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We Won: ACLU Wins Stay On Refugee Ban


We Won: ACLU Wins Stay On Refugee Ban

A federal judge in Brooklyn granted a temporary, emergency, national stay late Saturday blocking Trump's grotesque effort to ban Muslim refugees after the American Civil Liberties Union - God love 'em - filed a class action lawsuit amidst widespread outrage and airport protests. The ACLU announced the victory on Twitter with, "We won." From a supporter: "You are heroes." Details and ramifications to come.


I have been holding my breath since January 20 2017. On January 28 all day I couldn't catch my breath. With this article, I have taken my first deep chest breath in a week. Thank you ACLU.


I'm afraid it seems to be only blocking the deportation of those currently detained at ports of entry. But it is a start.


It is a start and an important one for the world. Allies have to know that we aren't crazy, that there are still checks on the president. Hell, I gotta know that myself.


I was actually wondering, if there were any checks for this lunatic. Now it will be interesting to know, if he will pursue this to the SCOTUS and if that court will preserve some of the country's judicial integrity, even though it will be soon GOP dominated, after the Dems. cave in to Trump's nomination as they do now with his cabinet nominations.


We learn, that Trump, while outwardly dismissing the Women's March as insignificant, he had fits about people not "recognizing his greatness" behind the scenes.

Boy i'd sure like to witness the tantrum he is throwing after a court all but nixed his executive order. LOL


I think Trump's cabinet versus judicial nominations are different things. The cabinet is his team, which by long tradition, presidents are generally entitled to. Judges not quite. That said, the time to stop appointments was during the election. Republicans control the gavel now in the Senate. The filibuster on Supreme Court nominees is gone the first moment the Democrats bring it up. McConnell won the bet when he held Obama's nominee off for almost a year. He didn't take that risk to not cash that check.


Meanwhile let us all support the Justice Democrats. See:


In my district, I'll proudly vote for a blue dog if it comes down to it. A progressive ain't getting anywhere here, but a centrist Democrat lost in 2012 by less than 1000 votes. If that's what it takes to get a non-nutbagger in Congress, I'm all in.


To eliminate the filibuster altogether will require a 2/3 majority and even Republicans will vote against it, as this tool will also be lost to them in the future.


Nope. Just a majority vote for a rules change. A rule question is brought to the parliamentarian and it only takes a majority to settle it once submitted to the body. It's the nuclear option, what Republicans left Reid with no choice but to use once they filibustered judicial nominations enmass.


It's brave of you to admit that here. People don't see mto understand that sometimes the best we can do at the ballot box is prevent the very worst from happening, which is exactly where I was during this past election.

What I find truly stunning is that many of the posters here understand that real progressive change doesn't come from DC, generally speaking. Just look at the rampant cynicism expressed toward all electoral politics here, and yet, somehow, their vote became the most precious thing in the world to them. On the one hand they say that all pols are the same, it's all controlled by the "Deep State" oligarchy whatever, and on the other they held out that Stein was the only thing that could save America. Believing both isn't really viable, is it?

I've never defended Clinton here, and I won't start now, but none of this would be happening if she was President right now. There wouldn't be demonstrations in airports. There wouldn't be a white nationalist on the NSC. There wouldn't be an anti-environmentalist in charge of the EPA, an anti-public education Dominionist up for Education secretary. Climate change and LGBTrights wouldn't have been disappeared from the administration's various websites. We wouldn't be looking at a Scalia clone (or worse, and yes, there are worse) for the SCOTUS. And Rick Perry would be nowhere near a cabinet position.

People still could have organized against her policies, like they are with Trump in office. They still could have called their Congresspeople, like they are with Trump in office. The difference is the absolute foundations of liberal democracy wouldn't be at risk. I mean, we're actually talking about a Muslim registry. In the USA. In 2017. This is something that could happen.

Yeah, I'll take a blue dog over the hateful racists any day of the week.


Way too much sense there. In the least, Clinton would've meant normalcy, and as someone with a young child, that means a lot. But, the Left is so good at eating itself it really is amazing. Put someone in office who would at least pick up the phone, or someone who doesn't even want to hear it ring--I'll take the latter was the answer.

Sometimes in life there aren't great options. This was the case this go-around. For some progressives, a hard right Court, an executive branch filled with folks who want to do the opposite of what progressives stand for was more worth it. I think that's also why we see so many lists of Obama's wrongs, so-to-speak. Got to convince yourself contributing to Trump's power and keeping the Court locked up for a generation was worth it.


Just want to add, I read your essay and it hits so many points dead-on. I feel like I'm watching folks on the Left getting suckered the same way I watched folks in my family get suckered listening to right wing radio in the 90s. That amendment Booker is being raked over the coals for voting agsinst (which I posted in full here so everyone can see how poorly it was written) is a perfect example. But the Intercept publishes something, Bernie the god-man claims credit, and sellouts are in our midst!


I had a hard time convincing people to vote at all. They hated trump and clinton. So, they chose to do nothing. These people I'm talking of aren't hardcore progressives. They were my coworkers and our clients. People are so accustomed to being ground under the heels of the elites that they aren't bothering to stand up for themselves. No doubt the elites wouldn't have it any other way. Keep 'em down and they stay down all on their own. We have to convince people that their votes matter. That the only time they don't have a voice is when they don't use their voice. The elites don't want people to realize that. Progressives aren't a minority in this country. The majority of people aren't speaking up. If trump becomes the kick in the pants to get people motivated and serious, then so be it. The just have to know that it doesn't have to be like this and that they can change it- they just have to do it!