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"We Won't Back Down": Over 50 Catering Workers Arrested at American Airlines HQ in Protest Against Poverty Wages

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/13/we-wont-back-down-over-50-catering-workers-arrested-american-airlines-hq-protest

The appalling wealth accumulation by few among us comes at huge penalties for the working people everywhere. They should all go pay a visit to the grave of Ayan Rand the darling of the GOP and the elites who tried to justify selfish and cruel living at the expense to the society at large.


Look, I’m for a minimum wage BUT the most important thing for workers is to be free from company harassment to join and/or form a union. Make the laws in this country what they are in most of Europe concerning unionization, in a word EASY. Make “card check”’ (EFCA) the law of the land and within 10 yrs you will shrink the gap between workers and the 1% more than anything else.



American, United and Delta fall all over themselves to cater to the first class business class while they use workers and pay them the least they can. Talk about a clasist system at work - first class, coach and steerage. I try to avoid these major dinosaurs when possible as they don’t seem to really care about the average person anymore.


Boycott Greed. It’s A Matter Of Dollars & Sense.


Living in the Dallas-Forth Worth area on $275 a week, in take home pay? No wonder it’s Big Trump Country; ya’ know, everything is bigger in Texas and these kind of lousy pay ripoffs make perfect sense in that context.
Can you still sign the statewide petition where Texas secedes from the United States? I’d like to give them a hand, or a foot, to help them in that endeavor.


It would also help if for once when wages go up they are absorbed by profits, not passed on to consumers.
Somewhere in these equations inflation must be of concern.

Yup, put the wall on the Texas northern border not the south. Texas can be a no mans land, settling refugees and immigration. Owned half and half between Mexico and the U.S., and funded thusly.

It’s pretty much owned now by Israel and Saudi Arabia, right? They should both keep it within the families, so to speak.
Leave Mexico and U.S. to struggle and scrape by as best they can. Somehow, I’m sure we’ll both muddle through this millennium without the three of them.