he would go to the dark side and vote for Clinton it was code for I HAVE COMPLETED THE FIRST LEG OF THE RELAY that is the revolution.

To launch the next leg of the relay Sanders' supporters must UNIFY behind any candidate other than Clinton or Trump. To vote Clinton or Trump is to side track the revolution and remove the switch, assuring that the revolution NEVER leaves the side track.


Thank you Ms. Demoro, for all you and these groups have done.
“We do have to defeat Trump, but we don't have to do it in the way the Democratic establishment wants us to," said Becky Bond, a senior advisor to the Sanders campaign.
This is the key to stopping this march to Oligarchy. We cannot vote for Hillary and still say we are against everything she stands for. This push to elect her because of Trump is a lie and a fear tactic they had planned all along. Bernie may vote for her but we won't. We aren't sheep. It won't work this time. It doesn't matter who is elected (ha ha) we still have the same work to do. In the streets.
This revolution has been brewing for some time and especially since the Obama betrayal. They really think we are going to fall in line like we always have.
These groups coming together give us the power bloc we need to get things done and I am eternally grateful to the young and old that get in the streets to make it happen.


Edit headline, a "waiver" is not a "waver."

ONE DAY LATER: Typo fixed!


Also, divine intervention too.

We would all like Bernie to get the nomination and win. But it isn't going to happen, and there is certainly a lot of uncertainty that, even if he miraculously got the nomination, he would win. Have you ever heard of George McGovern? Please look him up if you haven't.

Why is the US left so blind to the right-wing nature of the great majority of the US population? Why do they cling to these absurd amnesia-fed fantasies of electoral victories of a messiah-savior in the quadrennial POTUS extravaganza rather than start the long, hard work of educating and converting the public to class-consciousness and socialism - at the neighborhood level and especially workplace level - combined with organizing for electoral reform (IRV, do away with the electoral college) so that the election of a real leftist by a galvanized majority actually becomes possible?


Salem, Massachusetts, ca. 1692-93....


I had to double-check the date to be sure that this wasn't written in 2000. Or 1990. Maybe 1980. 1970, for sure. What do you want? We're hearing all the same slogans and key words that we heard in the lead-up to the 1968 Democratic Convention, sans all that left wing silliness about economic justice that includes the poor.

From all that I could tell, the People's Summit was just another gathering of middle class liberals. Regardless, no movement (much less, a "revolution") can be built without a message, a unifying idea that brings masses together to push toward the same goal.


Millennials are expressing the same ideas that we expressed toward our parents, who had expressed those ideas to their parents, etc. We always imagine that our own parents somehow had the power to control what those in government do, and guide the masses.

In my day, the panic issues were the "ecology" and the atomic bomb. We were the kids who practiced diving under our desks in case a Cuban missile was coming at us.In the end, we realize how little power we have over those decisions made by the powerful few.


It would be helpful to understand why Bernie's message of class-based economics and democratic socialism failed. Clearly it mainly resonated with white people, particularly those living outside of metropolitan areas and with younger voters such a college students. His failure had nothing to do with right wing because his biggest problem was he was unable to get the votes of registered Democrats. You have to look at the demographics. His message was rejected the most by African Americans. Hispanics also largely rejected his message. Also, he did not do well with women and with people older than 45. I think his biggest problem was not emphasizing issues of racial justice, particularly early in the campaign. I don't think African Americans are that concerned about the 1%. What they are probably most concerned is how they are treated by whites. They probably feel they are getting the short end of he stick in almost all areas of life when compared with white people. Hispanics also may feel that way. Despite all of Clinton's problems she still defeated Sanders. People who want change need to understand why Clinton won and not accept baseless charges about rigged elections as reflecting the truth.


If Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee then voting Green will be the only way possible to stop Trump. That is the reality of this election.


It is important to note that Lrx is not "making an argument." Lrx is posting from the Clinton campaign.


The D party is still a big part of the problem. Trying to super glue something when nothing else is available to replace the broken part makes sense. Something else is available. See what you think about this interview: https://youtu.be/N4RV1q70gr4 It reveals the depth of her knowledge on many subjects. If the public could become acquainted with her positions, she'd have tons of deserved support.


My previous comment included a 2 week old web site, here is a more recent one:

  1. Jill Stein was not invited to speak at the conference.

  2. Kshama Sawant reported:
    ''For my workshop, I was warned in advance not to talk about third party politics. But I did it anyway, for which I was admonished multiple times by the chair of my session. Meanwhile, no Bernie Or Bust representative of any stripe was allowed on the main stage.''

Another CD article reads:
''Betraying Progressives, DNC Platform Backs Fracking, TPP, and Israel Occupation''

So the only option for the People's Summit is more of the same.
Smells like a Dem Party round-up to me.

RoseAnn DeMoro is one of the few union leaders I respect.
Hope she throws in with the Green Party.


....and the California votes STILL have not been counted ????