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'We Will Stay!' West Virginia Teachers Vote to Occupy State Capitol Until Demands Met


'We Will Stay!' West Virginia Teachers Vote to Occupy State Capitol Until Demands Met

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Though you may not know it from the corporate media's coverage—or lack thereof—West Virginia teachers are still striking in an effort to win both a pay raise and a permanent fix to their soaring health insurance premiums, and on Friday they voted to occupy the state capitol until their demands are met.


Solidarity. We working people used to swear by it.

Identity politics tears it asunder.


This is a HUGE story. The failure of MSM to cover it is truly despicable. These brave and committed teachers need to make sure what they are doing is Blasted across social media.


This is what REAL UNIONISM looks like!!! Hopefully the teachers won’t let the lib/progs undermine them as happened during the Wisconsin Revolution when Rich Trumka, Jesse Jackson, the Dems, et. al. threw a monkey wrench into a brewing general strike and WS ended up with the Kochs, Scott Walker etc.

Solidarity, Tom Johnson

(formerly) UAW Local 1981, OPEIU, IBT, and staff/contractor for the SEIU, UMW, USW, Ron Carey Campaign, IBEW, AFT/NEA, Texas Faculty Association, Education Minnesota, et. al.


MSNBC is just another main sream media station not interested in progressive changes that affect the lives of the majority of people in this nation. Wherever you look around this country now people are resisting and in larger and greater numbers. Between the students unafraid to speak out on guns and what they do to our lives and the lowest paid of the teachers, we may yet have a revolution in the making. Could not be happier and support it all!


I personally don’t know too many people that watch television anymore. They all improved their minds by murdering their t.v.'s and either are on-line or reading a book. That being said, the destruction of unions and the rights of labor is one of the primary functions of the koch bro.'s and their ilk. Once unions were strong, america was strong and the common working man was exceptional. With the destruction of unions we have ended up where we were before there were unions, another gilded-age of extreme capitalism, shifting into the inevitable fascist-state. FDR warned of this time and time again but very few paid attention.


Regarding their key demand concerning their healthcare insurance: Why don’t they join the nurses union in solidarity and come out strong for Improved Medicare For ALL HR 676??


From Joe Hill and his songs for the International Workers of the world.

The preacher and the slave; GCG, GD

Work people of all countries unite

Side by side we for justice will fight

When the world and its wealth we have gained

To the grafters we’ll sing this refrain

You will eat (You will eat), bye and bye [Bye and Bye]

When you’ve learned how to cook and how to fry [How to fry]

Chop some wood [Chop some wood], 'Twil do you good [Do you good]

Then you’ll eat in the sweet bye and bye [That’s no lie]


So much for the “communist” network MSNBC. That network has become a joke since Olberman & Uger left. Now you have “tweety”, Brian “liar” Williams, Andrea Mitchell aka wife of Allen Greenspan. Yeah, really liberal.


Teachers and Nurses Unite.

With all the oppressed you have the education and skills with which to change the game

Tell us how priorities that skimp on schools and invest in privatized prisons are two sides of the same coin.

You know that a farmer can not ignore care for half the farm. Healthy farms produce more and so do healthy people.

Bring in the Farm Workers unions. Ya wanna eat?


Teachers of West Virginia, know we are watching, the workers around the country are watching. We stand with you in you’re struggles. You’re cause is just, stay strong, and stay together, and you will win.
Good Luck brothers and sisters!!

Former International Association of Firefighters Local President #1469.


The “Liberal” media are all about Russia, Russia, Russia.

I believe they’re afraid if they miss one day of blaming Trump and Russia for everything that’s wrong in this country, someone might find the DNC’s servers, examine them and realize John Podestas emails weren’t hacked by Russians, they were leaked by Seth Rich who was murdered for it by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton.


Formerly: International Steelworkers Union-1969

Retail Clerks International Union-1971

Chemical Worker’s Union-1972


Hello ToJohnson1.

With utmost respect, please elaborate what you mean about dems and progressives conflicting with union marches in Wisconsin (WI). I marched with fellow union brothers and sisters in March of 2011 when the Dick-of-a-Governor Walker (COWARD) locked the State House to all of us. I drove four hours from Minnesota to March in Madison. What are you saying that I don’t know?




Remember, when the police start dragging the teachers out by their hair, the cops will have the full backing of their union, the corrupt AFL-CIO and the Public Employees own union. The union organizations themselves have become part of the problem so workers will have to stand up without their help. If the Democratic Party really want to show their support for labor, they should allow their campaign workers and staffers to organize under the Campaign Workers Guild like Randy Bryce (WI) and Jess King (PA). All the Democratic 2020 hopefuls should be on TV speaking on the strikers behalf. They need you on the ground in WV Bernie.


Sorry but it is your racism-denialist, class-reductionist, notions of “identity politics” that is tearing solidarity asunder.

Had these been teachers been black ones in, say, Detroit or Birmingham or Oakland, you probably would not have commented here at all. But because they are all white in the lily-white state of West Virginia, you identify with their struggle. Isn’t that “identity politics” too?


Well, the Democrats are much worse than Scott Walker and the Republicans! Everyone here on Commondreams knows that! [sarcasm]


There is nothing new about the corporate media ignoring the State of West Virginia. In 1972, when the Pittston Coal’s un-engineered hundreds-feet high Buffalo Creek coal waste dam failed and killed 128 people under a flood of black slurry extending 17 miles down the valley, the northern Yankee corporate media ignored that too.


Patrick: I live in St Paul and I do not claim to be part of the revolution and I drove up I-94 on a regular basis to occupy the Capitol, etc. like you. As we did here. As did Michigan about the same time and maybe even Ohio.

Here’s what I remember of Wi. The head of the Fire Fighters (a generally right-wing/reactionary) union and others began a call for a general strike. I heard him and others and say that when people couldn’t even get into the Capitol because there were so many. 60,000? maybe more?

So that was some heavy shit. Then Trumka of the AFL-CIO and Jackson come into town and say, we don’t have to strike because the Dems will get back into power.

About the same time there was a Dem primary and a woman Supreme Court Judge from Madison went for the job with the teachers and others behind her, but the Dems came up with some crooked, re-fried hack from Milwaukee and Walker kicks the shit out of him and people get disinterested and the revolution falls apart.

The same process, more-or-less happens throughout the Great Lakes and we’re all fucked again. This is when Obama promised to be on the picket lines, but never came etc.

Meanwhile the Kochs, those Irish guys who ran the WI House, Senate and State cops and Walker just ate this shit up.

Please, please tell me I’m wrong. Please tell me Russ Feingold hasn’t gone to hell. Set me straight, but that’s how I remember it after driving up and down that highway, like you, a bunch of times.


Tom Johnson
Saint Paul, MN USA


Love to see all the UNION PROUD current and former members on this string!!!



Those Irish guys are the Fitzgerald Bros. True fascists.