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'We. Will. Vote. Her. Out.': Maine Progressives Not Fooled Even a Little Bit Over Susan Collins' Cynical Vote on Barrett

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/we-will-vote-her-out-maine-progressives-not-fooled-even-little-bit-over-susan

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Disappointing article by Common Dreams as it makes no mention of the new ranked choice voting in Maine and only mentions Collin’s corporate Democratic Party challenger. Maine has an excellent progressive on the ballot - Lisa Savage - an independent Green (she’s running as an independent bc the Greens are not on the ballot). She’s a retired teacher who supports single payer Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and much more. She has the endorsements to go with it, too.

She fought her way on to the debate stage and outshined all of them - and now, they’ve tried to block her from the last debate because she even gave some of her mic time to a Black Lives Matter youth to speak out on local and state television.

The Democratic Party challenger holding on to her slim lead risks NOTHING for voters to #RankLisaFirst and then the Democratic Party candidate second.

This is such an important opportunity to send a real progressive to the Senate without risking anything to another Democratic Party “lesser of two evils” candidate who is opposed to Medicare For All and taking monies from corrupt corporate interests.

So I am quite dismayed by Common Dreams, a progressive newsletter, not seizing the opportunity to promote her campaign and make this clear. Is it because supporting Joe Biden almost immediately muddies the waters of perception for otherwise intelligent people - and everything else? Has everyone lost their minds, as a result?

Maine progressives - rank Lisa Savage first. Then, the Democrat, second. She won’t lose a thing that way against Collins.


Q: Can one have it both ways? A: No. Other states must follow Maine citizen’s example and vote out phony two faced extreme right wing senators bent on completing the ruination of the USA.


One can have it two ways in Maine because they have ranked choice voting. You can vote Collins out AND without risking the Democrat’s “slim lead” by choosing the anti-militarist, pro single payer, corporate-free progressive Lisa Savage first, and the corporate and bought Democrat, second.

Too bad Common Dreams is helping to spread misinformation about the Maine election. Ranked Choice Voting is a real game changer. #RankLisaFirst #LisaSavage


Maine is one state I have yet to figure out. Love L.L. Bean, Bar Harbor and the mountains, but the politics, WTF?


Absolutely too little too late with Collins.
This is reminiscent of trump and Scott Walker at the end of the campaign trail of 2016.
Overnight both douche bags had a come to Jesus moment and promoted saving the “pre-existing condition” provision, after railing against for years.
Susan isn’t any better for her BS vote.


Vote. Vote Her. Vote Her Out. Vote her out…

  1. Collins.
  2. Mitch.
  3. Nancy.
  4. Chuck.
  5. Trump…Vote her Out. Vote her Out…MAGA… MMGA…Make Me Great Again.

This seems to be at the heart of this news story, yet I can’t tell what it means:
“Collins was 'given her hall pass by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell…”

He let her wait to vote until after the roll call?

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House and Senate leaders almost always do an informal vote with their members before the formal vote is cast. They know if they have enough votes to pass/deny a bill. This allows some members to vote the other way to make their constituent’s believe the congressperson is on the side of the voters, if the leader has enough other votes to pass/deny the bill. This is common practice in politics, and what the story is referring to with the quote you posted.


Great point. I had seen MS.Savage on Democracy Now. She made some excellent points on why she would be a better choice for the voters of Maine.


WTF Common Dreams? Just continuing the corporate news blackout of Lisa Savage? I’m seriously wondering if people don’t know what ranked choice voting means. Never thought it needed to be explained on so-called independent progressive media, but what is your problem? If anyone in pretend progressive media ever addresses this question, they claim the independent progressive candidate has no chance, and then they make sure they have no chance by ignoring them.

Now Lisa Savage is being excluded from another debate!

Tweet from Jill Stein:

" ALERT: ABC Maine is secretly trying to shut @LisaForMaine out of final debate in Maine’s #RankedChoiceVoting Senate race! Don’t let corporate media silence the only voice for #M4A, #GreenNewDeal, & free public college - sign & share petition to #LetLisaDebate & let voters decide!"

Katie Halper had Lisa Savage on her show yesterday, and called ABC to complain:

Lisa Savage’s campaign has a petition with the phone number:


The Corpomedia makes sure that everything stays posterized so that only the “correct” alternatives are in view.


Rank Lisa First!

Shame on you Common Dreams for not even reporting on the only progressive in the race or the fact that the use of ranked choice voting for the senate is a historic milestone that could pave the way for progressive challengers around the country.


I am so tired of seeing DLC supporters being referred to as “progressive”. They are NOT progressive if they support the corporationists.


North Carolina has no choice. The DLC saw to it that our only choices were extreme right wing senators. But one puts a ‘D’ after his name, so that makes it OK. Kentucky has the same problem. I’m sure there are other states as well.


There have been ads running here that are telling people RCV is a scam and amounts to election fraud, all of those allegations having no merit. I don’t know who is running the ads but since I doubt any Mainers are choosing Lisa Savage first and Susan Collins second, I am guessing that it is the democrats running the anti RCV ads, since some people voting Lisa Savage first are choosing Sara Gideon second. It is likely that the dems are afraid that some Lisa Savage voters might not pick anyone second and will take votes away from their corporate whore.


Well, let me try to shed some light. Like every state, we have some rural areas that are conservative. That segment can sway some outcomes that keep republicans viable, but the state of Maine is, IMHO, perhaps the most progressive (along with Vermont) state in the most progressive part of the country, New England. Maine has elected two Independent party governors in my lifetime and currently has one of the only two Independent senators (Angus King, the other being Bernie Sanders). Though Susan Collins has to go because she supports the corrupt republican party, she has been over time more moderate than most republican senators. Her predecessor, Olympia Snowe, was a more moderate republican than Collins. Maine has been far more progressive than most of the country on marijuana decriminalization, RCV, LGBTQ rights, environmental legislation, etc. Though we have also experienced an increase in partisan politics here, by and large, I think Mainers are some of the more independent minded voters in the US and will vote the candidate they think most represents their views regardless of party affiliation. Now watch them prove me wrong and re-elect Collins.


I’d think better of her if she gave evidence of having carefully thought through her laundry list of goals rather than imported them wholesale from other poorly-thought-through lists.

But I’d probably still vote for her, if I lived in Maine.

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I tried to make a donation at that link you gave, but after three failed attempts to negotiate the unhelpful website, I gave up. May she do well without my support and I hope the way it is configured doesn’t send too many others away.

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Since the Collins vote was pure theater as there were three other votes that would make her “defection” from her normal secure party-line vote mute.
Maine, you have much better people than her.

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