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'We Will Sue,' Vow Green Groups After Trump Guts Nation's Key Environmental Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/we-will-sue-vow-green-groups-after-trump-guts-nations-key-environmental-law


Finally an article with a headline that is promising!
This is the only language D.T. understands. This is the only way to deal with him . . . this or ousting him as well as all those that enable him (including dems).

Billionaires who claim to care about the environment should be kicking in millions in legal $$ to support this effort by Earthjustice.
Tom Steyer as one example----he spent close to 200 million on his campaign. For what? This is where he and others should put their money.

The only question is, who will hear this case? Trump/Mcconnell et al have reconfigured the courts . .
and how fast could this occur? We don’t have time . . . .


Just when I thought that bastard couldn’t stoop any lower.


Having worked extensively with Earthjustice, I can attest to their commitment to ethics and teasing out the science to the best that can be done. They are awesome. They know the law, they know the Planet, and they know how to win. Those that have been sucked into Trump’s vortex of evil need justice meted out to them by the Earth in the most imaginative ways–volcanoes, tornadoes, etc.


There are no depths to which he cannot crawl or ooze or slither.


This cretin is so malicious in his intent he would literally slice open the earth, from pole to pole, to allow his cronies to extract the last bit of anything that can produce a profit. I will support “EarthJustice” to my best abilities, as they are one bad-ass group. Sue the hell out of him, and then some. The same to all his cronies.


How long will it be until the people at large recognize the US government is their enemy?

Will central north Americans of all races follow meekly to extinction behind the Aztecs and the Incas?

Do not forget that Biden plans to destroy the Venezuelan democracy, which is superior to the capitalist representative system in the US.


From day one Trump and his corporate fascists been gutting our pollution, public safety, environmental protection, social security, Medicare and a whole host of programs designed to help the needy among us. Just like Trump can careless about the horrible impact of corona virus, as long as it doesn’t hurt his reelection chances. His dismantling of environmental regulations are all designed to please his billionaire handlers so they in turn pay for more TV adds come November.


I dreamed about Kermit and he gave me new words to his song>
"It’s not easy being GREEN,
when the Congress is not strong.
And the President is mean ,
and the worId is going wrong!

But the frog I heard today,
he was singing a song Iow
FOR with GAIA , there’s a way
and that Trump wiII have to go!

For with GAIA of the Green
with EARTHJUSTICE on her side.
we wiII diss Trump’s $ dream-----
EARTH and Kermit wiII abide! : )


Trump is the human equivalent of a black hole.


Yes they will.


Off topic alert. I felt this comment should be made somewhere. Trump lies every day he is in office. Nothing new there. But for his flipping every bad thing he does on to somebody, or something else is flat out deceptive and frankly disgusting.
I guess law suits are the only way to slow down a tyrannical regime.


This is the biggest fear of Trump’s administration, the total gutting of the EPA and environmental protections that limit aggressive actions by corporations that threaten all life. It should be clear to all that this is the most severe of the many severe “bad” policies of this regime. I despise Biden and most of what he stands for but this is worse and will remain far longer than any actions taken to mitigate global exploitation/poisoning/warming which had better happen very, very, soon. Besides the c-virus pandemic this also threatens our very existence,


Every left-wing person and group should be all over this and shouting from the roof tops and mountain tops, we will reverse all of these perverse policy changes by trump.


Trump is a sadist. He revels in destroying what the left loves. That is it in a nutshell, oh, and the $


Right you are. And as you suggest, Don doesn’t care - not at all.

Nevertheless, Congre$$ and the Courts leave him be, and are even going to let the maniacal fraud run for a second term.


So why do so many people on this site care less if they vote for Biden? I’m confused. I thought Biden was just as bad as Trump? And your 2020 vote really doesn’t matter.

Wait until tomorrow.


This is silly talk.

The “government” is not the enemy.

The people who vote for corporate Republicans and Dems are the enemy.

Too many US citizens are just fine with the way things are. With and without MAGA hats.

Blaming the “government” in a democracy is an indictment of the people.

Think about it. Is the government refusing to wear a mask? Or millions of dim, selfish people?




How does a president change a law enacted by congress? Isn’t there a fundamental constitutional issue here. Is any law simply revisable by a president?