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'We Will Win': McDonald's Worker Protests Stretch Into Second Day



Unfortunately, in the United States of Amerika today, $15 an hour is it's self not a living wage if your household has only one working adult and children. Any person who works at a job that does not offer 40 hours a week would find it hard to make a stable living on $20 an hour! And after today's vote in the US Senate in which 12 democrats (one quarter of the democrats in the senate) joined with the republicans to cut off the debate on the president's fast track authority which brings us that much closer to 6 years of corporate based trade agreements, the amerikan worker is going to half to come to the realization that neither republicans or democrats are in our's or the country's best interest! Grant it, the republicans will not be going away any time soon, but it is up to amerikan workers and the poor of this country to make sure that the democrats can no longer hurt working people! It is time for the amerikan worker and amerikan socialists to close ranks and take this country back! Before there is nothing left to take back!