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'We Won't Forget': New Digital Ad Campaign Targets Susan Collins Over Kavanaugh Vote


A few jokers and tokers wandering around.


Gosh, a Republican official lied?



Lol. Am I wrong in assuming you think I am drinking when I post?? Too funny! I wish. Not a fan of booze unfortunately for me. It was a metaphor…
Actually, taking care of my in-laws on a daily basis for the last two years and having to keep my mouth shut around them when they say the most awful and outrageously racist and homophobic and any other awful things imaginable has been enough to trigger a lot of angry postings. That coupled with other inlaw siblings of my husband who are as right wing racist as their parents, some major illnesses, a long drawn out dying and then recent death and job losses in our close families … well, it’s got to come out somewhere and apparently Common Dreams comment section is often the place. I try to walk it off several miles a day but the stress seems to exceed that on occasion…
Politics unfortunately seems to be tracking along the same crazed outrageous path as some of my family so it is not exactly a calming influence…


My apologies Merf if I rang accusatory in my comment.

I denoted a sense of stress from you and understand quite clearly about caring for others and the stresses of being subject to their differing opinions.

Bless you for your sacrifices.


No apologies need Pony! But I appreciate your good thoughts more than I can say right now…


Always remember Merf, take care of Number 1 first.

You, are number 1.