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'We Won't Forget': New Digital Ad Campaign Targets Susan Collins Over Kavanaugh Vote


'We Won't Forget': New Digital Ad Campaign Targets Susan Collins Over Kavanaugh Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As part of a growing effort to oust Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) over her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year, the advoacy group Demand Justice on Saturday launched a new digital ad campaign targeting the four-term senator after Kavanaugh "declared war on Roe v. Wade" in his dissent in a major Louisiana abortion case.


10 bucks says the shrew gets re-elected.


Most Rethugs are big fans of rapists.
My 85 yr old Mother in law ( who has been very good to me btw) thinks Dr Ford ‘ deserved it’. When I asked her why she said - ‘she must have been asking for it the little whore’… she is a life long Rethug. She is the mother of two daughters and a grandmother and great grandmother to several girls … Overall she has said repeatedly that thinks women ‘‘probably deserve it’ if they are assualted or raped. And yes she felt that applied to her daughters and granddaughters as well. And you wonder why I drink…


I don’t wonder why you drink. I crawl into a bottle every night.


Throw her under the bus, then drive back and forth until you’re out of diesel. Carbon well burned…


Cannabis might be a healthier alternative (and to each his/her own).


That’s my one-two punch, homie.


I truly did laugh out loud!


The “she was asking for it” crowd ignores when the culprit brags about it in a yearbook or on access Hollywood. That part doesn’t fit into their paradigm.


Collins has been beholden to the Bush family since her political career went mainstream, Kavanaugh is the Bushes boy, it really wasn’t going to go any other way.
I kind of expect her to take the money and run (retire), but if not by all means Maine, get rid of her.


She knew when she signed on to Kavanaugh that he was going to attack Roe v. Wade. Collins has no excuse for her vote.



This explains a lot. Please don’t ask me to explain.


Cannabis is full of Omega-3’s. Isn’t it?


Of course. That’s the only reason I use it.


tell me where to send my $27 to rid us of the fake senator.


Anyone in Maine care to enlighten us on who can be convinced to run against Collins?

Independents have had luck there, how about that?


Me too.


Sounds like she has been to the “Crossroads”, and sold it big time.


Collins and all like her need to hit the road. So obvious she got paid a lot of dough here. Now she’s an accomplice as Kav goes after Roe v Wade. Good job Susan!


Everybody should send her a coat hanger.