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'We Will Stand for Ourselves': Global Movement Takes Aim at COP21

'We Will Stand for Ourselves': Global Movement Takes Aim at COP21

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Building on the momentum and message of last year's People's Climate March in New York City, activists are vowing to convene during the upcoming COP21 talks in Paris for what campaigners hope will be "the largest mass civil disobedience climate justice action that we have ever seen in Europe."

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The thought that comes to mind is the number of constabulary (police, armed guards, military, etc.) that will be out in-force for the protests…all armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, tear gas launchers, zip ties, billy clubs while wearing bullet proof vests, protective helmets/gloves, and other “riot gear.”

May the activists having the courage to confront the Mesh come to NO HARM. Their purpose is admirable, their bravery exceptional, and their organizing remarkable. Thank you!


I would love to attend; I just don’t want to spend the carbon it would take to get there from California. It’s hard to carpool across the Atlantic.


Parisians are used to hitting the streets and getting results. Bon chance!


TPTB in the USA would not tolerate it. Look at the response to Occupy. Freedom!


If US national government wanted to, it could borrow all the money it would take to solve this problem from the Federal Reserve, buy all the equipment needed from its too big to fail Military Industrial Complex firms, and provide many more or less skilled blue collar jobs installing all the equipment, contract with lots of too big to fail electric utilities to operate the equipment, and pay all its too big to fail fossil fuel firms as much for keeping it in the ground as they have been getting for digging it up and selling it to be burned. It should not be all that difficult to reduce US emissions to net zero in twenty years. maybe even sooner.

A fully loaded crowded airplane is one of the most fuel efficient ways to move people, even beating a cross-country car-pool.
– What you may be looking for is a sail clipper ship to take you to the nearest port to Paris, then you can walk.